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Jennifer Wenk     (North Carolina)

Jennifer Wenk (North Carolina)

Jennifer Wenk is based at KMRH, Michael J. Smith Field, Beaufort, North Carolina. Not only is the Champ’s new paint job beautiful, Jennifer looks pretty awesome in her LadiesLoveTaildraggers tshirt too! Jennifer’s pilot profile was first posted August 2014…………….. I’ve always walked around facing skyward but I didn’t actually get my pilot’... Read More »

Jill Manka     (Florida)

Jill Manka (Florida)

Jill Manka is based at KGIF, Winter Haven’s Gilbert Airport, Winter Haven, Florida. Greetings All! My name is Jill Manka. Before 2006, I thought the only use for an airplane was to take me from one meeting to another. Most of my life was spent in airports and on big airliners as a passenger. I grew up at Chanute Air Force Base in Rantoul, IL. As a young girl, I remember the excitement of the... Read More »

AVWeb video “Cub vs. Champ” Shootout

AVWeb video “Cub vs. Champ” Shootout

Hot off the AVWeb press is lady taildragger pilot Elaine Kauh and co-presenter Paul Bertorelli comparing two great old taildraggers, the Aeronca Champ and the classic Piper J-3 Cub. It’s chocked full of nice flying video and commentary on the differences in how they fly. And for those thinking about purchasing a light sport aircraft, a few thoughts about flying a 60+ year old taildragger vs.... Read More »

Patricia (Pat) Burke Johnson      (Montana)

Patricia (Pat) Burke Johnson (Montana)

Pat Johnson is based at the Helena Regional Airport (KHLN), Helena, Montana. I am so thrilled to see all you accomplished young women! I seldom encountered another woman flyer when I was most active in aviation and I am inspired by your achievements. Way to go, Ladies! I first rode in an airplane in autumn 1961, began flying lessons in January of 1962, and soloed on April 4, 1962. A private pilot ... Read More »

Rich Dugger: I’m no lady but I do fly a taildragger

Rich Dugger: I’m no lady but I do fly a taildragger

Author: Rich Dugger I got to know Judy from way back when she owned a Champ and first met her at the Marion, IN Fly-in Drive-in. Her little attempt to connect with other ladies that fly taildraggers has grown into quite an affair and I’m really proud of her. Congrats, Judy!! Rich Dugger Central TX. Read More »

Aeronca Champ Flying in the UK!!

Aeronca Champ Flying in the UK!!

I was happy to hear from one of our UK ladies this week. You may remember Nic Orchard who is based at Maypole (EGHB) United Kingdom and flies her much loved ’46 7BC Champ. This is the same Nic who temporarily outfitted herself with a Jodel to fly (named “Temporary Champ”) after an engine failure forced her to make a dead-stick landing in a cow-patch. Insurance totaled the aircraf... Read More »

Fall color tour over New Jersey, a Champ Story   (Contest Entry #2)

Fall color tour over New Jersey, a Champ Story (Contest Entry #2)

Fall color tour over New Jersey, a Champ Story by Tony Buttacavoi It was 0800 and 38 degrees F, light winds, and CAVU skies as I preflighted N83559, a slightly ragged but good hearted 1946 7AC based at SMQ, Somerset, NJ. It was one of those wonderful Sundays when you get up early, throw on some clothes and head out to the airstrip right at sunrise. That first cup of FBO coffee goes down so well an... Read More »

Sarah Rovner     (Texas)

Sarah Rovner (Texas)

Sarah Rovner is based at KDWH, David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport, Houston, Texas. **Thanks for the pilot update Sarah!!** Since discovering the awesomeness surrounding conventional gear aircraft, I have made an effort to make most of my flying in these type of airplanes. After building time in a Champ to meet the insurance requirements, I began towing gliders at my local soaring club in a Piper P... Read More »

Kimberly Ewing-Gill    (Georgia)

Kimberly Ewing-Gill (Georgia)

Pilot update from Kim Gill My 7GCA and I are now located and based out of GA04, Mallards Landing Airport in Locust Grove, Georgia. Fly in communities are the best! Also I now am employed as a First Officer on the Embraer 145 for ExpressJet Airlines (since 2011). The Champ definitely keeps me honest if I ever get too much of an airline pilot ego. 😉 haha! Here are some taildragger shots too, just be... Read More »

Heather Pinsky     (New Mexico)

Heather Pinsky (New Mexico)

Heather Pinsky is based at KCVN, Clovis Municipal Airport, Clovis, New Mexico. Hi, I’m Heather. I fly AC-130W’s as my primary job for the AF but my true love is tailwheels. I own a 7AC Champ that’s living at home in NJ with my mom at the moment. Here are some photos of me and N1202E. I’m also an avid glider pilot and you can find me flying any number of gliders or towing in... Read More »

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