Lisa Allen     (Idaho)

Lisa Allen (Idaho)

Lisa Allen is based at KBOI, Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho. I have been involved in aviation for about 17 years, through wildland firefighting and as a pilot. I love being in the air, whether it’s under a parachute or in an airplane or helicopter. I have been very fortunate to turn my passion for flying into a career. Every time I have had the opportunity to fly a tailwheel, I... Read More »

Barbara Flynn    (Florida)

Barbara Flynn (Florida)

Barbara Flynn is based at 9FL1 Flying W Air Ranch Airport, Bushnell, Florida. I currently fly a Citabria 7GCBC. My husband and I have built several aircraft including a tug for towing hang gliders, a Steen Skybolt, a Tempest Sailplane, a CGS hawk, a Titan Tornado, and currently building a RV 6a. Started out in aviation flying hang gliders. Have done some aerobatics. Love flying. Read More »

Rosemarie Abad Johnston     (Florida)

Rosemarie Abad Johnston (Florida)

Rosemarie Abad Johnston is based at KJAX, Jacksonville International Airport, Jacksonville, Florida. I am a person that loves people, nature, traveling & adventures. I have loved flying since my 4th grade school report on Amelia Earhart. I became a 1st grade school teacher for 3 years, then a Speech Pathologist working with severely hearing impaired kids for 4 years. Then I went to medical sch... Read More »

Ashley Kosturock     (Mississippi)

Ashley Kosturock (Mississippi)

Ashley Kosturock is based at MS82, Shade Tree Airport, Gulfport, Mississippi. I am a Graduate student at Mississippi State University, working towards my Masters in Aerospace Engineering. As an undergraduate student I was privileged with a UAV Pilot job, flying for the school before it became the Center of Excellence for the FAA. I learned to fly at Shade Tree Airport, the best grass strip around.... Read More »

Emily Daniel     (Texas)

Emily Daniel (Texas)

Emily Daniel is based at KCWC, Kickapoo Downtown Airport, Wichita Falls, Texas. I started flying when I was 13 with the dream of becoming an aerobatic pilot. Since then, I have logged around 800 hours, and have completed most of my ratings, with the hopes of finishing my MEI in 2017. While I have only begun my aerobatic training, I have learned a lot and am excited to keep learning. My husband and... Read More »

Julia Secker-Walker     (Massachusetts)

Julia Secker-Walker (Massachusetts)

Julia Secker-Walker is based at KBVY Beverly Municipal Airport and 2B2  Plum Island Airport, Newburyport, Massachusetts. I flew a clipped wing cub with a friend this summer… my first flight was at sunset over beautiful Lake Champlain in Vermont, formation flying with other dropzone planes. I instantly fell in love with the stick and rudder… wind in the cockpit… intuitiveness of t... Read More »

Emelie Fox     (Michigan)

Emelie Fox (Michigan)

Emelie Fox is from Shelby, Michigan. I am currently a junior at Michigan State University where I am president of the Spartan Aviators organization. I also serve as membership outreach chair on Women in Aviation – Grand Rapids. I started flying with my grandfather in high school in his Taylorcraft. My first cross country, my grandfather and I flew his Taylorcraft to Venice, Florida over spri... Read More »

Elizabeth Robertson     (Texas)

Elizabeth Robertson (Texas)

Elizabeth Robertson is based at KMFE, McAllen Miller International Airport, McAllen, Texas. I’m from south Texas approximately 20 mins from the Mexico border. Obtained my private in March 2016, currently working towards my instrument and commercial. Overall goal is to be able to teach at a University. Private, IGI (Instrument Ground Instructor), AGI (Advanced Ground Instructor) Aircraft Flow... Read More »

Sarina Houston    (North Carolina)

Sarina Houston (North Carolina)

Sarina Houston is based at KTTA, Raleigh Executive Jetport at Sanford-Lee County Airport, Sanford, North Carolina. Sarina was a 2016 LadiesLoveTaildraggers Tailwheel Endorsement Scholarship winner. I’m a career flight instructor and I work out of KTTA in North Carolina. I’ve been in aviation for 15 years and can’t imagine doing anything else! Ratings: Commercial Single- and Multi... Read More »

Amber Phillips     (Idaho)

Amber Phillips (Idaho)

Amber Phillips is based at KSZT, Sandpoint Airport, Sandpoint, Idaho. I work at a little airport during the week as the Supply Chain Coordinator at Quest Aircraft and then work at various airports or a lake (on the Seaplane) on the weekends. Winter is wrenching on the planes on the side, while spring, summer, and fall I’m trying to soak up all my spare time in the air. We are currently build... Read More »

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