Pilot Update

Pilot Update; Dianne Wieman

Dianne Wieman from Texas writes; “Judy, other than being one of the out of job statistics, my Champ and I are doing great! We do not fly very far lately (even gas costs money!) although we have visited the glider field and took several ladies for special rides.” Link to Dianne Wieman’s January 2010 Pilot Profile Read More »

Pilot Update; Freya Shiller

Freya Shiller from Texas writes; Landing at 81D “I’m in Peru for work and there are paragliders going by my window.  Nice weather here but a cold snap in Texas. I sent a picture of the 81D All Stars; my S2B, a friend’s S2A and Bruce Bohannon’s Legend Cub.” Freya’s red S2B  and friends’ S2A & Legend Cub “I don’t know if you have a link on yo... Read More »

Pilot Update; Donna Hanshew

From Ohio, Donna Hanshew writes; “Still flying the same airplanes!” Donna Hanshew “Just got my multi engine rating about 3 weeks ago in a Piper Aztec! Big fun even though it wasn’t a taildragger!”  😉 Taxiing to the dock “Not flying too much for pleasure but doing lots of flight instruction!” Donna Link to Donna Hanshew’s May 2010 Pilot Profile Read More »

Pilot updates; Christina Chapman & Cynthia Lyons

The lady taildragger pilot updates continue… Christina Chapman from Idaho writes; “Things are the same with me — still flying my Scout although we’re having a snowy winter so it has greatly reduced my flight time. I’m working on my CFI this winter instead (advanced ground right now).  When the snow storm pattern weakens (usually March or April), I should have some adv... Read More »