Patti Collins     (Texas)

Patti Collins (Texas)

Patti Collins is based at KMAF, Midland International Airport & KODO, Odessa Airport-Schlemeyer Field, Odessa, Texas. I am married with 3 sons. I love animals. I fly a 1946 Luscombe 8 A/E. I fly a taildragger for the challenge. Through this experience, I am becoming a better pilot.   Read More »

Michelle Carter     (California)

Michelle Carter (California)

Michelle Carter is based at KSZP, Santa Paula Airport, Santa Paula, California. My name is Michelle Carter, 22, and I received my Private Pilots license two summers ago at Santa Barbara Airport. Now you can find me at Santa Paula Airport flying a Piper J-3 Cub with my boyfriend, Sammy Mason. Nothing’s better than doing touch and go’s in the grass with the door open and the slide-slip r... Read More »

Ila Moses-King     (Texas)

Ila Moses-King (Texas)

Ila Moses-King is based at KDAL, Dallas Love Field Airport, Dallas, Texas. Thank you Ila for sending the picture of your new plane. As far as I know, you are the only member of LadiesLoveTaildraggers who owns a Swift. Correct me ladies if I’m wrong! My new plane was my father’s but he is 89 and gave it to me as a gift. It is a project for sure but hopefully I can get it flying next yea... Read More »



LOW AND SLOW ACROSS AMERICA SUMMER TOUR by Andrea and Kevin Eldridge     8/26/2013 6:AM DEPARTING CABLE AIRPORT, CA (CCB) FOR BLAKESBURG, IOWA (IA27). Incidentally, both are private, family owned fields. Check out and Due to a line of weather out by Palm Springs we decide to delay our takeoff for two hours and instead have coffee with our fri... Read More »

Hilary Kerkstra     (Michigan)

Hilary Kerkstra (Michigan)

Welcome to Hilary Kerkstra, a brand new taildragger pilot! Hilary Kerkstra is based at KAZO, Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport, Kalamazoo, Michigan. I decided to get my taildragger endorsement because I knew it would make me a better pilot. I hope to someday fly turboprops or corporate jets, or even cargo ops, fire or rescue patrol, cropdusting, pretty much anything that keeps me flying... Read More »

Kelly Rinne     (Michigan)

Kelly Rinne (Michigan)

Kelly Rinne is based at ADG, Lenawee County Airport, Adrian, Michigan. I am a cancer survivor who used to be afraid of flying! I just became a private pilot in May 2013. Received my TW endorsement in a Luscombe in August. I have since flown a sea plane and most recently a glider. I live on a lake so I enjoy all water sports, aviation, Bikram hot yoga, and I recently took up kite-boarding. I am enj... Read More »

2013 Blakesburg Fly-in a big success!

2013 Blakesburg Fly-in a big success!

Last I heard, 412 aircraft flew to the Taylor family’s Antique Airfield fly-in this weekend. This year we celebrated the Antique Aircraft Association’s Diamond Jubilee and featured Luscombe Aircraft and the 75th anniversary of the Model 8. An astounding 80 Luscombes flew in for the celebration in Iowa. For those that might confuse, say, a Cessna 120 or Cessna 140 or a Taylorcraft with ... Read More »

Andrea Eldridge: Random things I love about my taildragger

Andrea Eldridge: Random things I love about my taildragger Andrea Eldridge owns a 1947 Luscombe and is based at KCNO, Chino Airport, Chino, California. Here are TEN random things she loves about her Luscombe! #2 I love the swoosh on the tail I adapted to go with the official Silvaire paint scheme–just a little non-standard. #4 I dig the B.A.S. 4-point inertia reel harness.   www.basinc-aerom... Read More »

Lots of Ladies at the Luscombe Association Fly-in at Columbia Airport (022) California, 2012

Lots of Ladies at the Luscombe Association Fly-in at Columbia Airport (022) California, 2012

I’m forever in awe of how many women taildragger pilots live in California. I know it’s a big state but the number of women doing my kind of flying are impressive! One of those ladies is Andrea Eldridge from Chino, California who flew her Luscombe to Columbia, CA last month for the annual Gathering Of The Luscombes Fly-in. Andrea’s a great advocate for LadiesLoveTaildraggers and ... Read More »

Aileen Hummel     (Texas)

Aileen Hummel (Texas)

Aileen Hummel is based at T67, Hicks Airfield, Fort Worth, Texas. I do not own a taildragger but would like to have one of my own someday. However, I do have a Piper Cherokee Arrow which is hangared at Hicks Airfield (T67) Fort Worth, TX.  I started flying lessons in 1995 and now have my single and multi-engine commercial ratings with instrument privileges.  In December, 2010, I got my taildragger... Read More »

Jennifer Peña     (Texas)

Jennifer Peña (Texas)

Jennifer Peña is based at 3TE8, C Fulcher Ranch Airport, Terlingua/Alpine, Texas. I’m a 45 year old schoolmarm in Terlingua, Texas. I have always had a fascination with flying and knew that someday I wanted to become a pilot. Before moving to west Texas it seemed there was never enough time or money to tackle my dream. Over dinner one evening about 3 years ago, I told my pilot friend that he... Read More »

Andrea Eldridge     (California)

Andrea Eldridge (California)

Andrea Eldridge is based at KCNO, Chino Airport, Chino, California. FAA Designated Pilot Examiner.  Assistant Editor Warbird Digest magazine.  Former Trans World Airline pilot. My husband built this 1947 Luscombe for me and now we are restoring a Luscombe Phantom from the Golden Age of Aviation! – Andrea Eldridge FAA Designated Pilot Examiner   Read More »

Lee Bottom Flying Field Sinful Sunday!

I’m so sorry if you don’t live close enough to fly to Lee Bottom Airfield (I64) in the summertime. Its a frequent destination for vintage taildraggers and antique airplanes and a spot not to be missed by taildraggers traversing cross-country. The gate keepers to the airfield are Rich & Ginger Davidson who own and operate this 4000′ grass strip in the Indiana low lands along s... Read More »

Darlene Rudisill     (Alaska)

Darlene Rudisill (Alaska)

Darlene Rudisill is based at Moose Pass, Alaska in the summers and flies on the west side of the Kenai Peninsula the rest of the year. My friend, Joy Smith, sent me the link to this web site.  This is really awesome.  I’m very excited about being a part of this community. In 1975 my Grandfather taught me to fly in a Luscombe, off of a dirt strip in San Diego, CA.  I have had a passion for fl... Read More »

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