“Ladies Who Fly” Video

Hot off the press, the new “Ladies Who Fly” ….. Taildraggers video!

See some fantastic shots of some of the beautiful sights the girls have flown over, pictures of some of our newest members and great old favorites. Hope you love the music!

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Replay: Ladies Who Fly..Somewhere over the Rainbow


  1. Romo Albrecht says:

    Nice Job! I enjoyed watching it while drinking my morning tea and thinking about how I can get together with some of you in the future. Have a great flying week..not much left for warm weather.

  2. Rusty Richards says:

    Wow, Judy, this is really a great video! Gives me goosebumps

  3. Judy says:

    You’re making me warm & fuzzy all over! Thanks for the beautiful comments from everybody. It was sooo fun putting this video together. Keep on sending me your pictures and we can do lots more of ’em!!

  4. Every time I come on the site it rejuvenates my spirit. Having “sky sisters” is a wonderful gift….thank you Judy.

  5. Jean says:

    Way wonderful! Love the music too……
    Going to the airport now.

  6. Nancy says:

    Thanks so much.

  7. Darlene says:

    I look forward to sharing with my students, so they can see why we fly. You captured it so well!

    Thank you.

  8. Helen says:

    Outstanding, Judy! Your videos are like a huge group hug!

  9. Karyn Wiemers says:

    I have read that those things that bring tears to your eyes are those things one really loves and should be doing. The new video did just that. Great job for capturing the passion and experiences of flying a taildragger!
    Just got back from flying to Northern Idaho from SE New Mexico. Miss those beautiful back country strips, “real mountains” and “real rivers”. Standby for photos from the 30-day flying adventure in Central America we had earlier this year.

  10. Donna Trigg says:

    Thanks Judy – lovely surprise – super photos – lovely to see all the smiling faces of ladies having fun in the sky !!!!!

  11. Fantastic! I love the music! Great shots!

  12. Linda Buroker-Melhoff says:

    How wonderful! I couldn’t stop smiling. Thank you so much, Judy.

  13. Fantastic! Much better than the last one! Will post a link to this one to bluebridaerodrome.com and goalrushlibrary.com. This is a video I can show the high school kids at our school. Thanks for a great job!

  14. Elaine Huf says:

    How cool! Just lovely – – – all the SWEET airplanes and all the SWEET, ADORABLE lady pilots! Loved the song, loved the scenery and all the gals that love their airplanes! You guys ROCK!!!

  15. Nic Orchard says:

    Fabulous. Thank you Judy. We’re all there, and it says it all.

  16. Vanessa Nelson says:

    Judy, this just brought tears streaming down my face! What joy! Thank you so much for your vision and creativity. I recognize my yellow Cub in that collection of photos and am extremely honored to be included. Summer put it so beautifully about our “sky sisters enjoying their passion all over the world.” I even recognized Elaine, whom you hooked me up with when I went to Wisconsin! And Barbe from my own area, and even the ones I haven’t met, I feel like I know. Wow. What a lovely representation of what we do and love. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, JUDY!!!! (hugs!)

  17. Love seeing sky sisters enjoying their passion all over the world. And I even know some of the faces now! Warmed me to my toes, and who doesn’t get sentimental when they hear that song? Well done as always Judy! Thank you for your vision and implementation, what a wonderful gift to bring so many kindred spirits together. Love you dearly.

  18. Tina Ziolkowski says:

    Excellent video Judy! A great representation of chicks having a great time seeing the endless beauty of the world in their favorite machines. Here’s to more arial fun!! Thanks!

  19. Marti Whitmore says:

    Hi Judy. Very nice video. Enjoyed all the planes.

  20. What a, ahem, lifting video. Lots of memories and familiar faces. Great to see where flying all over the world having fun and making a difference! Great job Judy. I sure miss everyone.

  21. kathie says:

    Another great video! So fun to see all the pics from all over the world! Makes me want to get up in the air!

  22. Anne Wright says:

    Love it!!! Perfect music, too – thanks for a happy morning wake-up!

  23. Great! Perfect soundtrack, too!

  24. Lisa Martin says:

    I love it Judy. Thanks. Lots of fun memories this summer 🙂

  25. Excellent production!!


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