Andrea Eldridge: Random things I love about my taildragger

Andrea Eldridge owns a 1947 Luscombe and is based at KCNO, Chino Airport, Chino, California. Here are TEN random things she loves about her Luscombe!

#1 I love that my husband built this plane for me!

#2 I love the swoosh on the tail I adapted to go with the official Silvaire paint scheme–just a little non-standard.

#3 I love the original TWA “Connie” upholstery from first class my captain buddy sent straight from the warehouse in Kansas City.

#4 I dig the B.A.S. 4-point inertia reel harness.

#5 I love a reflective surface–thanks to NUVITE polish!


#6 I love camping under the wing (when there’s a hot shower)

#7 I love passenger-side heel brakes.

#8 I love my custom wheel chocks.

#9 …and who among us doesn’t love a good SCOTT 2000 tailwheel?!

#10 I love my observer doors!


Andrea, this is great stuff and you’re right, there’s plenty to love about your beautiful Luscombe! What a great view out those observer doors! There’s lots more coming people. Thanks to everyone who’s sent pics and filled out the form. They’ll all be posted in the next few days.




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