Julia Harrington     (Illinois)

Julia Harrington (Illinois)

Julia Harrington is based at KLOT, Lewis University Airport, Chicago/Romeoville, Illinois. I just started flying a Decathlon out of KARR doing basic aerobatics and working toward my tailwheel endorsement! I’ve been waiting to join for a while, until I officially had tailwheel time in my logbook. I’m so excited for the new and exciting challenges that flying conventional gear brings. I&... Read More »

Jen Topper     (Oregon)

Jen Topper (Oregon)

Jen Topper is based at KBDN, Bend Municipal Airport, Bend, Oregon. Helicopter CFI with a passion for taildraggers! I aspire to have as much gumption as pioneering aviators Pheobe Omlie, Louise Thaden and Marvel Crosen. Why taildraggers? Is there anything else? Oh right. No thank you on the training wheels. Additionally, I’m a wing walker and the way to my heart is through a Stearman! Read More »

Kelsey Foley     (New Hampshire)

Kelsey Foley (New Hampshire)

Kelsey Foley is based at 7B3 Hampton Airfield, Hampton, New Hampshire. J-3! It’s not mine, but the flight school I worked for. It is an amazing aircraft. I also have some time in a J-5 which is also as fun, it’s known around Hampton as the Pumpkin Piper. There’s a few bi-planes on the field. I hope some day I can convince a fellow pilot to take me up! Read More »

Jennifer Wenk     (North Carolina)

Jennifer Wenk (North Carolina)

Jennifer Wenk is based at KMRH, Michael J. Smith Field, Beaufort, North Carolina. Not only is the Champ’s new paint job beautiful, Jennifer looks pretty awesome in her LadiesLoveTaildraggers tshirt too! Jennifer’s pilot profile was first posted August 2014…………….. I’ve always walked around facing skyward but I didn’t actually get my pilot’... Read More »

Tori Ballweg     (Wisconsin)

Tori Ballweg (Wisconsin)

Tori Ballweg is based a KMSN, Dane County Regional Airport-Truax Field, Madison, Wisconsin. I am a flight instructor out of Madison, WI. I love taildraggers because they keep you on your toes. But if you can keep up, the world is a whole new, beautiful and more exciting place!! Read More »

Nicki Ervin     (Illinois)

Nicki Ervin (Illinois)

Nicki Ervin is based at C77, Poplar Grove Airport, Poplar Grove, Illinois. Currently, I am a flight instructor trying to accumulate flight hours in the hopes of becoming an airline pilot. I just recently received my tailwheel endorsement in a Cessna 140 and Piper Cub and it sure was a different experience than I was used to! It was a lot of fun training in the taildraggers and I look forward to te... Read More »

Gayla Maas     (Texas)

Gayla Maas (Texas)

Gayla Maas is based at KWEA, Parker County Airport, Weatherford, Texas. I learned to fly with Edna Gardner Whyte in her Cessna 120. I bought a Cessna 140A not long after soloing Edna’s 120. I’ve been hooked on taildraggers from the beginning! After a several year hiatus from flying, (life happens), I recently bought an RV6, so I am looking forward to more fun and new adventures. Read More »

Nancy Marquis     (Florida)

Nancy Marquis (Florida)

Nancy Marquis is based at FL15, Steep Head Farm Airport, Clarksville, Florida. I earned my private pilot certificate in 1972 at the age of 17 (didn’t get my drivers license until I was 20!!). My husband and I love aviation…he has and flies helicopters and I have a KitFox!! I am in the process of earning my tailwheel endorsement at this time!! Read More »

Sandy Lundberg     (Kentucky)

Sandy Lundberg (Kentucky)

Sandy Lundberg is based at 58KY, Willow Island Airpark, Finchville, Kentucky. I just completed earning my Sport Pilot license in a J-3 Piper Cub. All of my flight time is in a 1946 J-3C-65 (85) Piper Cub. I am working on my Private Pilot license currently so I can fly our Super Decathlon. I have flown a Piper Warrior and found it so easy to fly after the Cub. I soloed on New Year’s Eve and t... Read More »

Donna Miller    (Colorado)

Donna Miller (Colorado)

Donna Miller is based at KAPA, Centennial Airport, Denver, Colorado. I learned to fly in South Korea while working as a civilian for the Air Force. I have always loved aviation history and enjoy hearing stories from WWII. When the opportunity to own a piece of history in the form of a 1942 PT-22 came up, I jumped at the chance. I’m still new to Taildraggers, and I love feeling the excitement... Read More »

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