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Rachel Conklin     (New York)

Rachel Conklin (New York)

Rachel Conklin is based at 06N Randall Airport, Middletown, New York. Pilot Update/August 2016 “Congratulations Rachel on your “sweet” purchase!” I recently became partial owner to a wonderful little Aeronca Champ. She’s a sweet little yellow thing and I can’t wait to get more time in her! I’m now a (very) proud owner to a taildragger. A literal dream come true.... Read More »

Mary Alverson     (Minnesota)

Mary Alverson (Minnesota)

Mary Alverson is based at KSGS, South St Paul Municipal Airport-Richard E Fleming Field, South St Paul, Minnesota.  I own a 1969 Super Cub. It is on floats from May-Nov. I have a seaplane flight school in St. Paul and Brainerd Mn – Wings Over Water Seaplanes Training. Because it’s on floats during the summer, my tailwheel flying is in the winter so ski flying with my Brainerd friends i... Read More »

Lori MacNichol-Gregory     (Idaho)

Lori MacNichol-Gregory (Idaho)

Lori MacNichol-Gregory is based at KMYL, McCall Municipal Airport, McCall, Idaho. I soloed in a 1946 Champ in 1981 and obtained my private pilots license in 1982 in McCall, Idaho. I soon became a commercial pilot flying as an air taxi pilot in the Frank Church Wilderness in 1989. I now specialize in teaching mountain/canyon flying in tailwheel A/C and every kind of make and model A/C. I founded Mo... Read More »

Brenda Kroening     (Wisconsin)

Brenda Kroening (Wisconsin)

Brenda Kroening is based at New Richmond, WI (KRNH). Hello again! I’m now based full time out of New Richmond, WI (KRNH) to be near my awesome mechanic Craig and the fun social scene at the KRNH hangars. Farming and paralegal work still pays the bills, but I’m always looking for a chance to be ‘up’ when time and weather allow. Nothing beats aviation therapy and the fellowship that goes with it, eh... Read More »

Olivia Henwood’s North Island, New Zealand Super Cub Flying Video!

Olivia Henwood’s North Island, New Zealand Super Cub Flying Video!

“I’d like to share this video from a stunning Sunday afternoon flight in a SuperCub, with my friend Catherine. A video speaks a million words.” Flying Super Cub ZK-BQV, West Coast, North Island, New Zealand   Happy flying! Olivia Henwood Read More »

Harlem Taildraggin’ Ladies

Harlem Taildraggin’ Ladies

It’s hard to describe any other way but if you weren’t in attendance at the 2013 Ladies Love Taildraggers Fly-in at KSNH – Savannah, TN then you missed out on some serious fun. Don’t believe us? Have a look for yourself… Read More »

Karen Croskell’s instructing for the USAF

Karen Croskell’s instructing for the USAF

I was tickled to hear from former airline pilot (and taildragger pilot) Karen Croskell this week. Karen’s one of us, loves her Super cub and gave up the retirement life to be a contract CFI for the USAF. Karen is based @ Kelly Airpark, Elbert, Colorado and says “you are all welcome to fly in to visit!” “Hey Judy, I keep meaning to update you but Doss Aviation is LITERALLY f... Read More »

Pictures from Elisa Bretterebner, Austria

Pictures from Elisa Bretterebner, Austria

Thanks to Elisa Bretterebner for sharing some of her 2012 flying pictures from Austria. Elisa started flying gliders in 2005 when she was 15. Today, at 22, I’d say she’s doing something right – towing gliders and flying a Super Cub in the Alps! Please find some pictures attached showing me and “my” Super Cub. Most pictures were taken last summer. I do not only fly ... Read More »

Kerry Conner     (New Zealand)

Kerry Conner (New Zealand)

Kerry Conner is based at NZMS, Masterton/Hood Airport, Masterton, New Zealand. Hello, I am from New Zealand and own a flight training organisation specialising in taildragger training. The only aircraft I have for training ab-initio through to CPL are taildraggers. Available on-line we have a Piper Cub (100hp) no flaps, a Piper Pacer (160hp, 4 seat), a Cessna 180 and a Tiger Moth. I have over 3500... Read More »

Charley Tegerdine     (Alaska)

Charley Tegerdine (Alaska)

Charley Tegerdine is based at PASX, Soldotna Airport, Soldotna, Alaska. My name is Charley Tegerdine. I was born and raised here in Alaska. I have flown all my life. My dad and uncles all fly. It’s a way of life up here in Alaska. I fly a PA-18. I can’t explain the way I feel when I’m up in the sky. It’s the biggest rush! I just love it! I love flying out to the middle of n... Read More »

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