Valerie Phillips     (UK)

Valerie Phillips (UK)

Valerie Phillips is currently based at LAS, United Kingdom. I was put in touch with this site by Louise O’Grady.  I haven’t an amazing long distance flight like Lou’s in a powered aircraft add to my profile, but I have done 500+km in a glider. This is what I currently am doing. All the photos are some of the power taildraggers which I have flown in the last year. I fly gliders by... Read More »

Janna Greenhalgh   (Idaho)

Janna Greenhalgh (Idaho)

Janna Greenhalgh is based at KMAN, Nampa Municipal Airport, Nampa, Idaho. I’ve moved to Idaho from Rhode Island and am having a ball at a new job flying great planes.  This past summer I had a great cross country trip bringing my little PA-12 with my tiny 6.5 pound dog out to a new roost.  Now it’s work and play in southern Idaho! I even grabbed a chance to spend the night at Jana Fiel... Read More »

Lynda Lee LaBerge    (Georgia)

Lynda Lee LaBerge (Georgia)

Lynda Lee LaBerge is based at (GA75) Meadowlark Airport, Concord, Georgia. Learned to fly in a Piper Cub and Piper Pacer. Owned a Globe Swift with a 210 Continental. Flew King Air and Diamond Jets for charter company with my husband. Now operate a glider flight school with my husband and do all of the towing in our 260hp Piper Pawnee. * Read More »

3 Women Tow Pilots!

This is very cool. Sent in by Sarah Kelly Arnold, and you’re right Kelly, I DO like it! I thought you’d like this one. From left to right it’s: Sarah Kelly Arnold Lynda Lee Laberge Jayne Ewing Reid There are three Pawnee’s in the picture; we each own one and we were towing at a national glider contest in Cordele, GA at the time. Sarah Kelly Arnold Owner/Operator Chilhowee Gliderport www.chil... Read More »

Lorrie Penner’s winter update!

Lorrie Penner sent in this update on her winter flying fun! Lorrie flies out of Red Stewart Airfield, Waynesville, Ohio. Lorrie flying “snow tows” in the Pawnee “Well, its that time of year… snow…  But we’ve been fortunate enough that it doesn’t stop us from flying!  Had my first experience taking off and landing on a snowy grass field in the Pawnee.  What... Read More »

Lorrie Penner’s Pawnee Flying

Lorrie flies out of Red Stewart Airport, Waynesville, Ohio. Lorrie’s June 2, 2010 Update: I haven’t updated for awhile, so will let you know that I flew the Pawnee on Mother’s Day, got my 10 t/o and landings in and 3 supervised tows. Then the next two Sundays I’ve been officially towing – once for the CAP kids who came over for a camp-out at the glider club and this Sunday for my own crew. T... Read More »

Two of the Stewarts at “Red Stewart Airfield”

Two of the Stewarts at “Red Stewart Airfield”

Kim Stewart from Red Stewart Airport, Waynesville, Ohio (40I) forwarded this little note and pictures. “Hello, I have attached two pics for your website and FB. Great idea to have a “Ladies Love Taildraggers” website!” From their website, Red Stewart Airfield is a family owned and operated grass field. The airport and the Stewart family are dedicated to the preservation of ... Read More »


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