Brittney Miculka     (Texas)

Brittney Miculka (Texas)

Brittney Miculka is based at KHYI, San Marcos Municipal Airport, San Marcos, Texas. I have always wanted to be a pilot, even without any flying family members. Thanks to student loans, I was able to earn most of my pilot ratings at the University of Illinois at KCMI. I’m a single and multi-engine commercial pilot and CFI & CFII. I love grassroots general aviation! I have worked at AOPA d... Read More »

Chris Meigs-Owen    (Florida)

Chris Meigs-Owen (Florida)

Chris Meigs-Owen is based at KTPF, Peter O Knight Airport, Tampa, Florida. I have been flying since I was little with my dad but started my serious stint in my early 20’s, all the way to my MEI…then I got my tailwheel endorsement in a J3 cub and all I wanted to fly was DC3’s. I was a flight instructor for a couple of years, then on the the regionals then 737’s. Along the wa... Read More »

Carolyn Ridley     (Virginia)

Carolyn Ridley (Virginia)

Carolyn Ridley is based at KCJR, Culpeper Regional Airport, Culpeper, Virginia. I am a CFII MEI and ATP pilot and of course teach in my Citabria.  I have a Cessna 172 and a twin Comanche too. I especially enjoy teaching kids to fly.  My best student is a 14 year old girl.  Taildraggers are never boring and still represent the romance and awesome gift we have of flying. – Carolyn Ridley Read More »

Judy Phelps     (California)

Judy Phelps (California)

Judy Phelps is based at KSZP, Santa Paula Airport, Santa Paula, California. I am the co-owner of CP Aviation, a flight school located in Santa Paula California. I am a CFII and specialize in Tailwheel and Emergency Maneuver Training. My career in aviation began while working at the local airport restaurant where I met my husband Clay Phelps who owned the flight school next door. This was the begin... Read More »

Andrea Eldridge     (California)

Andrea Eldridge (California)

Andrea Eldridge is based at KCNO, Chino Airport, Chino, California. FAA Designated Pilot Examiner.  Assistant Editor Warbird Digest magazine.  Former Trans World Airline pilot. My husband built this 1947 Luscombe for me and now we are restoring a Luscombe Phantom from the Golden Age of Aviation! – Andrea Eldridge FAA Designated Pilot Examiner   Read More »

Sue Tholen     (Maine)

Sue Tholen (Maine)

Sue Tholen is based at KSFM, Sanford Regional Airport, Sanford, Maine. New pictures from Sue Tholen! …. Actually, they’re not new at all and I owe Sue an apology. She sent me these 2 great Super Cub pictures late last summer and they got buried in my emails.  I’m sorry Sue. This just proves it – I need a new picture filing system!! Sue has CFI and CFII, Airplane Single Engi... Read More »

Jeanne MacPherson    (Montana)

Jeanne MacPherson (Montana)

Jeanne MacPherson is based at (KHLN) Helena Regional Airport, Helena, Montana. I am recently retired from Chief of the Safety and Education Bureau, Aeronautics Division, Montana Department of Transportation. I coordinated air search operations, promoted aviation education, and taught mountain flying for more than 15 years. I am now flight instructing in Montana with my company “Mountain Aird... Read More »

Tracy Salmi     (Texas)

Tracy Salmi (Texas)

Tracy Salmi is based at 44TE, Shirley Williams Airport, Kingsland, Texas. * Tracy Salmi with her Cessna 170 Neil Salmi and I were married in January and we have bought a hangar home on 44TE in TX. I sold my home and hangar in KS. Still have the C170.  Am a CFII multi engine instrument  land /single engine sea. I enjoy flying and the people that fly and build airplanes. Read More »

Marla Simon Boone   (Ohio)

Marla Simon Boone (Ohio)

Marla Simon Boone flies a Waco (and more) and is based at Troy Skypark Airport (37I), Troy, Ohio. I enjoy flying anything, but especially love my straightwing WACO.  I also fly a tailwheel Colt and a Pacer.  I am a CFII and hold SEL, SES, MEL ratings as well as advanced and instrument ground instructor ratings. I also am an A&P mechanic.  I enjoy restoring antique aircraft. Read More »


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