Gail Schipper “Enjoying Herself” in her new video!

Check out Gail Schipper flying Basic in her beautiful, baby-blue Bucker Jungmann video. Gail is based at Longmont, Colorado (KLMO). –   Read More »

Gail Schipper’s flying again!

Had a lovely first flight in the Bücker last Friday. Got the plane back in the air last week thanks to heroic work by my husband and a little help from me. Gail back in the air in her Bücker Jungmann Pictures for you of my first flight after maintenance. Don’t know how I get so lucky to have people randomly taking pictures. Smoke on! Thanks to Gail’s friend, Jacquelyn, for taking these... Read More »

Award Winner “Gail Schipper” from Colorado

Gail in her Bücker Jungmann Congratulations to Gail Schipper for her Second Place Award for ‘Most Unusual First Flights’ in the Centennial of Licensed Women Pilots Event.  The event was scheduled to honor the 100th anniversary of the first woman in the world to receive a pilot’s license, and I know at least 3 of our Lady Taildraggers participated! Gail lives in Colorado and even ... Read More »

Tiger Club Invades Gatwick, UK

Pictures courtesy of Richard Foord @ Richard.Foto4@btinternet.com.  Thank you, Richard, and also to Nic Orchard for sending the link on the Tiger Moth’s flying adventures over Gatwick in the UK.  This was one rare event for some lucky GA flyers, thanks to the volcanic eruption. Moth Formation “This was probably a ” once in a lifetime ” opportunity and was hastily put togeth... Read More »

September 30 – October 6, 2018
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