Michelle Beachy     (Indiana)

Michelle Beachy (Indiana)

Michelle Beachy is based at 83I, Glenndale Airport, Kokomo, Indiana. I just earned my private pilot license in July, 2012. Even though I took my lessons in a Cessna 172, I spent all my free time hanging out at a private strip nearby and flying with “the guys” in their Luscombe, Chief, Citabria, and Champ. I learned to love tailwheels. My boyfriend and I just purchased this 1946 Taylorc... Read More »

Tiffany Goettl     (Arizona)

Tiffany Goettl (Arizona)

Tiffany Goettl is based at P52, Cottonwood Airport, Cottonwood, Arizona. I am now a private pilot! I received my certificate May 14, 2013 in my 1946 Taylorcraft on a windy, blustery day. Learning to fly was probably the most challenging yet rewarding thing I have ever done. I knew nothing about aviation, never even thought about flying. It was something other people did and mostly men. But when my... Read More »

Looking for a CFI in Tennessee

Looking for a CFI in Tennessee

Looking for a “light-weight” CFI in Tenneseee!!??!! Here’s a message from a pilot in need. Pat Dixon in Tennessee writes… Hi , I bought a 46 Taylorcraft BC-12D, she is a bit on the heavy side. Taking electrics out of it now to get more useful load. I would love to find a smaller cfi,…as 2 big old fat men put it over gross pretty fast! I have the plane located at Fayet... Read More »

Tiffany Goettl

Tiffany Goettl

To Ted (husband of Tiffany): You are too cool dude! Your lovely wife, Tiffany, may not yet have her PPL but she is a lady learning to fly in a T’craft which certainly qualifies her to be a member of LadiesLoveTaildraggers. Congrats on your long marriage and ESPECIALLY for the decision to learn to fly in a taildragger. If marrying Tiffany is the best thing you ever did, that may be a close se... Read More »

Carri Eve Hoagland hopping rides in Wisconsin!

Carri Eve Hoagland hopping rides in Wisconsin!

Here’s something that proves the power of ONE. Carri Hoagland sent in this wonderful post that should motivate us all to share our love of flying. “We had our little community Fall Festival and Fish Boil recently (Wisconsin’s largest). On a spur of the moment my son-in-law and I made a couple of crude signs Saturday morning and put them up in our little town of 450 souls. I parke... Read More »

Carri Hoagland: Random things I love about my taildragger

Carri Hoagland: Random things I love about my taildragger Carri Hoagland owns a 1946 BC12D Tcraft and is from Port Wing, Wisconsin. Here are 8 random things Carrie loves about her Tcraft   #1 I love having to dance with the rudder pedals. #2 The guys look at me with envy. #3 It’s almost as old as me. #4 It lets me make mistakes and doesn’t hurt me. #5 My daughter flew it from the ... Read More »

Dreaming Happy Taildragging Thoughts!

Sometimes you just wanna dream happy thoughts…. * Beech 18 from your friends at Poplar Grove Airport And from your friends at Red Stewart Airfield Super Cubs sent in by Shannon Gallagher * Jam packed color! * Blue Ice Aviation, AK Super Cub, Blue Ice Aviation, AK * * * * * 2007 Hatz Classic NX230RS, Ron Sieck Read More »

Jill Sprockett  (Ohio)

Jill Sprockett (Ohio)

Jill Sprockett’s got a beautiful new airplane! Yep, a fine looking 1946 C85 Cessna 140. Jill is based at 62D, Warren Airport, Warren, Ohio. From Jill, “I went to the Lockhaven flyin in Pennsylvania and was walking by checking out all the planes and came across a 140. I really liked the looks and the profile of the airplane and talked with the guy who owned it. He told me nothing but gr... Read More »

Taylorcraft Video

Thanks to Shannon Gallagher for sending her new YouTube video. Looks like she included all our lady taildraggers’ beautiful T-crafts, and a whole lot more from all around the world. I’m partial to :50 & 1:41 & 1:57 & 2:21 & ….oh heck, too many to mention. You’ll find Chuck Avon’s One and Only at 6:24. Nice job, Shannon & Chuck!   Read More »

Melissa Abner     (Tennessee)

Melissa Abner (Tennessee)

Melissa Abner is based at her family’s private strip, Pleasant View, Tennessee. Hello fellow lady taildraggers! I am so happy to find this website! How FUN! I obtained my private pilot license in 1999 and enjoyed lots of cross country flying in our C-172. Later, in 2003, I fell in LOVE with flying my 1946 Taylorcraft. One of my favorite passengers is my 10 year old daughter, Callie, who real... Read More »

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