Chris Meigs-Owen    (Florida)

Chris Meigs-Owen (Florida)

Chris Meigs-Owen is based at KTPF, Peter O Knight Airport, Tampa, Florida. I have been flying since I was little with my dad but started my serious stint in my early 20’s, all the way to my MEI…then I got my tailwheel endorsement in a J3 cub and all I wanted to fly was DC3’s. I was a flight instructor for a couple of years, then on the the regionals then 737’s. Along the wa... Read More »

Christine Mortine     (Ohio)

Christine Mortine (Ohio)

Christine Mortine is based at KOSU, Ohio State University Airport, Columbus, Ohio. Hi! Aviation is a second career for me. Started eight years ago and currently a full time CFI MEI with a SIC Citation 500 Series. Before piloting I lived in AK for 7 years going up with as many pilots as possible! Few years ago did a week of mountain flight training in CO. Now I am hunting for an aircraft to buy for... Read More »

Batelle Rachmain     (Maryland )

Batelle Rachmain (Maryland )

Batelle Rachmain is based at KGAI, Montgomery County Airpark, Gaithersburg, Maryland. I am a Flight Instructor out of KGAI. Photos sent in by Batelle. Read More »

Helen Woods     (Maryland)

Helen Woods (Maryland)

Helen Woods is based at W29, Bay Bridge Airport, Stevensville, Maryland. I am a Searey pilot and the only lady Searey CFI in the country, possibly the world! I am Searey crazy! Helen Woods Read More »

Michelle Agee     (Indiana)

Michelle Agee (Indiana)

Michelle Agee is based at KMQJ, Indianapolis Regional Airport, Indianapolis, IN. Moved from Rhode Island to Indiana this winter and got checked out to rent at Indianapolis Regional. I intend to get an instrument proficiency check and then hopefully I will be able teach out of there this summer. I love flying taildraggers but do not have my sign off. I want to remedy that in the future and hopefull... Read More »

Check out Chelsea Stein Engberg’s blog “Go Inverted”

Check out Chelsea Stein Engberg’s blog “Go Inverted”

Here’s an update on Chelsea Stein Engberg, lady taildragger pilot from Santa Cruz, California from her website Go Inverted. Chelsea’s motto is to follow your dreams. In kindergarten she wanted to be a veterinarian, but by the time she saw Top Gun the next year she set her sights on the sky. After numerous letters (written in crayon) to President Reagan about why she thought women should be a... Read More »

Coby Sena’s flight to Copalis State Beach Airport, Washington

Coby Sena’s flight to Copalis State Beach Airport, Washington

Here’s an adventure flight we should all figure out a way to make happen! Thank you to Coby Sena for sending in her pictures and describing her wonderful flight up the coast from San Jose, California to Washington state. And who knew Washington has a beach runway – that’s legal? This past summer I flew my husband and two friends to the Seattle area to visit some other friends. We... Read More »

Jessica Stearns     (Florida)

Jessica Stearns (Florida)

Jessica Stearns is based at KAPF, Naples Municipal Airport, Naples, Florida. I learned to fly a PA-18 in 1956 and have been flying since; 56 years on Aug 27th. I was in The USAF for 20 years – Transport Navigator for 5 years and Pilot for 15 years. Flew for People Express and Continental Airlines for 16 years. Capt. Retired but actively flying my PA-J3 and other TW airplanes. (RV-7 & 8) ... Read More »

Adina Premo     (New York)

Adina Premo (New York)

Adina Premo, Starduster Too “Picture Update”! Adina Premo is based at Griffiss International Airport (KRME), Rome, New York. * * Previous post of February 4, 2011: I own a 1946 Aeronca Champ (my favorite) and a Starduster Too Bi-plane. I work as a flight instructor in upstate NY. My love for airplanes started at a very young age – both my father and late grandfather are pilots. F... Read More »

Heather Zulkanycz     (Alaska)

Heather Zulkanycz (Alaska)

Heather Zulkanycz is based PAFA, Fairbanks International Airport, Fairbanks, Alaska. I am a CFI commercial ASEL, AMEL and love taildraggers and floats. There is nothing better then flying taildraggers on floats here in Alaska! Read More »

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