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Flying the Rans S7 with Jessie!

Flying the Rans S7 with Jessie!

Saturday was a spectacular flying day, all the better because my wonderful daughter Jessie joined me. Flying the S7, we formed up with a few other pilots heading to breakfast at Putnam County Airport then on to Metropolitan Airport for their Vietnam Veterans appreciation day. Jessie had her trusty phone along and created a happy little video in the process. Never flown an S7? Check out the view fr... Read More »

FLYING at the BMW Motorcycle Cookout

FLYING at the BMW Motorcycle Cookout

I’m blessed. I’ve had two great flying days in a row! Winter’s still hanging on here in Indy with a snowstorm brewing but yesterday the sun was shining, there was a crisp horizon line and we topped out at 49 degrees. I had an invitation to fly my Rans S7 south to a friend’s grass strip that I hadn’t been to in over 5 years, never by air. The event was a BMW motorcycle... Read More »

Gettin’ my ride ready for the LLT fly-in!

I’ve been dreaming about a new spinner for my Rans S7 for months and I can’t tell you how excited I am about finally getting the job done! Boyd and I have way more hours invested in planning, sanding, taping, more taping, and painting than I ever dreamed possible. It still needs a little work but it turned out pretty darn cool. My “vanilla” spinner was painted perfectly but... Read More »

Love those Saturdays!

I love Saturdays! And I really love Saturdays when I get to spend the entire day flying into grass strips and hanging around great taildraggers. My mid-afternoon was spent getting my Biannual flight review and you can tell by the picture that CFI Wayne Norris and I had a good time doing it. Hey, I got started talking airplanes and flying way before that though! Chapter 1121′s EAA meeting sta... Read More »

East Tennessee Fall Super Club Fly-in

Anne and I had perfect flights to the East Tennessee Fall Super Cub Fly-in – beautiful weather & scenery and non-eventful! A quick stop for breakfast at Columbus, Indiana was down memory lane for Anne who had lived in the area almost 20 years ago and had landed at BAK on a cross country flight with her instructor. There’s a darn good restaurant on the field with big windows that ov... Read More »

Keep on Flying!

Hello everybody! Fall is officially here and I’m counting on some nice, dry, cool flying weather for awhile. I had a very busy summer flying every chance I got and I don’t expect that to change just because the weather is changing. My great niece Kaylise and sister-in-law Regina were in town last month and Kaylise couldn’t wait to get a ride in an airplane. She argued that her br... Read More »

Lee Bottom Flying Field Sinful Sunday!

I’m so sorry if you don’t live close enough to fly to Lee Bottom Airfield (I64) in the summertime. Its a frequent destination for vintage taildraggers and antique airplanes and a spot not to be missed by taildraggers traversing cross-country. The gate keepers to the airfield are Rich & Ginger Davidson who own and operate this 4000′ grass strip in the Indiana low lands along s... Read More »

Jeannie Batto and a Rans S7

Jeannie Batto and a Rans S7

Jeannie Batto sent in a few Rans S7 pictures. This is getting to be one popular airplane ….. really!! Jeannie, I’m on the Yahoo group and get their daily updates. Actually, I haven’t posted a single comment but I’m getting a real S7 education reading everyone else’s. There’s a lot of knowledge floating around there so I’m learning from the wings – lo... Read More »

Judy’s Rans S-7 Update

Hey everybody, I’m getting some great flying in these days in my Rans S-7!!  I’ve adapted to the amazing rate of climb I get on solo take-off (1300′ + fpm) at 65 mph and the equally astounding rate of climb I get even with hefty passengers in the back (900′ + fpm). Right after I bought it, I’d pull the stick back to 60 – 65 mph and it’d climb so steep I... Read More »

Going from Amphibs to Gear

It’s been another big week in Indy. The airport I’m based at, Mt. Comfort Airport, had a name change and is now officially “Indianapolis Regional Airport”. It was changed because the 2012 Super Bowl will be in Indy and the airport wants to make sure potential fly-ins recognize us as a possible destination for the big event. Nobody asked me but I’m thinking, if I’... Read More »

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