Justine Harrison     (Nevada)

Justine Harrison (Nevada)

Justine Harrison is based at KHND Henderson Executive Airport and KVGT North Las Vegas Airport, Nevada. I am helping build an experimental taildragger, an AirCam, and look forward to flying it to new places that were previously inaccessible in the planes I have flown until now. Grass strips, back country camping, beach landings, and more. The prospect both scares and thrills me and, in earning my ... Read More »

Ashley Anderson    (Texas)

Ashley Anderson (Texas)

Ashley Anderson is based at KDTO, Denton Enterprise Airport, Denton, Texas. I am a CFI at US Aviation Academy. I got my tailwheel endorsement in 2014 thru Middle Tennessee State University where I graduated with an Aerospace Major. I am currently in the Envoy Pipeline Program. I am wanting to find a place in the DFW area where I can continue my love of flying tailwheel. Read More »

Amie Collins     (Indiana)

Amie Collins (Indiana)

Amie Collins flies out of II21, Zollinger Strip Airport, Ligonier, Indiana and her home strip in Indiana. I started flying at age 10! I have flown many kinds of planes. Light sport and ultralight flying is my passion! I do have a light sport license and many endorsements. I fly right out of my strip in my field out front of my place and fly any time I can!   Read More »

Janice Doyle     (United Kingdom)

Janice Doyle (United Kingdom)

Janice Doyle is based at EGHA, Compton Abbas Airport, Dorset, UK. My husband and I own a deHavilland Chipmunk which is hangared at Compton Abbas in Dorset. We have owned her since 2005 and bought her from White Waltham. She is 65 years old and was built at Hatfield in 1950. She only saw active service in the RAF for 18 months and was bought out of retirement for the Queens Coronation in 1953. She ... Read More »

Shannon Moon     (North Carolina)

Shannon Moon (North Carolina)

Shannon Moon is based at NC26, Long Island Airport, Long Island, North Carolina. I fly taildraggers because I fell in love with Seareys after taking a flight in one. I was looking for an amphibious taildragger for fun on land and water, and so I could fly rather than drive to the gliderport where I keep my sailplane! I also wanted to build up taildragger time in anticipation of learning how to aer... Read More »

Lisa Preuit     (Alaska)

Lisa Preuit (Alaska)

Lisa Preuit is based at PAWS, Wasilla Airport, Wasilla, Alaska. I am an ATP rated pilot who left her career just as it was taking off in order to raise my two kids. My youngest just started college and,at the age of 51, I want back into aviation!! After a 20 year break from flying, I have discovered taildraggers! I have recently checked out in a PA-18 Super Cub and received my tailwheel endorsemen... Read More »

Jennifer Beck     (Australia)

Jennifer Beck (Australia)

Jennifer Beck is based at YGYM, Gympie Airport, Queensland, Australia. I first learnt to fly at the age of seventeen in Wollongong N.S.W. Australia, in a Australian designed Victa Airtourer. Actually, in March 2016, I will be celebrating fifty years since my first Solo. I had a long break from flying, mainly due to having a family, however returned to it in 1993 and enjoyed using my private pilots... Read More »

Gail R. Jones     (Illinois)

Gail R. Jones (Illinois)

Gail R. Jones is based at KENW, Kenosha Regional Airport, Kenosha, Wisconsin. Currently I am a Captain with American Airlines, flying 737-800’s. In 1996, I married into an airplane family. My father-in-law (retired United pilot) owns a Piper Cub that I fly. I am also a tow pilot at Hinckley Airport, flying Pawnees. My Husband, Steve, built a Steen Skybolt, which was the first taildragger I s... Read More »

Kaitlin Mroz     (Texas)

Kaitlin Mroz (Texas)

Kaitlin Mroz is based at KGKY, Arlington Municipal Airport, Arlington, Texas.  I live and breathe aviation. I’ve done everything from loading aircraft, working an airline’s ticket counter, dispatching, aircraft routing, flight following, flight instructing, and flying jumpers. I had a goal of owning an aircraft by the time I reached 25 so I typed “airplane” in to Craigslist... Read More »

Candice Wilson     (Washington)

Candice Wilson (Washington)

Candice Wilson is based at KNUW, Whidbey Island Naval Air Station (Ault Field), Oak Harbor, Washington. I grew up living behind the Swift Museum at MMI in Athens, TN. My grandfather founded the organization and then passed his GC-1B Swift on to me last year. I’m currently a Navy pilot flying the EA-18G Growler out of Whidbey Island. I absolutely love the Swift and any taildragger for that ma... Read More »

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