Sally Canning     (New Mexico)

Sally Canning (New Mexico)

Sally Canning is based at Tuscon Valley Ranch, New Mexico. 600 hours in a Citabria; 400 hours in a Maule. I fly a taildragger because that is all I have ever known and because of our ranching. I don’t gather cattle with the plane but prefer to keep the plane at home. I live far enough away it is more convenient to fly to town (and a lot more fun). For many years we had several ranches and th... Read More »

Marie Beaver & Big Bend Ranch State Park

Marie Beaver & Big Bend Ranch State Park

A big “thank you” to Marie Beaver of Houston, Texas for sharing her latest flying adventure. Another destination to add to the growing “bucket list”! Big Bend Ranch State Park Friday, February 10- Sunday, February 12, extended to Monday, February 13, 2012 Rain and low ceilings delayed our departure from Hooks Airport (KDWH), Houston, Texas until 10:00 a.m. We departed in ou... Read More »

Kathy Devine  (Pennsylvania)

Kathy Devine (Pennsylvania)

Kathy Devine is based at DYL, Doylestown, PA and flies a Maule MX-7. I’ve been flying since 1992. Started out in gliders and got licensed in 1995 after a slight delay due to giving birth to my beautiful daughter. Started flying in airplanes around that same time after my husband bought a Cessna 140. That plane taught me a lot but we sold it before I could get licensed in it. We purchased a p... Read More »

Mary Macdonald

Mary Macdonald

November 2011: Mary MacDonald, California. She’s been a busy busy girl! Recently featured in a documentary film by Michigan based production company Airspeed, she appears in Acro Camp 2, a  film that follows first time aerobatic pilots for one week as they learn the art of aerobatic flying. Mary’s also working on getting her Commercial right now! From the Santa Cruz Sentinel: While att... Read More »

Beer Stop in a Maule!

Pretty darn funny, a beer stop in a Maule! Read More »

Marie Beaver     (Texas)

Marie Beaver (Texas)

Marie Beaver is based at KDWH, David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport, Houston, Texas. I learned to fly in a 1939 Piper J-3 Cub in 1992.  Completed my license in a Citabria.  Have owned a Pitts S-2B, 2 Globe Swifts, Bonanza (obviously, no tailwheel), Wilga, Scout, and currently a Maule on bush wheels.  I fly taildraggers because I love the challenge and they look really cool. I’m married and fly... Read More »

Amy Hoover    (Washington)

Amy Hoover (Washington)

Amy Hoover is based at (KELN) Bowers Field Airport, Ellensburg, Washington. My journey into taildragger flying started in the early 1980’s when my work as a geologist and white water river guide entailed flights into the remote river canyons in central Idaho, and I have been hooked ever since. I obtained my private license in 1988 in Salmon, Idaho and later that year bought a 1947 Cessna 120... Read More »


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