Monica Delgado     (Columbia)

Monica Delgado (Columbia)

Monica Delgado is based at SKCL, Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport, Palmira, Colombia. I like to fly SuperCub and C185. I am happy to find a community that likes to fly taildraggers. It’s great to know other woman that like the same as me.   Read More »

Mary & Dennis Nolan, Married 20 April, 2013

Mary & Dennis Nolan, Married 20 April, 2013

Thank you to Mary Nolan for kicking off our “Flying High Wedding” series so beautifully. Enjoy the story of Mary & Dennis Nolan’s airborne wedding in a Beech 18 — somewhere over Tennessee! Dennis Nolan and I were married on 20 April, 2013 in a Beech-18. We met the year prior because many of our friends believed our backgrounds were a perfect match. Dennis has flown Bona... Read More »

Karen Croskell: Blackhawk Rotor wash

Karen Croskell: Blackhawk Rotor wash

Very few updates from our pilots provide the kind of real life learning experiences as this one. Thanks, Karen, for telling your story and reminding us of the destructive forces possible with rotor-wash and prop-wash. Glad you’re both OK. Karen Croskell is based at CO15, Kelly Air Park, Elbert, Colorado. Jan 29, 2014 I had just soloed my student (I was a contract CFI for Doss Aviation USAF s... Read More »

A Supercub Blast From The Past!

A Supercub Blast From The Past!

A count several years ago on LadiesLoveTaildraggers showed the Supercub was the number one airplane lady taildragger pilots buy and fly. I’m not so sure those numbers would hold up today but it’s time to bring that fun little video back anyway. BTW, that’s Windy flying her PA-12 FAT Cub in the video and the cheeky-cowled Cubs in the pictures are Sport Cubs – close enough! L... Read More »

Lisa Martin     (Montana)

Lisa Martin (Montana)

An update from Lisa Martin! Lisa and husband John have relocated from Wyoming to Montana. I got my private license in 1989 while 7 1/2 months pregnant with my oldest child. The family priority slowed my flying some, although my husband and I owned and operated our own aviation business in Montana spraying and doing other surveys with airplanes and helicopters. In 2003, we moved to Wyoming and my h... Read More »

Flying’s like a trip to the Mall…..says Bill Tracy

Flying’s like a trip to the Mall…..says Bill Tracy

This was posted on our LadiesLoveTaildraggers Facebook group and is just too good not to share on the website. “Flying’s like a trip to the mall” says Bill Tracy and I think you just may agree. Chill out people, it’s an analogy – there’s more to this than the title. Reprinted with Bill’s permission. Yesterday I spent some time talking to Windy throwing dar... Read More »

Low and (very) Slow to Oshkosh, 2011   (Contest Entry #9)

Low and (very) Slow to Oshkosh, 2011 (Contest Entry #9)

Low and (very) Slow to Oshkosh, 2011 by Anne Wright Morning dawned at Ann Arbor, Michigan with a few little puffies in the distance, the Supercub was packed with clothes and camping gear, full fuel, new charts, and a restless desire to launch. An hour later, those little puffies in the distance became a solid 500’ overcast, prompting me to look for the nearest airport. Out my right window was Stur... Read More »

Weathered In At Pendleton, Oregon  (Contest Entry #8)

Weathered In At Pendleton, Oregon (Contest Entry #8)

Weathered In At Pendleton Oregon Wheat Farmers, Cowboys, Wine, Eclectic Citizens and Colorful History by Victoria Bond In early October of 2008, I was flying my Piper Super Cub back from Yakima Washington returning home towards Salt Lake City, Utah. A storm was forecast between Yakima and Salt Lake, so when I left Yakima I knew that I would need to stop for a night or two.  Since I left late in th... Read More »

The Utah  (Contest Entry #4)

The Utah (Contest Entry #4)

THE UTAH by Bill Tracy The Lycoming comes to life as the sun makes its first showing over the distant mountains. The red landscape glows with beauty as the sun rises higher on another timeless morning over the Utah desert. As we fly across above the landscape below we pick out the remains of adobe cliff dwellings. From a time when the Anasazi lived here. Many people have tried to live here but the... Read More »

Seaplanes with Anne & Kelly

Seaplanes with Anne & Kelly

Thanks to Anne Wright for sending her recent “splash time” pilot(s) update! Love it Anne!! Kelly Rinne and I went up to Northwoods Aviation in Cadillac, Michigan on Sept. 16 to fly seaplanes. It was Kelly’s first time, and a refresher for me. I had earned my SES at Jack Brown’s in Florida in 2009, but hadn’t flown seaplanes since then, so we were both looking forward ... Read More »

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