Peggy Bates     (Minnesota)

Peggy Bates (Minnesota)

Peggy Bates is based at KFBL, Faribault Municipal Airport, Faribault, Minnesota. I learned in our 1940 Aeronca TC65. It started it’s life with a 55 hp engine. It now has a 90 hp engine. I have about 250 hrs in it. I flew it once to AAA fly-in in Blakesburg. We won several awards that year. Our other Airplane is a 450 hp Stearman. Read More »

Juliet Lindrooth     (Pennsylvania)

Juliet Lindrooth (Pennsylvania)

Juliet Lindrooth is based at North East Philadelphia Airport (PNE). Well it’s been quite a couple of years since I updated my comings and goings. First things first. September 2011, I returned to my job at American Airlines. I am now flying the B767 on long haul international routes. I have to say, I’m having a ball visiting all those exotic European, South American and Caribbean countries. When I... Read More »

Victoria Holt     (Texas)

Victoria Holt (Texas)

Victoria Holt is based at T26, Flying V Ranch Airport, Louise, Texas. I learned to fly in gliders so its just natural to me to fly with my feet constantly moving! I am lucky enough to be able to fly for a living but those planes lock out the pilot’s feet and hands most of the time! I am checked out in the Stearman, the Cub, the Champ, the Husky, Bird Dog and the Scout. Second only to the Ste... Read More »

Sarah Wilson     (Florida)

Sarah Wilson (Florida)

Sarah Wilson is based in Lakeland, Florida and owns & flies the Jimmie Allen Flying Club Stearman Model 4E “Speedmail” NC667K. This historic biplane is currently the oldest surviving Model 4 Speedmail, having been delivered to the Richfield Oil Company on October 28, 1929 by the Stearman Aircraft Company in Wichita, Kansas. Reported to be Lloyd Stearman’s favorite design, only forty of the big... Read More »

Ladies love to fly taildraggers!

Ladies love to fly taildraggers!

The ladies are out there everyday, everywhere, doing what they love and proving ladies really do love taildraggers! Aune Price (Illinois) Pilot Profile Amy Gesch (works for Wipaire Inc.) Cathy Page (Arizona) Pilot Profile Jan Johnson (California) Pilot Profile Casey Erickson (California) Pilot Profile Diana Votaw (Missouri) Votaw Aviation Pam Fowler (North Carolina) Pilot Profile   Read More »

Flying A Stearman In Hawaii, Evelyn Greene

Flying A Stearman In Hawaii, Evelyn Greene

I Googled lady taildragger pilot Evelyn Greene today hoping to catch a glimpse of her beautiful PT-17 Stearman and did I ever find a treasure trove of gorgeous shots! Evelyn is based on the island of Oahu, is an A&P I/A and teaches aviation maintenance at Honolulu Community College’s aeronautical maintenance school. The complete photo essay is by Max Haynes with flying by Alan Miller fro... Read More »

Pam Fowler     (North Carolina)

Pam Fowler (North Carolina)

Pam Fowler is based at 7NC3, Kenly Airport, Kenly, North Carolina. The photo above was taken at the November 10, 2012 Stag Air Park region-wide fly-in attended by 70 planes.Pam and her friend Deb flew her 1941 Stearman to Stag’s and won this year’s fall fly-in trophy. “Hi, I was born and raised in North Carolina.  I was introduced to aviation by my dad as a child, but only starte... Read More »

Melanie Marcols     (New Jersey)

Melanie Marcols (New Jersey)

Melanie Marcols is based at KSMQ, Somerset Airport, Somerville, NJ. Hi Ladies, I started flying tailwheel aircraft back in 2006 with Damian DelGaizo at Andover Flight School in Andover, N.J. I have flown his Top Cub, J-3 (on skis too) and his Stearman (aerobatic flying). I am flying this Tuesday in his new slotted winged Super Cub. I am looking forward to it. I am also working on my glider add on ... Read More »

Olson Fenwick     (Idaho)

Olson Fenwick (Idaho)

Olson Fenwick is based at D28, Tanglefoot Seaplane Base, Cavanaugh Bay, Idaho. From my first introductory flight in 1988 I was hooked! I still have my first plane we bought that year, a Lake Renegade. My husband soon bought me a beautiful 450 Stearman for flying aerobatics. * Today, I enjoy flying the Back Country of Idaho. I am very proud to be both a lady seaplane and taildragger pilot. * We hav... Read More »

Thursday: Ladies Love Taildraggers Day in Vintage at AirVenture

Thursday was LadiesLoveTaildraggers Day in “Vintage” at AirVenture and what a cool thing it was! During AirVenture, Ray Johnson hosts the daily program “Vintage In Review” in the Vintage Red Barn area and invited us to select 3 women taildragger pilots to display and speak about themselves and their aircraft. Ray and I got the ball rolling with a short introduction about LadiesLoveTail... Read More »

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