Tanille DeLair     (Florida)

Tanille DeLair (Florida)

Tanille DeLair is based at 23N, Bayport Aerodrome, Bayport, New York. Hello Lady Taildraggers! My name is Tanille DeLair and I’ve been in love with taildraggers for 10 years. The Aventura II made by Aero Adventure is the love of my life. She is an experimental amphibious 2 place bird that is powered with a 100hp Rotax engine. Slow and low and here we go! I just flew her from Southern Florida... Read More »

Rachel Kopman     (Washington)

Rachel Kopman (Washington)

Rachel Kopman is based at Green Mountain Airport, a private strip in Washington state. I started flying in a tricycle gear plane and always envied the pilots flying tailwheels. I loved hearing the stories and the pride in their voices when the tailwheel pilots shared their experiences. Receiving my tailwheel endorsement was a welcome challenge to improve my flying skills – I’ve taken m... Read More »

Kathy Davis     (Georgia)

Kathy Davis (Georgia)

Kathy Davis is based at 5GA4, Air Acres Airport, Woodstock, Georgia. I’m a newbie! I work with the Southeast dealer for CubCrafters, so I learned to fly in a Carbon Cub (which is all I have ever flown, except a clipped wing J-3). With only 250 hrs, I’m wanting to “spread my wings” and continue growing my comfort zone. LLT sounds like a perfect fit! I’m planning on attending... Read More »

Haley Gustafson     (Illinois)

Haley Gustafson (Illinois)

Haley Gustafson is based at C77, Poplar Grove Airport, Illinois. Haley Gustafson is a young Tailwheel pilot whose dad just checked her out in the family Champ. Haley soloed in a Cessna 152 at 16 then began taking tailwheel instruction from Dad. May 30,2014, she received her Tailwheel Endorsement and soloed the family 1946 Aeronca Champ at the Poplar Grove Airport!   Read More »

Carolyn Walker Davis     (California)

Carolyn Walker Davis (California)

Carolyn Walker Davis is based at KDVO, Gnoss Field Airport, Novato, California. New to the wonderful world of flying, I am a student pilot, flying as much as possible in taildraggers because they are such fun! After many years of looking down at the ground, minding three young daughters, raising puppies for The Guide Dogs for the Blind and running my architectural business, I am delighted to be ab... Read More »

Kate Kyer     (Texas)

Kate Kyer (Texas)

Kate Kyer is based at 4TX3 Forest Hill Airport, Petty, Texas. My husband and I live on our little farm with a runway in North Texas. We have a rule that any airplane living here must have a tailwheel. I’ve been a taildragger pilot for most of my aviation days. Lots of BE-18 time, flying newspapers back in the 80s, towing gliders in a Citabria, etc. We’ve owned a Pitts S-2B for 16 years... Read More »

Kathy Wurst     (Tennessee)

Kathy Wurst (Tennessee)

Kathy Wurst is based at KGCY, Greeneville-Greene County Airport, Greeneville, TN. I’m learning to fly in a 1945 Piper J3C-65 Cub. I like taildraggers because they fly low and slow. Much like life, it’s all about the journey, not the destination.   Read More »

Tara Hackler    (Oregon)

Tara Hackler (Oregon)

Tara Hackler is based at 6K5, Sisters Airport, Sisters, Oregon and currently flies a C172. If that’s not enough good news, she also has applied for our “Ladies Tailwheel Endorsement Scholarship” and is hoping to add “taildraggin” to her list of accomplishments very soon! It just so happens our LLT tailwheel endorsement is being donated by the very person pictured belo... Read More »

Mary Porter     (Oregon)

Mary Porter (Oregon)

Mary Porter is based at KLGD, La Grande/Union County Airport, La Grande, Oregon. I am a veteran, served in the Army active duty with two tours to Iraq as a Brigade Surgeon. I still serve in the National Guard and am a family medicine physician. I just married a man who is sharing his love of flying with me. I am hooked! We are purchasing an experimental Super Cub 4 seat side by side. I had my firs... Read More »

Mary Nolan     (Tennessee)

Mary Nolan (Tennessee)

Mary Nolan is based at 2M8, Charles W. Baker Airport, Millington, Tennessee. I’m a FedEx MD-11 pilot who’s been flying Taildraggers all my life. My latest thrill is a Super Decathlon. Tail wheels are so much more fun to fly!! Read More »

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