Victoria Swartzendruber     (Kansas)

Victoria Swartzendruber (Kansas)

Victoria Swartzendruber is based at 47K, Moundridge Municipal Airport, Moundridge, Kansas. I am 27, married, and have one child. My husband is the one who got me into flying all together. We own a Cessna 140 and that is how I have come to love taildraggers. I am beginning my training in the spring and all of my lessons will be in our 140. I am extremely excited to be part if this community! Victor... Read More »

Ashley Churchill     (Texas)

Ashley Churchill (Texas)

Ashley Churchill is based at F49, Slaton Municipal Airport, Slaton, Texas. I recently moved to Lubbock to attend Texas Tech University and just received my private pilot rating September 25, 2015. I had the opportunity to do aerobatics in a Pitts this summer and I am hooked! I have started getting my tailwheel training done with a pilot at the Texas Air Museum in Slaton, Texas, and I am excited to... Read More »

Mirna Garbin     (Italy)

Mirna Garbin (Italy)

Mirna Garbin is based at S. Mauro Airfield located in North East Italy. I usuallly fly a Maule Mx7 180 hp based in Fly & Joy at S. Mauro Airfield located in North East Italy, one hundred miles east of Venice. I am also the secretary of this club. I took my licence in 1992 with the usual school planes, but one day I fall in Love with a Maule, then with his owner. The taildraggers planes satisfi... Read More »

Natalie Sutton     (Alabama)

Natalie Sutton (Alabama)

Natalie Sutton is based at KEET, Shelby County Airport, Alabaster, Alabama. I’m currently a student pilot and learning in a Luscombe 8A ragwing! Based in central(ish) Alabama a little outside of Birmingham but in school right now in Auburn. And she’s off! Read More »

Lisa Woldow     (Illinois)

Lisa Woldow (Illinois)

Lisa Woldow is based at C15, Pekin Municipal Airport, Pekin, Illinois.   I started flying to spend time with my husband and to learn more about his hobby. I have approximately 10 hours nose wheel time. The rest is tail time. We have a Stearman, T-6, J3 Cub and RV -8. Plus a few others. Read More »

Laura Bach     (Wisconsin)

Laura Bach (Wisconsin)

Laura Bach is based at KBUU Burlington Municipal Airport, Burlington, Wisconsin. The opportunity to learn to fly became possible when I met my husband Rob and moved to Wisconsin. He’s an airline pilot who loves antique planes. The first time he took me up in the 1929 Pietenpol he rebuilt I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face! He is also a CFI so I began learning stick and rudder right ... Read More »

Bailey Billen     (Tennessee)

Bailey Billen (Tennessee)

Bailey Billen is based at KMEM, Memphis International Airport, Memphis, Tennessee. I live in Memphis, TN and have been flying and skydiving since age 15. I fly the CRJ900 for Endeavor Air (Delta Connection) out of JFK. I got my tailwheel endorsement and solo in 2009 in a 1946 Champ, and that it still my favorite flight in my logbook! I love going back to the basics with GA flying when my work sche... Read More »

Debbie Cheney     (California)

Debbie Cheney (California)

Debbie Cheney is based at KRIR, Flabob Airport, Riverside, California. First date with my now husband 35 years ago was watching him do touch and goes after getting his ticket. After buying our Cessna 180, I too fell in love with flying. I received my license in 2009 and bought the Cessna 140 as my training wheels for the 180. We now arm wrestle for the 140 because it is so much fun to fly. Love fl... Read More »

Danielle Rentsch     (Switzerland)

Danielle Rentsch (Switzerland)

Danielle Rentsch is based at FYOM, Omaruru, Namibia and Switzerland. I have a wonderful Travel Air 4000 from 1929. The Travel Air home is Namibia, wonderful country to fly. I started Taildragger flying on a Super Cub and I am still in love with those airplanes. A lot of my hours took place in a Super Dimona, motorglider taildragger. Living in Switzerland, flying in the world, Namibia, USA, Europe. Read More »

Alisa Talley     (Texas)

Alisa Talley (Texas)

Alisa Talley is based at 9X1, North Houston Airport, Houston, Texas. Soloed a Citabria many years ago. Read More »

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