T. Determan (Washington & Minnesota)

T. Determan flies out of  KYKM, McAllister Field, Yakima, Washington.

I first learned to fly taildraggers with Gus Pooler. He’d always ask me what the ball was doing… because I never had it centered. After many patient hours of his tutelage, I was ready to fly!

Most of my taildragger experience is in Citabrias and Decathlons.

My favorite flights are with my Mom, she has such an appreciation for the beautiful scenery around the Yakima Valley, and for cloud formations.

I live in Minnesota, so I get to fly when I visit my Mom & Dad in YKM.

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  1. Mark Hanneman says:

    Hi Trina,
    I grew up in Minnesota and now live in the Tri Cities, about an hour East of your parents. My brother and I own a 1946 Aeronca Chief. Enjoy the skies!

    1. T. says:

      Thanks, Mark! I’m hoping to get to KYKM in December for a little flying if the weather cooperates. Happy flying!

  2. Jake Hayes says:

    Hey Trina, I bought a carbon cub kit from Cubcrafters in YKM. I may go back to the factory to watch how they do covering. I would love a ride. (need more taildragger time) I promise to keep the ball centered better than Tony.

    1. T. says:

      Hello Jake, glad to hear you’ll be flying a Carbon Cub soon, they’re great! Good luck with the build process.

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