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Mom/Daughter Trip

In this dry, clear, fall weather it’s just too beautiful not to fly so Jessie & I decided to take a short mom/daughter trip – left yesterday, have to come home Saturday. We’re having fun!! Lunch at BMG. WOW, Cadillac courtesy car and free cookies!! * Trees barely starting to turn here * Nothing but hi-class joints for Jessie on our trip! * with Kristie, Vanessa & Kyle! * ... Read More »

Young Eagle “Girl Scout” Flights

Young Eagle flights are always a great thing – great for the kids who get to fly and great for the pilots who get to experience their adventure with them.  But tonight I found the secret of trumping the average (however fun) run of the mill Young Eagle flight. You take 4 lady pilots, 4 airplanes, 9 Girl Scouts and turn ’em loose in the sky! Girl Scout, Megan and Judy  just before our Y... Read More »

Anybody want a ride?!!?!!

At an airport cookout tonight I hollered “Anybody want a Champ ride?!!” and I heard an immediate, overwhelming, absolute chorus of  “YES”…. from the gals gathering side of the hangar!! Giving Champ rides! So away we went, 3 Champ flights, 3 gals who I swear LOVED it, on a perfect blue sky, silky air evening. Geez, I almost missed my slow cooked ribs but it would have ... Read More »

Oh where Oh where are the best taildraggin’ airports?!?!

By Judy Birchler, host of LadiesLoveTaildraggers.com The airport I learned to fly at years ago may very well be the best fly-in destination around for taildraggers of all assortments.   It’s grass, the pilots hanging out there have been there for years, most of them actually fly their airplanes, they enjoy new people visiting their airport, they’re ready to help if you need it and they... Read More »

Porterfield NC32412 is better than ever!

By Judy Birchler, host of www.LadiesLoveTaildraggers.com Of all the things I’ve posted on the website, this one makes me the happiest!  I have a personal connection to this very special bird and I’m delighted old friend and current part owner in this great project, Hank Meador, has sent me photos and details to share. So what’s the story?  This beautifully restored Porterfield is... Read More »

Yes! A sunny day and no new snow!!

By Judy Birchler, host of LadiesLoveTaildraggers.com Finally, a great afternoon to fly in Indiana!  Check out the pictures Boyd shot as I departed Mt. Comfort Airport, refueled at Shelbyville  (thank you Darrell), flew around Geist Lake and shot touch and go’s at MQJ.  It was clear, smooth, beautiful and a mild 25 degrees. Departing MQJ. Cold outside but warm in the Champ, at least on my lef... Read More »

Judy’s Fun Flying with Family & Friends

  Judy & Jessica (mom & kido) By Judy Birchler, host of LadiesLoveTaildraggers.com You just can’t get up on a beautiful and warm (for November 27) Saturday morning and not fly to breakfast.  No matter how many eggs you’ve got in your refrigerator or how many boxes of Jiffy pancake mix, you’ve just got to fly to breakfast!  So after taking a quick peek out the window ... Read More »

Who’s faster – a Rans or a Champ?

By Judy Birchler, host of LadiesLoveTaildraggers.com already knew the answer before heading out on this very loose formation flying weekend but who knew they would fly circles around us?!! Sure enough, the Rans S7-S LSA did just that – there they were, down low, up high, up front, way behind and all the while powering way back to stay with our Champ 7EC/FC. Now don’t get me wrong ̵... Read More »

Two sisters and a Champ

By Judy Birchler, host of LadiesLoveTaildraggers.com Champ N7569E pilot, Judy, and willing adventure seeker (& sister), Karen, want to share a few pictures we snapped. We spent  2 fun days together flying what seems like “all over” Indiana, Illinois and even a little Missouri .  We tallied up 10 hours 35 minutes of flight time visiting 7 airports,  zipping along at speeds as low as... Read More »

Flight Around Michigan

By Judy Birchler, host of LadiesLoveTaildraggers.com Since I love an adventure, and my husband is willing to join me in anything that involves flying in an airplane, we decided to take 3 days and try to fly the shoreline all the way around the state of Michigan.  We made the trip this past weekend, trading the pilot seat back and forth, but had to cut some corners to get back home before the thund... Read More »

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