Chris Meigs-Owen (Florida)

Chris Meigs-Owen is based at KTPF, Peter O Knight Airport, Tampa, Florida.

Chris Meigs-Owen FB

I have been flying since I was little with my dad but started my serious stint in my early 20’s, all the way to my MEI…then I got my tailwheel endorsement in a J3 cub and all I wanted to fly was DC3’s. I was a flight instructor for a couple of years, then on the the regionals then 737’s. Along the way I met my husband who is an avid taildragger pilot and I started flying T-6, Stearman, C-195, C180, and we bought a PA-12 plus we have a C140 and are buying a V77.

Chris Meigs-Owen FB2

I do tailwheel checkouts and instruction and plan to give rides in the Stinson. I have a masters degree in Human Factors and a Masters in Safety, ATP with B737, EMB145, E120 and getting my type in the Citation Excel shortly. We live eat breath aviation….our dog’s name is Rudder!


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