Lynda Lee LaBerge (Georgia)

Lynda Lee LaBerge is based at (GA75) Meadowlark Airport, Concord, Georgia.

Lynda LaBerge & her Pawnee

Learned to fly in a Piper Cub and Piper Pacer. Owned a Globe Swift with a 210 Continental.

Flew King Air and Diamond Jets for charter company with my husband. Now operate a glider flight school with my husband and do all of the towing in our 260hp Piper Pawnee.

DC-3 & Globe Swift


Close up!

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  1. Gwen White says:

    Hi Lynda;
    Awesome pictures – really love the DC-3 – what a tail dragger. So many planes I would love to try someday. We use to fly fuel in Grumman Agcat. Really enjoyed your pictures. To fly is glorious. Happy skies. Gwen White

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