Terry Fiala     (Colorado)

Terry Fiala (Colorado)

Terry Fiala is based at KAPA, Centennial Airport, Denver, Colorado. I love living in Colorado, hiking and playing agility with my dogs Rudder and Turbo, playing tennis, and of course flying. I’ve been fortunate to have many flying adventures since I earned my PPL in 2010. I own a C182 with my husband and now I’m finishing up my tailwheel transition, something I’ve wanted ever sin... Read More »

Ginny Stromberg     (New York)

Ginny Stromberg (New York)

Ginny Stromberg is based at KITH, Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport, Ithaca, New York. I fly out of KITH. Love Tailwheel airplanes! I remember at my first flight school (where I soloed). They had this beautiful Citabria that I just found enchanting, but since my goal at the time was to fly a big jet, it just seemed impractical to learn to fly it, so it just sat in the corner of the hangar, lonely. ... Read More »

Cindy Fritz    (Idaho)

Cindy Fritz (Idaho)

Cindy Fritz is based at KBOI, Boise/Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho. I learned to fly in my 1972 Citabria 7GCBC. I received my PPL in December 2014. A week after that the skis went on and I am baby stepping my way into Idaho snow covered backcountry airstrips! I look forward to flying the Citabria with and without skis, and, of course, upside down. A lifetime of learning and fun ahead!     Read More »

Ladies really DO love taildraggers!

Ladies really DO love taildraggers!

Guest Blogger: Michelle Agee Based: KMQJ Indianapolis Regional Airport My mother has always been highly enthused about my flying and so supportive. She’s flown with me several times, but she really wanted to do some ‘fun’ things. As I did not have my taildragger sign off, I arranged a flight in a Citabria at KFNL for her. I certainly had some ‘fun’ in that airplane an... Read More »

Courtney Smith     (Arizona)

Courtney Smith (Arizona)

Courtney Smith is based at KCHD, Chandler Municipal Airport, Chandler, Arizona. I earned my tailwheel endorsement in a Citabria, and it made me a better pilot! Read More »

Dana J. Martin     (Texas)

Dana J. Martin (Texas)

Dana J. Martin is based at 88R, Spicewood Airport, Spicewood, Texas. 99 Citabria GCBC I have about 1600 hours of Cessna 172/182 IFR rating…but only had 10 hours of tailwheel. Flew a Decathalon and loved it and got the bug for fun flying. I have around 50 hours and still learning… What a blast! Keeps you on your toes! Literally. Read More »

Emily Carpenter     (Ohio)

Emily Carpenter (Ohio)

Emily Carpenter is based at 57D, Ray Community Airport, Ray, Michigan. My name is Emily Carpenter, a.k.a. Miss Maverick. I am a student pilot and I am training in a Pitts S2B in my pink heels (so I can reach the rudders). I started flying because I was, and still am, terrified of flying commercially. I love flying because even though it frightens me, the fear has been my driving force. I was absol... Read More »

Beech’s everywhere!

Beech’s everywhere!

You bet Beech’s are everywhere, we’re at Beech Party 2014. Staggerwings, Beech 18s, Travel Airs, and more V-tails, Dukes and Debonairs than you’ve ever seen in one spot. It’s not all about the planes though, it’s about meeting new people – new pilots. Thank you to whoever suggested photographing all the lady pilots. We got a kick out of posing in front of Stagge... Read More »

Tammie Searles     (Texas)

Tammie Searles (Texas)

Tammie Searles is based at T82, Gillespie County Airport, Fredericksburg, Texas. “Me holding the keys to my new plane!” I just moved to Texas (T82) from Cali (E16). Next week my husband and I are flying (commercially) to SJC to jump in our own airplanes and fly them back here to Texas. I’m excited to fly my Citabria N1926G that far. It will be the longest cross-country for me. Ev... Read More »

Lori Olson     (Wyoming)

Lori Olson (Wyoming)

Lori Olson is based at Gillette-Campbell County Airport, Gillette, Wyoming. I spent many hours of my childhood in the backseat of a Cessna 180 and a PA-11 with my father as PIC. My earliest memories include landing on the dirt road close to my house, or the field behind our shelter belt. It wasn’t unusual for me to stare at my father’s profile from the backseat and think he was magic. ... Read More »

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