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Gettin’ my ride ready for the LLT fly-in!

I’ve been dreaming about a new spinner for my Rans S7 for months and I can’t tell you how excited I am about finally getting the job done! Boyd and I have way more hours invested in planning, sanding, taping, more taping, and painting than I ever dreamed possible. It still needs a little work but it turned out pretty darn cool. My “vanilla” spinner was painted perfectly but... Read More »

Keep on Flying!

Hello everybody! Fall is officially here and I’m counting on some nice, dry, cool flying weather for awhile. I had a very busy summer flying every chance I got and I don’t expect that to change just because the weather is changing. My great niece Kaylise and sister-in-law Regina were in town last month and Kaylise couldn’t wait to get a ride in an airplane. She argued that her br... Read More »

Judy’s Rans S-7 Update

Hey everybody, I’m getting some great flying in these days in my Rans S-7!!  I’ve adapted to the amazing rate of climb I get on solo take-off (1300′ + fpm) at 65 mph and the equally astounding rate of climb I get even with hefty passengers in the back (900′ + fpm). Right after I bought it, I’d pull the stick back to 60 – 65 mph and it’d climb so steep I... Read More »

Sad To See It Go

With no warning, the day I’ve been dreading arrived today. I’ve worried about today for too long and tried to figure out a way to keep today from happening, but when it was all said & done, there just wasn’t any stopping it. I sold the Happy Champ today. OK, I admit it’s not the end of the world when you own an airplane you dearly love and you have to sell it, but it... Read More »

Lessons learned – so far!

Gals, send me your flying pictures or I might have to resort to more Rans pictures and ME! I’ve added a new email address to receive your pictures, updates, and whatever you’d like to send me, so feel free to forward to LadyTaildraggers@gmail.com when you can. Until then, this the latest on how my Rans S7 is breaking me in. It’s been a way bigger transition than I expected. I act... Read More »

Going from Amphibs to Gear

It’s been another big week in Indy. The airport I’m based at, Mt. Comfort Airport, had a name change and is now officially “Indianapolis Regional Airport”. It was changed because the 2012 Super Bowl will be in Indy and the airport wants to make sure potential fly-ins recognize us as a possible destination for the big event. Nobody asked me but I’m thinking, if I’... Read More »

Back home in Indiana!

Good news! My Rans S7 is finally in Indy and tucked into its new hangar!! I’m happy as I can be today but you may not have recognized me yesterday, the day I figured out how to fly it and brought it home. It was one incredible roller coaster of emotion day; elation…. anticipation… anxiety… excitement… nervousness… and that’s just the beginning! Oh the joys... Read More »

Judy’s new wings!

Happy news -it’s official – it’s mine!! I now own this lovely Rans S7 Courier longtail! It’s a done deal and I don’t believe it myself yet. I think I’m still in shock! We finalized the deal this afternoon and the annual is tomorrow. I haven’t even got to fly it yet because it’s out of annual but that’s all going to change on Sunday.  I’m ... Read More »

A new Big Girl toy!

You may have heard my husband’s a Mooney guy; he’s owned 4 of them and if there’s ANYTHING you want to know about them, he’s your man. Last Sunday he was one happy guy as we pulled his 231 out of the hangar at 6:30 a.m. and loaded up for a 1,000 mile round trip cross-country flight. This was a flight with a mission and sometimes ya just gotta get there fast! We’re tal... Read More »

Judy’s birthday fun!

OK, so this isn’t exactly big news, but a great birthday that involves taildraggers just has to get some face time!  I’m actually amazed any kind of flying happened at all since I’ve been on jury duty all week, meaning I was calling in every evening to see if my number “13” was called.  I slipped by Monday and Tuesday with the last number called being “12”... Read More »

Mom/Daughter Trip

In this dry, clear, fall weather it’s just too beautiful not to fly so Jessie & I decided to take a short mom/daughter trip – left yesterday, have to come home Saturday. We’re having fun!! Lunch at BMG. WOW, Cadillac courtesy car and free cookies!! * Trees barely starting to turn here * Nothing but hi-class joints for Jessie on our trip! * with Kristie, Vanessa & Kyle! * ... Read More »

Young Eagle “Girl Scout” Flights

Young Eagle flights are always a great thing – great for the kids who get to fly and great for the pilots who get to experience their adventure with them.  But tonight I found the secret of trumping the average (however fun) run of the mill Young Eagle flight. You take 4 lady pilots, 4 airplanes, 9 Girl Scouts and turn ’em loose in the sky! Girl Scout, Megan and Judy  just before our Y... Read More »

Anybody want a ride?!!?!!

At an airport cookout tonight I hollered “Anybody want a Champ ride?!!” and I heard an immediate, overwhelming, absolute chorus of  “YES”…. from the gals gathering side of the hangar!! Giving Champ rides! So away we went, 3 Champ flights, 3 gals who I swear LOVED it, on a perfect blue sky, silky air evening. Geez, I almost missed my slow cooked ribs but it would have ... Read More »

Oh where Oh where are the best taildraggin’ airports?!?!

By Judy Birchler, host of LadiesLoveTaildraggers.com The airport I learned to fly at years ago may very well be the best fly-in destination around for taildraggers of all assortments.   It’s grass, the pilots hanging out there have been there for years, most of them actually fly their airplanes, they enjoy new people visiting their airport, they’re ready to help if you need it and they... Read More »

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