Glider Towing Employment in Colorado

Glider Towing Employment in Colorado

Submitted by Carol Walker Glider towing employment, KAFF, USAF Academy Airfield, Colorado Springs, Colorado. We are looking for experienced tailwheel pilots to tow gliders utilizing PA-18-180’s. Must have commercial rating and minimum 100 hrs tailwheel. Excellent wages and benefits. Some glider towing experience required. Must be available to work in Colorado 15 days/month and you will know your schedule in advance. Part time can develop to full time if desired. For more information please contact me. Carol Walker, Read More »

10 Things You Need To Know To Become A Pilot

10 Things You Need To Know To Become A Pilot

Welcome to LadiesLoveTaildraggers.  This is the first in a series of articles I’ll be writing about earning a Private Pilot Certificate. Up next: ‘Getting a Private Pilot Certificate in a Taildragger’ I am NOT the expert on becoming a pilot, but I am a pilot. I achieved this near god-like status in 1939, at age 5, but I was very special. OK, ok, maybe not exactly. Read on, aviation knowledge awaits you. Someone recently asked me a very simple question, “How do I become a pilot?” Just six words and yet I struggled t... Read More »

Alexis Lake     (Pennsylvania)

Alexis Lake (Pennsylvania)

Alexis Lake is based at KLNS, Lancaster Airport, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I have owned a Cessna 140 since 1987 but I had to put it down for wing recover in 1993. I got that all done and life got in the way. I’ve kept it in a friend’s barn until four weeks ago. It is now in my garage and will be in a hangar at KLNS in July. I hope to fly it this year! I am also part of a group restoring an Army UH1 Huey back to flying status to give Vietnam Vets one more ride. I have a Commercial license with an instrument rating for single engine la... Read More »

Tina Hunter     (South Africa)

Tina Hunter (South Africa)

Tina Hunter is based at FAKR, Krugersdorp Airport, Krugersdorp, Gauteng, South Africa. I have wanted to get my license since I was a teenager. I got my PPL in August 2016 at age 37 in a C172. I am currently converting to tailwheel on a Kitplanes Safari that was built by my husband. We like to do air races that take us to unusual places. Last year we won the beginner category at Race 4 Rhinos in Botswana. Ratings: PPL, Paraglider Pilot Aircraft flown: Cessna 172, Cessna 150, Kitplanes Safari Favorite Taildragger: Vintage Cessna180 Taildraggers a... Read More »

2017 LadiesLoveTaildraggers Fly-in, C77, Details and Registration

2017 LadiesLoveTaildraggers Fly-in, C77, Details and Registration

The 2017 LadiesLoveTaildraggers Fly-in! C77, Poplar Grove Airport, Illinois Friday, Sept. 8 through Sunday, Sept. 10 Early arrivals Thursday, Sept. 7 JOIN US FOR A WEEKEND OF FUN & FLYING AT POPLAR GROVE AIRPORT, C77! THIS IS A REMARKABLE AIRPORT AND HOME TO MANY WOMEN TAILDRAGGER PILOTS. 2 GRASS and 1 HARD SURFACE RUNWAY 12/30, 3773′ X 50′, HARDSURFACE 9/27, 2709′ X 200′, GRASS & 17/35, 2467′ X 150′, GRASS ELEVATION 857 FEET/UNICOM 122.8/100LL AND MOGAS Lady taildragger pilots and their guests are in... Read More »

Janet Thomson     (Utah)

Janet Thomson (Utah)

Janet Thomson is based at 42U, Morgan County Airport, Morgan, Utah. I have been engaged in aviation most of my life. I owned (in partnership) Boise Air Service, in Boise, Idaho, for several years. I have also owned (with my husband), a commercial glider operation, two aviation fuel companies and a aviation maintenance and restoration company. Worked a few years as a flight attendant. I received my Private Pilot license in September 1971. My hobbies include scuba diving where I am a certified Master Diver and Rescue Diver. I hold Multilevel Dive... Read More »

Amy Haass     (Alaska)

Amy Haass (Alaska)

Amy Haass spends time at both 66XS, Baylie Airport, Westminster, Texas and Wasilla, Alaska. I fly for a living and for fun on days off! I live in a hangar home. I LOVE flying adventure travel. My husband & I are “upgrading” from a Luscombe 8A to a C180. We still have a J4 Cub project in the works. Ratings: MD11 Captain, B747 FO Typed, B727 FE, EMB110&120 Capt. Aircraft flown: MD11, B747, DC8, B727, EMB110&120, BE18, DC3, DHC6, C206,C180,c182, Piper J3, Luscombe 8A, Grumman yankee Dream taildragger: Pilatus Porter, Helio ... Read More »

Jennifer Prins     (Nevada)

Jennifer Prins (Nevada)

Jennifer Prins is based in Reno, Nevada. I just started flying the beginning of this year (2017). It is a dream from my childhood that I never saw through…I was busy with college, work, my son, life, etc., and put it out of my mind until I met my husband, Denny, in 2014. My husband has been a pilot for many years and encouraged me to work on getting my license. So, I took ground school classes at night through the local junior college, took my FAA knowledge test, and now I am actually flying with an instructor. Our work takes us all over ... Read More »

Lenza de Jager     (South Africa)

Lenza de Jager (South Africa)

Lenza de Jager is based at FAWB, Wonderboom/Pretoria Airport, South Africa. Flies a MAULE M7 and reports she is working to pay for AVGAS and enjoying life! Aircraft flown: C172, Cherokee 180, Cherokee 235, MAULE M7 The best thing about flying a taildragger:  FUNNNN!!!! Read More »

Me and BasicMed Reform

Me and BasicMed Reform

BasicMed Excitement I’ve been talking to pilots for years about the pipe-dream known as Third Class Medical Reform – the long touted savior to pilots young and old, the perfectly fit and the less than perfect. I’ve read many an article and kept up with the ever changing renditions as they surfaced. I’ve hashed over the subject time after time with other pilots, and sometimes bitten my tongue and listened while opinions were spewing all around me. For years, the topic has infiltrated EAA meetings, pancake breakfasts, flyi... Read More »

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