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Gail R. Jones     (Illinois)

Gail R. Jones (Illinois)

Gail R. Jones is based at KENW, Kenosha Regional Airport, Kenosha, Wisconsin. Currently I am a Captain with American Airlines, flying 737-800’s. In 1996, I married into an airplane family. My father-in-law (retired United pilot) owns a Piper Cub that I fly. I am also a tow pilot at Hinckley Airport, flying Pawnees. My Husband, Steve, built a Steen Skybolt, which was the first taildragger I s... Read More »

New Taildragger Endorsement: Gail Stillings Burch (Florida)

New Taildragger Endorsement: Gail Stillings Burch (Florida)

I did it….I took two days and drove to Hartford, Wisconsin and met up with Steve Krog from Cub Air. I spent 3.8 hours in the air in his cub and got my endorsement. He taught me so much and made it so much fun. I did three point landings on the turf, on the paved and even on the taxiway. I followed those with wheel landings, then crosswind landings on one wheel, then emergency landings, and s... Read More »

Shalyn (Shay) Applegate     (Missouri)

Shalyn (Shay) Applegate (Missouri)

Shalyn (Shay) Applegate is based at 15MO, Applegate Airport, Queen City, Missouri. Flying has always been in my blood. Both my grandfather and grandmother were pilots, as well as my father and my mother. I actually live on an airport. With flying always being such a part of my life, becoming a pilot was just the next step. When I first started learning to fly at age 18, my father was insistent tha... Read More »

Lynne Finley    (Louisiana)

Lynne Finley (Louisiana)

Lynne Finley is based at St John the Baptist Parish Airport, Reserve, Louisiana. I started flying in a “new” Taylorcraft, a 105 horse model, back in 1986. After flying our 210 for many years, we’ve down-sized to a 1946 J-3. We have three generations flying it now and that makes all of us smile. Look forward to seeing everyone’s info. Lynne Finley Read More »

Margaret Rogers     (Oklahoma)

Margaret Rogers (Oklahoma)

Margaret Rogers is based at KRVS, Richard Lloyd Jones Jr Airport, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Last October I had the opportunity to go on a river run in a J3 Cub. When I got back home I told my husband how much fun the Cub had been to fly ~ he told me to go for my tailwheel endorsement so I could fly it myself. Wednesday, July 10th, I earned my TW endorsement. Now we are in the process of buying a share in a... Read More »

West Coast Cub Fly-in

West Coast Cub Fly-in

What a fun way to fly — surrounded by yellow Cubs! Thank you to Vanessa Jump Nelson from Oregon for showing us how to have a great time! My annual complete, I took my husband with me and we are part of a flight of five yellow Cubs that left Independence Oregon Monday morning, arriving on Lompoc, California Thursday afternoon. Three Cubs (two J3’s and a PA-11) are from Independence, I&#... Read More »

Rose B. Ganim     (Massachusetts)

Rose B. Ganim (Massachusetts)

Rose B. Ganim is based at 7B2, Northampton Airport, Northampton, Massachusetts and flies a Cessna 170B. I spent a few days flying a J-3 Cub on skis at Andover-Aeroflex in New Jersey which was some of the most fun ever — even rivaling floats! Damian DelGaizo is a great instructor and is a terrific resource about bush flying and taildragger love right here in the northeast. Some of the photos ... Read More »

Vanessa Jump Nelson: 9 Random things I love about my taildragger

It’s time we got back to the ladies and let them tell us what random things they love above their taildraggers! Meet Vanessa Jump Nelson who flies a 1946 Piper J3-C named “Tumbleweed”! #1 I can go into little grass strips and get grass decoratively & harmlessly stuck in the tailwheel – a sure sign I’ve been having too much fun. Tailwheel fun #2 I can fly with the ... Read More »

Vanessa Jump Nelson’s flight over the Cascades in her J3 Cub

“Thank you” to Vanessa Jump Nelson for this post about some fun summer flying in a Cub. Her flight was round-trip 7S3 Stark’s Twin Oaks Airport to S21 Sunriver Airport, Oregon. I flew my Cub over the Cascades a couple days ago & took my husband to Sunriver. We took off when skies were reporting clear but quickly went to something entirely different.  We found a hole & put... Read More »

Ginger Davidson     (Indiana)

Ginger Davidson (Indiana)

Ginger Davidson lives at 64I, Lee Bottom Airport, Hanover, Indiana. Although not one person in my family flies, I acquired a sense of adventure from my parents since we had traveled as a family to every state except Hawaii (via car) by the time I had graduated from High School. That’s just one of the stories that I tell when asked why I learned to fly. The others involve rebellion and are probably... Read More »

Marti Whitmore      (Texas)

Marti Whitmore (Texas)

Marti Whitmore is based at 5TX0, Hidden Valley Airpark, Lake Dallas, Texas. Marti Whitmore is a taildragger pilot, fiercly proud to claim the title. She is married to Alex and they have two musical, flying children, Eleanor and Bonnie. My Great Flying Adventure Life I had two other real experiences when I was also very young. One was a plane ride my father purchased for me to fly above my home tow... Read More »

Tia Robertson     (Georgia)

Tia Robertson (Georgia)

New pictures from Tia!! Tia Robertson is based at 5GA4, Air Acres Airport, Woodstock, Georgia. I earned my private pilot license in a Luscombe 8E March 8th 1981. A few days later the Luscombe and I were on our way to the Sun-N-Fun Fly-in! I continued to build time and add an instrument & multi-engine rating, commercial, CFI and a few years later was flying Jetstreams for a commuter in Atlanta.... Read More »

Julie Hartlaub     (Wisconsin)

Julie Hartlaub (Wisconsin)

Julie Hartlaub is based at (KMTW) Manitowoc County Airport, Manitowoc, Wisconsin. I got my tail wheel endorsement in a 1939 Piper J3 Cub.  I was looking for a “modern” cub and purchased a Zlin Aviation ‘Savage’.  Long story short, it flew great, it’s lots of fun, and now my husband and I import them from the Czech Republic and sell them. I am a member of the Wisconsin... Read More »

Allison Wheaton    (Indiana)

Allison Wheaton (Indiana)

Allison Wheaton is based in Angola, Indiana. Hi there, I grew up flying taildraggers & love love love that you’ve got a group together to share stories. 🙂  Those crusty boys get to have groups, nice that there’s one for us too. 🙂 My first solo was in a Super Cub, then my dad got a Cessna 170, which I loved dearly.  I received a grant from college which I used to buy fuel & my d... Read More »

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