Amber Aanstad     (Illinois)

Amber Aanstad (Illinois)

Amber Aanstad is based at H49 Sackman Field Airport, Columbia, Illinois. I started flying when I was three and I was around aviation before that. I’m 15 years old and have 69 hours of flight instruction so far. I fly a 1941 J3 Cub with my dad and flight instructor (Diana Votaw). Ratings: Student Pilot Aircraft flown: Cherokee 180 Piper J3 Cub L-4 O-1 Bird dog Cessna 172 Autogyro Champ Taylor... Read More »

Sara Mazzarella     (Arizona)

Sara Mazzarella (Arizona)

Sara Mazzarella is based at KCHD, Chandler Municipal Airport, Chandler, Arizona. I’m an airline stew looking to change careers. Right now I’m finishing my multi-engine rating. Then on to commercial multi, then com single. I don’t plan to instruct. I want to get dual rated in helicopters so I can fly with my 99s friend Marina! 🙂 I have some experience in my friend’s taildrag... Read More »

Katie Bosman Krotje     (Tennessee)

Katie Bosman Krotje (Tennessee)

Katie Bosman Krotje is based at KSYI, Bomar Field-Shelbyville Municipal Airport, Shelbyville, Tennessee. I met many of you at C77 last weekend after my friend Liv Meuer invited me to fly to LLT with her in her Rans S-20. Wow, what a bunch of cool people! I fly and work on Jabiru Light-Sport aircraft for work (and fun). Since 2010 I’ve been building (or rebuilding, depending on how you look a... Read More »

Bertie Duffy     (California)

Bertie Duffy (California)

Bertie Duffy is based at KWHP, Whiteman Airport, Los Angeles, California. I live in the San Fernando Valley area of LA, learned to fly here. I have 3000+ hours in a Stearman that came to me as a project in boxes in 1979. Just recently sold her after many wonderful adventures. Ratings: ASEL, ASES Commercial, Instrument. Ground Instructor, A & P Aircraft Flown: Stearman, Cub, Fairchild PT 19, Co... Read More »

Dineen Lewis      (Delaware)

Dineen Lewis (Delaware)

Dineen Lewis is based at KILG, New Castle Airport, Wilmington, Delaware & N57, New Garden Airport, Toughkenamon, Pennsylvania. I started flying with my dad in his Cessna when I was about 8. He’d get her up and hand her over to me. I was too little to see over the panel so basically I was instrument flying. Unfortunately he had to sell out when I turned 15. I’ve always held this fly... Read More »

Stacy Kolls     (Illinois)

Stacy Kolls (Illinois)

Stacy Kolls is based at C77, Poplar Grove Airport, Poplar Grove, Illinois. I had successfully obtained my 3rd class medical on special issuance. I am Type 1 diabetic long term (40 years). I’m involved with my local EAA Warbirds Squadron, volunteer at air shows and events locally. Had my taildragger intro flight in an L-4 (military version of the J-3 Cub). I am very passionate about historica... Read More »

Eileen Bjorkman     (Washington)

Eileen Bjorkman (Washington)

I’d like to introduce you to a previous owner of my 1973 Decathlon, N86585, Eileen Bjorkman. Eileen lovingly cared for her bird for 17 years, evidenced by the meticulous logs, receipts and documentation. With less than 7% of the pilot population being female, and only a fraction of those flying taildraggers, I think it’s fantastic N86586 now has two female owners in its lineage. Ellen ... Read More »

Vlada Dekina     (Canada)

Vlada Dekina (Canada)

Vlada Dekina is based at CZBA, Burlington Executive Airport, Burlington, Ontario. I was that little kid with the eyes in the sky dreaming of being a pilot. The kid grew up, the dream faded for a very long time until I moved from Russia to Canada, got a well paying job and decided to do a fam flight in 2004. Pilot license followed in 2006, then tailwheel endorsement, acro training, then glider lice... Read More »

Kat Sutphin     (Oregon)

Kat Sutphin (Oregon)

Kat Sutphin is based at 78OR, Crowley Ranch Airstrip, Crowley, Oregon. Moved to Alaska 1987 from Finland. Learned to fly in AK initially in a Super Cub, then got into Helio Couriers and Socata Rallyes plus later on Cessnas, Pipers etc. Worked as a flight instructor at Merrill Field, Anchorage, AK before moving to Oregon. Nowadays living in Eastern Oregon on an isolated cattle ranch, where I have a... Read More »

Caroline Penhallegon     (Georgia)

Caroline Penhallegon (Georgia)

Caroline Penhallegon is based at 4J5, Quitman Brooks County Airport, Quitman, Georgia. I’m a student pilot who fell in love with seaplanes a year ago and became determined to fly one someday. In the interest of my bank account, I started flying with a local glider club a few months ago to learn the basics while I saved up for further lessons. I soloed in a glider a month ago, and have since ... Read More »

Tanja Moore     (Texas)

Tanja Moore (Texas)

Tanja Moore is based at KCXO, Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport, Houston, Texas. I loved airplanes and airports as a kid. Why it did not occur to me to become a pilot and pursue that as a career when I was young…I’ll never know. Career wise, I became a paramedic which led to nursing school. As an RN, I have worked in the the emergency department and as a flight nurse (rotor wing). ... Read More »

Erin Seidemann     (Louisiana)

Erin Seidemann (Louisiana)

Erin Seidemann is based at KNEW, Lakefront Airport, New Orleans, Louisiana. I work in finance to support my flying and airplane ownership habits. I’m the XO of the Big Easy Wing Commemorative Air Force in New Orleans and sponsor the PT-19 in the Houston wing. I also wrote a memoir about my aviation experiences called “Postcards from the Sky: Adventures of an Aviatrix“, available ... Read More »

Sandrine Gressard     (Canada)

Sandrine Gressard (Canada)

Sandrine Gressard is based at CTA3, Île aux Coudres Airport, Quebec, Canada. I consider myself a “Happy alien”… My goal is to instigate success amongst others… mainly women cause they seem to need more motivation in this world of ours. I run a health/wellness company that brings services and products to the corporate world. I love soaring in the glider, flying taildraggers ... Read More »

Lee Blankenship     (Florida)

Lee Blankenship (Florida)

Lee Blankenship is based at 97FL, Love Field Airport, Weirsdale, Florida. I learned to fly later in life (age 46) from my SWA Check-airman boyfriend who is now my husband of 10 years. I soloed our 1946 J-3 Cub in 2007, 3 days after we were married. It’s never too late in life to learn to do something Great and totally amazing!! I have a 2010 American Legend AL-11. I also own my own aviation ... Read More »

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