Carri Hoagland: Random things I love about my taildragger

Carri Hoagland owns a 1946 BC12D Tcraft and is from Port Wing, Wisconsin. Here are 8 random things Carrie loves about her Tcraft


#1 I love having to dance with the rudder pedals.

#2 The guys look at me with envy.

#3 It’s almost as old as me.

#4 It lets me make mistakes and doesn’t hurt me.

#5 My daughter flew it from the left seat when she was 14 years old.

#6 It lets me explore places I couldn’t otherwise do with a trike.

#7 The glide ratio is great so I have that extra feeling of confidence.

#8 It brings me back to old times in my thoughts.

Carri flying with her granddaughter


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