Marilyn Pearson    (Connecticut)

Marilyn Pearson (Connecticut)

Marilyn Pearson is based at (KHFD) Hartford-Brainard Airport, Hartford, Connecticut. I started flying taildraggers when I was a teen, in gliders.  My love of aviation had to wait till I finished college and saved for my power ratings.  I had the great fortune of getting to know several tailwheel pilots while I was still a student pilot.  They would take me flying in Luscombes and Cubs.  I was bitt... Read More »

Pilot updates; Christina Chapman & Cynthia Lyons

The lady taildragger pilot updates continue… Christina Chapman from Idaho writes; “Things are the same with me — still flying my Scout although we’re having a snowy winter so it has greatly reduced my flight time. I’m working on my CFI this winter instead (advanced ground right now).  When the snow storm pattern weakens (usually March or April), I should have some adv... Read More »