Freya Shiller: 8 Random things I love about my taildragger

Freya Shiller is based in Texas and flies a shiny, red, 1988 Pitts S2B. Check out Freya’s cool pictures and 8 Random things she loves about her taildragger.

#1 My taildragger is a biplane!

#2 My tail dragger really enjoys “going for a spin”.

#3 I have to use a rubber hose to fill it with gas, a step stool to check the oil and several coushins to reach the rudders all of which are a pain in my Butt but worth it for the experience.

#4 I have no idea how to operate the Nav “thing” and since I only can only carry an hour or so of fuel it’s difficult to go far enough to get lost.

#5 I have a unique security system.  ( the dog)

#6 It took me two years to convince the previous owner to sell me N6034U.

#7 The gentleman who allowed me stewardship of my tail dragger flew it to celebrate his 80th birthday.

#8 My childeren’s names are on either side of the passenger seat.


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  1. Ed Whiteside,Col,USAF,MD
    September 4, 2012, 8:07 pm   /  Reply

    Fraya, thanks again for letting me fly your “our” airplane on my 80th birthday. You were very kind & I greatly appreciate it. I have flown many civilian & military aircraft including fighter aircraft but nothing is any more fun than flying aerobatics in the Pitts.

  2. Boyd
    September 1, 2012, 2:02 pm   /  Reply

    Freya Shiller,
    A Pitts,any Pitts is a delightful plane to fly, never met a Pitts I didn’t like.

    The world needs more ladies “bold enough” to fly the pit! Kudos’ to Freya!

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