Megan Mickelson (Wisconsin)

Megan Mickelson is based at 94C, Gilbert Field Airport, Rio, Wisconsin.

Megan & her favorite Citabria

I was bitten by the flying bug when I was fifteen, thanks to my dad’s pilot-friend, Don Brinkmeier, and ever since have kept my eyes to the sky! I love the thrill of flying a taildragger, in particular my beloved Citabria.

Megan Mickelson

I began training in the Citabria and can say it’s been quite the love affair. I’m sure many other women can relate when I say there’s nothing quite like a taildragger lifting off on a clear, cool morning!!

Rio, WI flying!

Megan Mickelson


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Ladies really DO love taildraggers!

Ladies really DO love taildraggers!