Marci Haas     (Texas)

Marci Haas (Texas)

Marci Haas is based at KTKI, McKinney National Airport, Dallas, Texas. I just earned my Private Pilot License Friday – April 22, 2016. I do have 6.5 hours in taildraggers! Mostly the Decathlon, but I do have a half hour in a Stearman P-17!! I’m currently looking for a plane – perhaps a Luscombe. Read More »

Sara Williams     (Idaho)

Sara Williams (Idaho)

Sara Williams is based at KSZT, Sandpoint Airport, Sandpoint, Idaho. I mostly fly floatplanes due to my job with Aerocet and I love it! However, I grew up in 170B’s and have a soft spot for all 170’s. Living up in northern Idaho has given me great opportunity to be around massive bodies of water as well as some amazing backcountry flying down in the Frank Church Wilderness area. I hope... Read More »

Sherry Schaefer     (Illinois)

Sherry Schaefer (Illinois)

Sherry Schaefer is based at KGRE, Greenville Airport, Greenville, Illinois. I’ve dreamed of flying since I took my first ride on my 16th birthday. When I was 17 I went through ground school through a college course. I started flying and then my career took a different direction. A few years back I decided I needed to go back after my dream. I bought a low hour Warrior, which I still have, go... Read More »

Karey Sanderson     (Iowa)

Karey Sanderson (Iowa)

Karey Sanderson is based at Knoxville Municipal Airport, Knoxville, Iowa. I am a new private pilot. I passed my check ride eight weeks and two days ago. I’m scared of heights and really new to general aviation. I have a purple headset and it isn’t unusual for my logbook to be filled out in some color of glitter pen. I fell in love with cloth covered antique airplanes at first sight. I labeled them... Read More »

Ellen Northam     (Illinois)

Ellen Northam (Illinois)

Ellen Northam is based at KARR, Aurora Municipal Airport, Chicago/Aurora, Illinois.  Ran into Judy at Urbana, OH while flying a Taylorcraft over from Moraine, OH with friends for breakfast. Have been wanting to get my taildragger endorsement for a bit now, think this may be my year to get it! I fly a 1947 Bonanza on a regular basis and have enjoyed antique / classic aircraft for ages! Some of the ... Read More »

Heather Shaw     (Texas)

Heather Shaw (Texas)

Heather Shaw is based at KGGG, East Texas Regional Airport, Longview, Texas. I’m a student at LeTourneau University. I’m originally from Idaho and learned to fly there. I’m currently learning how to fly a Citabria and working towards my private pilot license.   Read More »

Kathlene Ruhan     (Massachusetts)

Kathlene Ruhan (Massachusetts)

Kathlene Ruhan is based at KHYA, Barnstable Municipal Airport-Boardman/Polando Field, Hyannis, Massachusetts. I’m not exactly a taildragger now, but I plan to be. I am taking my practical this coming Monday. From there, I am heading to the West Coast for endorsements – complex and high performance. When I return, I will be looking to earn my taildragger endorsement and explore my seapl... Read More »

Justine Harrison     (Nevada)

Justine Harrison (Nevada)

Justine Harrison is based at KHND Henderson Executive Airport and KVGT North Las Vegas Airport, Nevada. I am helping build an experimental taildragger, an AirCam, and look forward to flying it to new places that were previously inaccessible in the planes I have flown until now. Grass strips, back country camping, beach landings, and more. The prospect both scares and thrills me and, in earning my ... Read More »

Ashley Anderson    (Texas)

Ashley Anderson (Texas)

Ashley Anderson is based at KDTO, Denton Enterprise Airport, Denton, Texas. I am a CFI at US Aviation Academy. I got my tailwheel endorsement in 2014 thru Middle Tennessee State University where I graduated with an Aerospace Major. I am currently in the Envoy Pipeline Program. I am wanting to find a place in the DFW area where I can continue my love of flying tailwheel. Read More »

Amie Collins     (Indiana)

Amie Collins (Indiana)

Amie Collins flies out of II21, Zollinger Strip Airport, Ligonier, Indiana and her home strip in Indiana. I started flying at age 10! I have flown many kinds of planes. Light sport and ultralight flying is my passion! I do have a light sport license and many endorsements. I fly right out of my strip in my field out front of my place and fly any time I can!   Read More »

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