Cessna 140

Dawn Wavle Rogers     (Kansas)

Dawn Wavle Rogers (Kansas)

Dawn Rogers and her husband are based at their uncharted grass strip south of Wichita, Kansas. I have been flying since 2007. My husband Ross Rogers and I live on our own grass strip south of Wichita (uncharted). We have a Cessna 140 and a 172. Last fall we bought a Stearman. I’m looking forward to getting checked out in it after I get some more time in the 140. I mostly fly for fun but occa... Read More »

Rachel Kopman     (Washington)

Rachel Kopman (Washington)

Rachel Kopman is based at Green Mountain Airport, a private strip in Washington state. I started flying in a tricycle gear plane and always envied the pilots flying tailwheels. I loved hearing the stories and the pride in their voices when the tailwheel pilots shared their experiences. Receiving my tailwheel endorsement was a welcome challenge to improve my flying skills – I’ve taken m... Read More »

Ping Zhao’s Adventure Story

Ping Zhao’s Adventure Story

My Adventure Story Indianapolis to Silicon Valley flying our “new” taildragger, a 1946 Cessna 140 Why would anyone buy an aeroplane from their home State and miss out on fun like this? We have just bought a 1946 Cessna 140 and this is the story of how we flew Hamachi from frozen Indianapolis to San Carlos, California armed with only a couple of spanners, one of both types of screwdrive... Read More »

Father-Daughter Arrival    (Contest Entry #6)

Father-Daughter Arrival (Contest Entry #6)

Father-Daughter Arrival August 28, 2013 by Brian Lansburgh At fifteen, she’s one of the youngest students I’ve taught.  Predictably, she learns fast.  Couple that with a lot of natural ability and interest and you’ve got a student who is great fun for a teacher. Her father flies and uses his Bonanza for business.  Her mother is taking instruction as well.  Aviation has served as a majo... Read More »

Sally Gist     (Texas)

Sally Gist (Texas)

Sally Gist is based at KAQO, Llano Municipal Airport, Llano, Texas. I am a Skydiver, Grand Canyon River Guide, and I love flying my plane around the hill country of Texas. Read More »

Erissa Yong-Wilson     (British Columbia)

Erissa Yong-Wilson (British Columbia)

Erissa Yong-Wilson is based at CYPK, Pitt Meadows Regional Airport, Pitt Meadows, BC. I fly a Cessna 182Q. I spent time with Jeannie MacPherson in Helena learning to fly in her Super Decath. Jeanne McPherson & I go back 10 years, with Sparky Imeson as our common friend. He first taught me to fly in his 170B and then we bought a C180 together in 2004. We flew 150 hours into all sorts of canyons... Read More »

Terri Hull’s new wings!

Terri Hull’s new wings!

What more proof do you need that this lady is a TRUE taildragger girl?!! Terri Hull from Indiana not only owns and flies a Cessna 140, she also recently purchased a Hatz bi-plane. Terri says, “Best thing I over heard today is when I stopped in for fuel with my new (to me) airplane. As I shut down and took off my helmet I heard, “That’s a Woman!”  LOL! Loved it!!!” (Te... Read More »

YES! Share those toys!

YES! Share those toys!

I think Jeannie Phillips found the secret of passionate flyers…… sharing the blessings. She sent this note with picture and was obviously happy as heck to be on the receiving end of an amazing flight. “Thanks to a very generous DC-3 owner I got the unforgettable experience of flying it!” Jeannie Phillips Jeannie’s regular ride is a 1946 Cessna 140 based at Cape Cod Ai... Read More »

Christy Lichtenstein     (California)

Christy Lichtenstein (California)

Christy Lichtenstein is based at KCMA, Camarillo Airport, Camarillo, California. I am a pilot, bass guitarist (aka Xty), and a “chef”.  When I’m not playing bass or cooking, I’m usually flying or detailing my airplanes.  I have a restored 1946 Cessna 140 and an experimental Pitts S1-S. I mostly fly for fun, and like to make videos of my flying to share with everyone.  My vi... Read More »

Jeannie Phillips 2013

Jeannie Phillips 2013

Jeannie Phillips sent a few pictures and a “Happy New Year!” wish to everyone. Maybe it’s just me but doesn’t being based at a grass strip on Cape Cod sound oh so romantic to you? Our Cessna 140 and the hangar we keep it in ( the plane was built in 1946 and the hanger was built in 1929!) Another picture is flying over Cape Cod at sunset. We put the skis on our C140 for the ... Read More »

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