Jennifer Wenk     (North Carolina)

Jennifer Wenk (North Carolina)

Jennifer Wenk is based at KMRH, Michael J. Smith Field, Beaufort, North Carolina. I’ve always walked around facing skyward but I didn’t actually get my pilot’s license until 13 years ago, well after my kids were well established in their own lives. With the encouragement of my husband I fulfilled my lifelong dream and am ever so happy that I did! I’ve owned a Grumman AA1B f... Read More »

Trish Volker     (New York)

Trish Volker (New York)

Trish Volker is based at KIAG, Niagara Falls International Airport, Niagara Falls, New York. We met Trish at AirVenture 2014 and were thrilled Trish joined us for Ray Johnson’s “Vintage In Review” program on Thursday, Ladies Day! She’s flying one COOL taildragger. I am a relatively new pilot with under 400 hours. I got my PPL in a 172 and then my taildragger endorsement in ... Read More »

Charlotte Zeederberg     (Australia)

Charlotte Zeederberg (Australia)

  Charlotte Zeederberg is from St Huberts Island, NSW Australia. I am an ex-South African, who learned to fly just before my 40th birthday in South Africa, and now fly a Tiger Moth out of an airfield, North of Sydney, Australia. My husband and I immigrated to Australia 6 years ago and we fly out of the ‘Home of the Tiger Moth’, Luskintyre airfield, NSW. My husband restored our Tig... Read More »

Robin Blevens     (Kentucky)

Robin Blevens (Kentucky)

Robin Blevens is based at KLOU, Bowman Field Airport, Louisville, Kentucky and is working on her tailwheel endorsement. My name is Robin and I received my PPL in March 2014. I own, and fly, a 172. I told myself when I received my PPL, I would earn my tail wheel endorsement since everything that I have read states tail wheels make you a better stick and rudder pilot. I took my first lesson July 30,... Read More »

Tammie Searles     (Texas)

Tammie Searles (Texas)

Tammie Searles is based at T82, Gillespie County Airport, Fredericksburg, Texas. “Me holding the keys to my new plane!” I just moved to Texas (T82) from Cali (E16). Next week my husband and I are flying (commercially) to SJC to jump in our own airplanes and fly them back here to Texas. I’m excited to fly my Citabria N1926G that far. It will be the longest cross-country for me. Ev... Read More »

Joyce Wilson     (Texas)

Joyce Wilson (Texas)

Joyce Wilson is based at 4O4, Bogata, Texas. I’ve been flying for just over 7 years and am an instrument rated private pilot. I just got a 2005 Aviat Husky A1-B this year and built a 1200′ grass strip on our ranch. As a friend of mine said, it’s a little tight but it will keep the amateurs out.  :-). I wanted to learn on a stick and rudder taildragger to help make me a better ove... Read More »

Julie Benson     (Oregon)

Julie Benson (Oregon)

Julie Benson is based at 6K5, Sisters Eagle Air Airport, Sisters, Oregon. I am currently a student pilot learning to fly a 1948 Cessna 140. I live in Sisters, Oregon. Every day I fly, I say to myself, “And I get to live here!” My husband and I own the Sisters Airport, and he has a Baron 58P twin which he uses for business. He has flown for many years, and now it’s my turn to lear... Read More »

Lori Olson     (Wyoming)

Lori Olson (Wyoming)

Lori Olson is based at Gillette-Campbell County Airport, Gillette, Wyoming. I spent many hours of my childhood in the backseat of a Cessna 180 and a PA-11 with my father as PIC. My earliest memories include landing on the dirt road close to my house, or the field behind our shelter belt. It wasn’t unusual for me to stare at my father’s profile from the backseat and think he was magic. ... Read More »

Karen Ewart     (North Carolina)

Karen Ewart (North Carolina)

Karen Ewart is based at KFAY, Fayetteville Regional Airport/Grannis Field, Fayetteville, North Carolina. My name is Karen Ewart and I now own and fly a 1980 C182Q based at Fayetteville, NC. I have also owned a 1969 Aztec, 1974 Archer and 1953 105hp SuperCub. The attached photo is from 2008 when my son was 4 years old – it was a little harder to take a decent selfie back then!   Read More »

Debra DuBois-Brinker    (Arkansas)

Debra DuBois-Brinker (Arkansas)

Debra DuBois-Brinker is based at 67AR, Wedington Woods Airport, Fayetteville, Arkansas.  I am a private pilot soon to be working on my tailwheel certification. My husband and I have two taildraggers, a 46 Aeronca Champ and a 46 Globe Swift. We live on a grass strip and love the sound of airplanes in our backyard!  I grew up in Ottumwa, Iowa where the Antique Airplane Association originally used to... Read More »

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