‘Pacific’ Gals

Jeanette Hibpshman     (California)

Jeanette Hibpshman (California)

Jeanette Hibpshman is based at O52, Sutter County Airport, Yuba City, California. First of all, I am married to the most wonderful guy around and we have 3 beautiful kids. My husband is an Air Force pilot and we’re hanging out at Beale AFB for his second tour here. We just bought our first plane, a 1994 Vans RV-4. I – AM – HOOKED! I got my license back in 1997 and after graduatin... Read More »

Andrea Parker     (Washington)

Andrea Parker (Washington)

Andrea Parker is based at 1W1 Grove Field Airport, Camas, Washington and flies for Alaska Airlines. I started flying on my fifteenth birthday after my parents gave me a gift certificate for a few lessons to see if my constant talk of airplanes was “just a phase.” The rest is history… I’m thankful to have had my family and friends encouraging me over the years. It has been with their po... Read More »

Nicole Brill     (Nevada)

Nicole Brill (Nevada)

Nicole Brill is based at KRTS, Reno/Stead Airport, Reno, Nevada. I used to own the Aerobatic Company and Flight School, Inc. until divorced but I continue to fly the school’s Decathlon and other aircraft so I can work on my instrument. After my instrument, my main goal is to work on aerobatics so I can compete in the IAC in a Decathlon. I should note that I am deaf. I look forward to interac... Read More »

Lucia Galgano     (California)

Lucia Galgano (California)

Lucia Galgano is based at KCMA, Camarillo Airport, Camarillo, California. Even though I own a Bonanza, my favorite airplane is a Citabria. Nothing like the visibility of the high wing tandem Citabria. Currently, I am a new CFI who is transitioning to the back seat — what a challenge! Lucia Galgano Ventura, CA Read More »

Barbe Park     (Oregon)

Barbe Park (Oregon)

Thank you to Barbe Park for sending in this pilot update. Barbe is based at KMMV, McMinnville Municipal Airport, McMinnville, Oregon. Wow, where do I start? I’ve been flying about 4 years now and after getting my TW endorsement in the Citabria, have flown a whole bunch of other taildraggers – everything from the J-3 to an Extra 300.  My “go-to” taildragger is a 1941 Interst... Read More »

Vanessa Edwards     (Oregon)

Vanessa Edwards (Oregon)

Vanessa Edwards is based at 7S3, Stark’s Twin Oaks Airpark, Hillsboro, Oregon. Above: Ferrying the Ag Wagon to 7S3 for its annual. My son thinks I fly Dusty Crophopper! I’m an aviation fanatic! I work as an air traffic controller as my “day” job. I’m a CFI for gliders and airplanes, and a tow pilot when my schedule allows. I have a little boy, and when he’s olde... Read More »

Claudette DeCourley   (California)

Claudette DeCourley (California)

Claudette DeCourley is based at KSDM, Brown Field Municipal Airport, San Diego, California. I had the opportunity to fly a taildragger at the FBO where I instruct. I flew with an instructor who had learned in a similar Aeronca Champ. Round and round we flew the pattern until I had the landings perfected. After a few maneuvers, I had my endorsement. The 1947 Champ has a radio that operates off a ge... Read More »

Mary Macdonald    (California)

Mary Macdonald (California)

Thank you to Mary Macdonald for sending in this pilot update! Mary is based at  KWVI, Watsonville, CA. I spent the last few years building hours flying aerobatic rides in a Super Decathlon over the Santa Cruz coastline and dropping thousands of loads of skydivers. I’m now saving my pennies for a multi-engine rating while working for an aerial mapping company that sends me all over the countr... Read More »

Christine Kerner     (Washington)

Christine Kerner (Washington)

Christine Kerner is based at 06WN, Western Airpark, Yelm, Washington. I love flying taildraggers: They keep your skills sharp and are at times challenging. I own a Maule MX-7-180 and my special treat is to fly the supposedly only flying Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker, owned by Hawaiian Airlines, on a volunteer bases. For work I fly Airbus A330-200, it is so different from conventional flying that I am ... Read More »

Ping Zhao and her new Great Lakes

Ping Zhao and her new Great Lakes

Holy begebees, I LOVE getting news like this! Lady taildragger pilot Ping Zhao and husband Steve Cooper are the proud owners of this recently restored 1930 2T-1E Great Lakes. Ping is based at KSQL, San Carlos Airport, San Carlos, California. Check out this beautiful bird and the history that came along with it. Ping reports: We have a 1930 Great Lakes now, in addition to our 1949 Piper Clipper.  W... Read More »

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