Patsy Meridith     (Tennessee)

Patsy Meridith (Tennessee)

Patsy Meridith is based at 0A9, Elizabethton Municipal Airport, Elizabethton, Tennessee. I’ve fallen in love w/ flying!!  I’m 62 and got my private in 2009, my instrument rating in 2010, my commercial in 2011 and my taildragger endorsement just a few weeks ago.  My husband and I just purchased a Just Aircraft Highlander (factory is in Wahala, SC).  I’m a newbie at taildragger fly... Read More »

Lynn Gardner     (Florida)

Lynn Gardner (Florida)

Lynn with the Highlander she built and later sold. January 2, 2011 update to pilot profile. I sold my pretty little Highlander so I could build a hangar and shop so I can make more pretty little Highlanders. Now have a Rans S7 to play in. 🙂 My new hangar is at 7FL7 near High Springs, Florida (grass 9/27). Maybe we should have a Snow Birds get together at my place this winter. ************ Sept. 20... Read More »

Mile Hi in a Highlander

Here’s a video of a Just Aircraft, Highlander that I got a real kick out of!  I’ve been wanting to see one up close and personal so I checked and they’ll be at Oshkosh.  Not only that, but LLT, Lynn Gardner will be there too.  Lynn completed hers in 2007.  I don’t know much about them other than they look like amazing short field take off and landing airplanes.  I know Just... Read More »

Lynn Gardner’s “Patrol” Test Flight!!

Lynn Gardner’s “Patrol” Test Flight!!

Lady Taildragger, Lynn Gardner, sent us this update on what she’s up to.  Lynn lives in Gainesville, Florida and is based at Williston Municipal Airport, X60.  Lynn, thanks for sending this in – must have been a great ride with that 0-360?!! “I had a fun day in Chiefland, Florida a couple weeks ago. Steve Thompson asked me to do some flight testing in his newly finished Patrol. I... Read More »


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