Brittney Miculka (Texas)

Brittney Miculka is based at KHYI, San Marcos Municipal Airport, San Marcos, Texas.


I have always wanted to be a pilot, even without any flying family members. Thanks to student loans, I was able to earn most of my pilot ratings at the University of Illinois at KCMI. I’m a single and multi-engine commercial pilot and CFI & CFII. I love grassroots general aviation! I have worked at AOPA doing learn-to-fly outreach for 7 years and have recently moved to Austin, Texas to work for Redbird Flight Simulations to build a flight school network. I’ve logged many tailwheel hours, but never consecutively to earn my endorsement. My goal is to get my sign off by the end of the 2015.


I have a 10 year old Australian Shepherd who also enjoys flying. I love live music, distance running, and have recently started to train for sprint triathlons.

Brittney Miculka
Austin, Texas

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