Jennifer Kimball     (Florida)

Jennifer Kimball (Florida)

Thanks to Jennifer Kimball for submitting her Pilot Profile new information update. Jennifer is based at KBOW, Bartow Municipal Airport, Bartow, Florida. Note: If you would like your Pilot Profile updated, please send new info and pictures to I’m Jenn, a long time aviation enthusiast. I knew I wanted to be a pilot when I got a ride in an Ercoupe when I was about 8... Read More »

Christine Potje     (California)

Christine Potje (California)

Christine Potje is based near Bieber, California. I am a wife and a mom of 2 kiddos, age 1 and 3. I love aviation! I have sparked the love of flying in my 3 year old and can not wait to teach him to fly one day. Rating: Private pilot certificate. Taking my Instrument checkride on March 7th. I earned a 90% on my written knowledge test for instrument rating. Aircraft flown: C-172 C-182 SR-20 C-172 R... Read More »

Mary Fairbanks     (California)

Mary Fairbanks (California)

Mary Fairbanks is based at KLHM, Lincoln Regional Airport/Karl Harder Field, Lincoln, California. I fly King Airs for a charter company in Sacramento, and I have a tiny FBO in Mendocino, CA at KLLR. I love to teach and I do Ground instruction on a sliding scale so anyone who wants to learn, can, regardless of financial need. I also love and support GA by putting rental cars at remote airports so p... Read More »

Missy Martin’s LOVE STORY   (Montana)

Missy Martin’s LOVE STORY (Montana)

Missy Martin is based at KDLN, Dillon Airport, Dillon, Montana. This is Missy’s LLT ‘Pilot Profile’ and her love story! So there I was…a dopey, awkward, high-school senior at the Bozeman, Montana airshow in 2001. My dream was to fly and I wanted my senior year book photo in the cockpit of an F-16. My 5’8” self showed up in my 6’4” cousin’s army flight suit complete with a blue an... Read More »

Mary Rosenblum     (Oregon)

Mary Rosenblum (Oregon)

Mary Rosenblum is based at OR40, Dietz Airpark, Canby, Oregon. I started flying after my kids were out on their own — I was a single mom — and found I love flying into the back country most of all. I finally found a low time Supercub and love it. My well cared for RV 4 is looking for a new home and I’d love to find a girl pilot to fly it and love it! Ratings: SEL private pilot, I... Read More »

Brittanee Lincoln     (California)

Brittanee Lincoln (California)

Brittanee Lincoln is based at KCCR, Buchanan Field Airport, Concord, California. I can’t remember my first time in an airplane, but it made an impression. I was only two weeks old when my dad, Roger, first put me on his lap and went flying off our airfield on our farm northwest of Havre, Montana where I was raised. My dad taught me to fly his SuperCub but I went for years without a certificate and... Read More »

Kathy Quinlan    (Texas)

Kathy Quinlan (Texas)

Kathy Quinlan is based at KBMQ, Burnet Municipal Airport-Kate Craddock Field, Burnet, Texas. I’m 66, working on my private at KHYI, San Marcos Regional Airport, Austin, TX. When weather improves I will do my dual xcountry. I’ve done a few soft field landings on grass strips and love it!!! Ratings: Student pilot working on ASEL PPL Aircraft flown: C150, C162, C172 Dream Taildragger: To ... Read More »

Charlotte Dadswell     (UK)

Charlotte Dadswell (UK)

Charlotte Dadswell is based at EGHR, Chichester/Goodwood Aerodrome, West Sussex, UK. I think it’s time for an update from me, as there has been a lot going on in my flying since I joined LLT back in 2012. I am still at Goodwood, and still teaching.  Although I do a lot of instructing on nosewheel aircraft, my students all learn that ‘proper’ aircraft have the third wheel at the b... Read More »

Diane de Souza     (New Mexico)

Diane de Souza (New Mexico)

Diane de Souza is based at KSKX, Taos Regional Airport, Taos, New Mexico. I came to flying relatively late in life (mid-50s). It was a challenge to learn to fly; particularly the landings. Everything seems to take twice as long when you are older and require at least twice as many repetitions. I persevered with the help of my husband; a long time pilot and CFII. I enjoy the challenge and the infor... Read More »

Katelyn Pitman     (Arizona)

Katelyn Pitman (Arizona)

Katelyn Pitman is based at KSDL, Scottsdale Airport, Scottsdale, Arizona. I grew up in a rural town east of Colorado Springs, Colorado, called Black Forest; the perfect non-populated place for pilots to practice maneuvers and aerobatics! So, early on I fell in love waking up to the hum of planes and watching them soar across the sky. I began flying and studying when I could at the local airport (K... Read More »

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