Nancy Marquis     (Florida)

Nancy Marquis (Florida)

Nancy Marquis is based at 15FL, Cannon Creek Airpark, Lake City, Florida. I earned my private pilot certificate in 1972 at the age of 17 (didn’t get my drivers license until I was 20!!). My husband and I love aviation…he has and flies helicopters and I have a KitFox!! I am in the process of earning my tailwheel endorsement at this time!! Read More »

Margaret Hastedt     (Texas)

Margaret Hastedt (Texas)

Margaret Hastedt is based at KCFD, Coulter Field Airport, Bryan, Texas. Hi everyone, I love taildraggers, and particularly love the little Kitfox Classic IV I built a few years ago. I just started a Sonex build (another taildragger, but much faster than my ‘fox). I got a glider rating before I started flying taildraggers. It made the transition MUCH easier. I’ve been flying for about 2... Read More »

Kitfox in the Oklahoma Wheat

Kitfox in the Oklahoma Wheat

It’s spring in Oklahoma and the wheat’s growing tall! Dee Ann Ediger sent some beautiful shots of their Kitfox flying out of their grass farm strip, (OK16) Fairmont Field Airport, Oklahoma. “Ken took the Kitfox out for a morning flight and I took the opportunity to snap some pictures.  The runway on our farm is 2500 X 60 and carved out of the most level part of the wheat field.  ... Read More »

Dee Holm    (Arizona)

Dee Holm (Arizona)

Update April 11, 2011 Dee Holm has been flying nosedraggers since 2002, but things have changed and she’s having fun now!  Congratulations to Dee on her brand new taildragger endorsement! “Hi there. Now I can say that I am a taildragger pilot!  The 26 hours during three months interrupted by bouts of bronchitis were well worth it.  I am totally hooked and can’t wait for my next s... Read More »

Dee Ann Ediger    (Oklahoma)

Dee Ann Ediger (Oklahoma)

Dee Ann Ediger is based at (OK16) Fairmont Field Airport, Fairmont, Oklahoma. I fly a Kitfox IV that my husband built, with a little of my help, in 1994.  At time, I didn’t have a pilot certificate, but enjoyed the building process.  I also always knew where to find Ken during those 3 years of construction. Ken & I with our Kitfox After flying with my husband for 23 years I finally asked... Read More »


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