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They Told Her She Couldn’t, but She Did.

They Told Her She Couldn’t, but She Did.

Article from FAA News “They Told Her She Couldn’t, but She Did” The complete article can also be read at https://spark.adobe.com/page/UyvSQr6tbz9tP/     This is too real and too fantastic not to share and many thanks to my friend Nita Sweeney for forwarding. It’s about Gloria LaRoche, the third woman to become a captain for a U.S. commercial carrier and the obstacles ambiti... Read More »

Allison Leeward    (Florida)

Allison Leeward (Florida)

Allison Leeward is based at KCRG, Jacksonville Executive Airport at Craig,  Jacksonville, Florida. I own a little C120 that I love to pop around Florida! Can’t wait to see y’all at SNF! Ratings: Tailwheel and High Performance Aircraft flown: DHC2, Stearman, Piper Cub, Super Cub, Piper Pacer TW 22/20, Kodiak, C3, C120 C140 C150 C172 C185 C182 C170, Lockheed Electra Jr, P51, T6, T34, Baron, Citation... Read More »

Ann Pellegreno Receives the Wright Brothers Award

Ann Pellegreno Receives the Wright Brothers Award

Thank you to the AAA/APM for the following big news about our very own LLT member, Ann Pellegreno. Ann is well known to LadiesLoveTaildraggers and members of the AAA, as well as being a fixture at the AAA/APM Invitational Fly-In at Blakesburg, Iowa, over Labor Day weekend. However, many of our newer or younger members may not have heard of her, or that in 1967 she completed Amelia Earhart’s ... Read More »

Jess DeVan     (Oregon)

Jess DeVan (Oregon)

Jess DeVan is based at KBDN, Bend Municipal Airport, Bend, Oregon. Just recently got my tailwheel endorsement. I don’t have my own plane, and it’s difficult to find one for rent, but I’ve been lucky enough to find an instructor who doesn’t mind sharing his (and his knowledge). I’m a high school math teacher, but thinking about a possible career change to pilot. Rating... Read More »

Visions Under My Wings

Visions Under My Wings

Frequent Flyers of the airline sort may think they’ve seen America but the fact is, nobody really sees America from aloft until they’ve experienced it from the cockpit of a low flying, small plane – preferably a taildragger. A jet can certainly get you to your destination in a hurry but for those who are really out to SEE America, it’s not about the destination at all. Pard... Read More »

Katherine Tryon     (Florida)

Katherine Tryon (Florida)

Katherine Tryon is based at KCRG, Jacksonville Executive Airport, Jacksonville, Florida.  I’ve had a heart for aviation for longer than I understood. My favorite memories from my childhood were when I would lay outside looking up at the airplanes. And before I met my fiance I had expressed a lot of interest in flying. My fiance has been a huge cheerleader for women in aviation and he has giv... Read More »

The Dirt Runway

The Dirt Runway

The Dirt Runway Article by Brian Lansburgh There are some of you who have never put an airplane onto a dirt or grass strip.  You would be amazed at how many rated pilots have NEVER landed on dirt or grass.  Trust me, I get this all the time.  A Tailwheel Endorsement or Master Class applicant will declare to me, “that was the first time I’ve ever landed on dirt!”.  It’s really t... Read More »

Nano Farabaugh     (Indiana)

Nano Farabaugh (Indiana)

Nano Farabaugh is based at KEKM, Elkhart Municipal Airport, Elkhart, Indiana.  My father was a WWII pilot, airline pilot and FBO owner. My first flight at the controls was in a Cessna when I was 17. In 1967 a dear friend of my father’s landed in our farm field and took me for a “Spin.” I was hooked and asked my dad to let me take flying lessons. To determine if I was serious he a... Read More »

Christy Anderson     (Arkansas)

Christy Anderson (Arkansas)

Christy Anderson is based at KORK, North Little Rock Municipal Airport, North Little Rock, Arkansas. I am 50ish. I solo’d at 24, earned PPL at 25. When I told my mom that I was learning to fly she said “if you want to fly why don’t you just become a stewardess.” I told her that I didn’t want to ride, I wanted to be in charge and actually do the flying! I married my fl... Read More »

Anne Moore    (Virginia)

Anne Moore (Virginia)

Anne Moore is based at KFRR, Front Royal-Warren County Airport, Front Royal, Virginia.  Like Judy Birchler, I am a Type I diabetic diagnosed 47 years ago when I was 25, after the birth of my first child. I have been on the pump for 22 years. I am a classically trained artist and art educator and have had my own business for many years. I enjoy helping to keep “Kate”, our Cessna 140, cl... Read More »

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