‘Pacific’ Gals

Jennifer DiCecco     (New Mexico)

Jennifer DiCecco (New Mexico)

Jennifer DiCecco is based at 1N1, Sandia Airpark Estates East Airport, Edgewood, New Mexico.  Came from flying family. I like to fly low and slow without any particular place to go. Why do you love flying taildraggers?  The fun challenge that nose wheels don’t offer. What’s your dream taildragger?  C-180; Wilga (yes, I know); Tiger Moth! Airplanes flown:  Wag Aero Sportsman; Interstate... Read More »

Betty Weidenhaft      (Oregon)

Betty Weidenhaft (Oregon)

Betty Weidenhaft is based at 77S, Hobby Field Airport, Creswell, Oregon. Aircraft flown: C-152, C-172, C-400, C-501, PA 28R 201, C-140 I have always loved flying commercially, but never thought about becoming a private pilot. My husband began taking flying lessons in April 2014. He wanted me to learn to fly so that if anything happened to him in the air that I would be able to safely land the plan... Read More »

Lana Tollas     (Oregon)

Lana Tollas (Oregon)

Lana Tollas is based at KTTD, Portland-Troutdale Airport, Portland, Oregon. I’m the first in my family to fly airplanes. I started in high school and got very involved with a small flying club in North-Eastern Illinois. This was a very grassroots club, with a clubhouse, and a small fleet of 152s and 172s, a Sunday morning breakfast flight, and a “round table of knowledge.” It was... Read More »

Willa Young     (California)

Willa Young (California)

Willa Young is based at KMYV Yuba County Airport, Marysville, California.  I have been a 99 since 1994. Flown my 1953 Bonanza for 22 years and still do. As of May 2016 we became proud owners of a completely re-built 1946 Champ named “Snoopy”. I have 20 hours in her and have completely fallen in love with this little tail dragger. Read More »

Maureen Sherwood     (California)

Maureen Sherwood (California)

Maureen Sherwood is based at KSBP, San Luis County Regional Airport, San Luis Obispo, California. I started taking flying lessons as a young wife of a Navy Pilot back in the early 1970s. My husband really wanted me to learn to fly so I decided to take flying lessons while he was deployed. We bought our first airplane, a J3 Cub, upon his return from his second tour to Viet Nam. At first I was intim... Read More »

Sarah Corbin     (Alaska)

Sarah Corbin (Alaska)

Sarah Corbin is based at PAMR, Merrill Field, Anchorage, Alaska. I am a new private pilot. I’ve started learning to fly a taildragger and am excited to keep building skills and learning. I’m hoping to get my endorsement this summer. I just got my PPL in May and have a few hours in a Champ and a little time in a C140, C180, and a C185. Read More »

Leanne Powers    (California)

Leanne Powers (California)

Leanne Powers is based at KEMT, El Monte Airport, El Monte, California. Longtime vintage airplane nut who grew up bumming rides from pilots at the local airport. Started my primary certificate in January 2015 in a tricycle-gear airplane, soloed in March of that year, and did my first tailwheel lesson later that week. Figured I’d finish the cert and come back for the endorsement, but between ... Read More »

Sara Williams     (Idaho)

Sara Williams (Idaho)

Sara Williams is based at KSZT, Sandpoint Airport, Sandpoint, Idaho. I mostly fly floatplanes due to my job with Aerocet and I love it! However, I grew up in 170B’s and have a soft spot for all 170’s. Living up in northern Idaho has given me great opportunity to be around massive bodies of water as well as some amazing backcountry flying down in the Frank Church Wilderness area. I hope... Read More »

Justine Harrison     (Nevada)

Justine Harrison (Nevada)

Justine Harrison is based at KHND Henderson Executive Airport and KVGT North Las Vegas Airport, Nevada. I am helping build an experimental taildragger, an AirCam, and look forward to flying it to new places that were previously inaccessible in the planes I have flown until now. Grass strips, back country camping, beach landings, and more. The prospect both scares and thrills me and, in earning my ... Read More »

Lisa Preuit     (Alaska)

Lisa Preuit (Alaska)

Lisa Preuit is based at PAWS, Wasilla Airport, Wasilla, Alaska. I am an ATP rated pilot who left her career just as it was taking off in order to raise my two kids. My youngest just started college and,at the age of 51, I want back into aviation!! After a 20 year break from flying, I have discovered taildraggers! I have recently checked out in a PA-18 Super Cub and received my tailwheel endorsemen... Read More »

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