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Sneha Harish’s LOVE STORY  (Hong Kong)

Sneha Harish’s LOVE STORY (Hong Kong)

This is Lady Taildragger pilot Sneha Harish’s love story. Guess who was instrumental in bringing Mike and me together?! Ladies Love Taildraggers, of course!! Simply put – If it weren’t for Judy’s LLT,  I probably wouldn’t have met my gem of a husband! It all began in the year 2011. I was instructing on the Bush Baby Explorer (A taildragger!) in the “bush” ... Read More »

Deb Penrod’s LOVE STORY   (Pennsylvania)

Deb Penrod’s LOVE STORY (Pennsylvania)

Deb Penrod is based at N47, Pottstown Municipal Airport, Pottstown, PA. This is Deb’s love story. I met Curtis in 1999 at the United Parachute Club, at New Hanover Airport which was a grass strip in Gilbertsville, PA, when he came as a student. He was dressed in his PA Army National Guard helicopter pilot flight suit. I tried to introduce him to other single lady jumpers, but fortunately the... Read More »

Jan Johnson’s LOVE STORY   (California)

Jan Johnson’s LOVE STORY (California)

Lady taildragger pilot Jan Johnson is based at 1C9, Frazier Lake Airpark, Hollister, California. This is Jan’s love story. Before I learned how to pilot an airplane, I learned how to serve beverages at FL330. I was a flight attendant for Reno Air, based at San Jose International Airport (SJC), in San Jose, California. My husband Peter, with whom I have spent the past 40 years, was responsibl... Read More »

Emily Daniel’s LOVE STORY    (Arizona)

Emily Daniel’s LOVE STORY (Arizona)

Emily Daniel is based at KGEU, Glendale Municipal Airport, Glendale, Arizona. This is Emily’s love story. I’ve been flying since I was 14 years old. I’m a third generation pilot; my grandfather flew in WWII, and then started an airport in New Jersey, Cross Keys Airport. There he started a flight school, Lewis’ Flying Service, as well as a cropdusting company. He taught his ... Read More »

Kathy Quinlan’s LOVE STORY   (Texas)

Kathy Quinlan’s LOVE STORY (Texas)

Kathy L. Quinlan is based at KBMQ, Burnet Municipal Airport-Kate Craddock Field, Burnet, Texas. This is Kathy’s love story. My love of flying started when I was a child watching Sky King. I didn’t want to be like his niece, I wanted to fly his airplane! My dad became a private pilot and my very first airplane ride was in a Piper Colt. From then on I was hooked. For my eighteenth birthd... Read More »

Tori Patterson’s LOVE STORY   (Indiana)

Tori Patterson’s LOVE STORY (Indiana)

Lady taildragger pilot Tori Patterson is based at KMCX, White County Airport, Monticello, Indiana. This is Tori’s love story. My love story starts the summer after I graduated high school, while I was a fresh private pilot volunteering at our local Aviation Day. My job was to write down names and information of those interested in learning more about the flight school I attended. Clipboard i... Read More »

Sarah Dickerson’s LOVE STORY   (Missouri)

Sarah Dickerson’s LOVE STORY (Missouri)

Sarah & Jim Dickerson are based at KGPH, Midwest National Air Center Airport, Mosby, Missouri. (Kansas City)  This is Sarah’s love story. My love story starts with my love affair with aviation – I was bitten by the bug as a preteen, and was determined to become an airline pilot. However, I also had a love for horses and my heavy involvement in competing on the horse show circuit me... Read More »

Linda Buroker-Melhoff’s LOVE STORY   (Oregon)

Linda Buroker-Melhoff’s LOVE STORY (Oregon)

Linda Buroker-Melhoff is based at 7S9, Lenhard’s Air Haven, Oregon. This is Linda’s love story. My chance meeting with Rich occurred, appropriately, on a commercial flight from Oakland to Seattle. We were seated aisle and window with an empty seat between but didn’t speak until food was served and Rich mentioned that he lived on a sail boat. When I told him I’d never been s... Read More »

Stephanie Schledorn’s LOVE STORY   (Oklahoma)

Stephanie Schledorn’s LOVE STORY (Oklahoma)

Stephanie Schledorn is based at KMKO, Muskogee-Davis Regional Airport, Muskogee, Oklahoma. This is Stephanie’s love story. I got my PPL in 2005 and would hang out at the airport with the old “bums” on weekends. One day in late December 2005 it was really windy and Oklahoma was in a drought. We sat in the FBO watching a grass fire moving northbound across the horizon for most of t... Read More »

Dianne Wieman-Deyeso’s MY LOVE STORY   (Texas)

Dianne Wieman-Deyeso’s MY LOVE STORY (Texas)

Lady taildragger pilot Dianne Wieman-Deyeso is based at 1TE4, Zuehl Airport, Marion, Texas. This is Dianne’s love story. I became involved in Civil Air Patrol because of a need to fly and had just survived a divorce. On my way home to Houston, TX from a Mission we stopped over in San Antonio. Several of us spent some time together just waiting on weather. I never thought much of it until a f... Read More »

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