‘Pacific’ Gals

Liza Rupp     (Alaska)

Liza Rupp (Alaska)

Liza Rupp is based at PALH, Lake Hood Seaplane Base, Anchorage, Alaska. I moved to Alaska in 2015 and got my my PPL in Feb 2017. Just finished up my tailwheel endorsement last week. Ratings: PPL with tailwheel endorsement Aircraft flown: C150, C152, C172, Aeronca Champ 7GCBC Dream Taildragger: DeHavilland Beaver – of course! Thoughts on taildragging: Off airport access – that’s n... Read More »

Janet Lansburgh     (Oregon)

Janet Lansburgh (Oregon)

Welcome to Janet Lansburgh based at 6K5, Sisters Eagle Air Airport, Sisters, Oregon. Janet is the daughter of Brian Lansburgh, a #1 supporter of LadiesLoveTaildraggers who has donated thousands of dollars in CFI time and expenses in support of our scholarship fund. I am thrilled to see Janet flying the family C140 and read how life unfolds in a family who loves to fly. I’ve said it before and I’ll... Read More »

Jill Geary     (California)

Jill Geary (California)

Jill Geary is based at KSEE, Gillespie Field Airport, San Diego/El Cajon, California. I LOVE to fly. I flew for a living, and came home and flew my Pitts S-1S every day. Then one day (long story) it became clear that I needed to surrender my medical. It took me years before I could go to the airport and watch planes fly – I missed it so much it just became painful to stand by and watch…... Read More »

Bertie Duffy     (California)

Bertie Duffy (California)

Bertie Duffy is based at KWHP, Whiteman Airport, Los Angeles, California. I live in the San Fernando Valley area of LA, learned to fly here. I have 3000+ hours in a Stearman that came to me as a project in boxes in 1979. Just recently sold her after many wonderful adventures. Ratings: ASEL, ASES Commercial, Instrument. Ground Instructor, A & P Aircraft Flown: Stearman, Cub, Fairchild PT 19, Co... Read More »

Eileen Bjorkman     (Washington)

Eileen Bjorkman (Washington)

I’d like to introduce you to a previous owner of my 1973 Decathlon, N86585, Eileen Bjorkman. Eileen lovingly cared for her bird for 17 years, evidenced by the meticulous logs, receipts and documentation. With less than 7% of the pilot population being female, and only a fraction of those flying taildraggers, I think it’s fantastic N86586 now has two female owners in its lineage. Ellen ... Read More »

Kat Sutphin     (Oregon)

Kat Sutphin (Oregon)

Kat Sutphin is based at 78OR, Crowley Ranch Airstrip, Crowley, Oregon. Moved to Alaska 1987 from Finland. Learned to fly in AK initially in a Super Cub, then got into Helio Couriers and Socata Rallyes plus later on Cessnas, Pipers etc. Worked as a flight instructor at Merrill Field, Anchorage, AK before moving to Oregon. Nowadays living in Eastern Oregon on an isolated cattle ranch, where I have a... Read More »

Brooke Roman     (Alaska)

Brooke Roman (Alaska)

Brooke Roman is based at AK8, Christiansen Lake Seaplane Base and PATK, Talkeetna Airport, Alaska. I grew up in Missouri. And one day when I was 17 I woke up and randomly said, “I think I’ll fly” ….and so I did! I went to college for flying. First starting at Oklahoma State University, staying 2 years there, but eventually transferring to Kansas State University where I rec... Read More »

Amy Haass     (Alaska)

Amy Haass (Alaska)

Amy Haass spends time at both 66XS, Baylie Airport, Westminster, Texas and Wasilla, Alaska. I fly for a living and for fun on days off! I live in a hangar home. I LOVE flying adventure travel. My husband & I are “upgrading” from a Luscombe 8A to a C180. We still have a J4 Cub project in the works. Ratings: MD11 Captain, B747 FO Typed, B727 FE, EMB110&120 Capt. Aircraft flown: M... Read More »

Jennifer Prins     (Nevada)

Jennifer Prins (Nevada)

Jennifer Prins is based in Reno, Nevada. I just started flying the beginning of this year (2017). It is a dream from my childhood that I never saw through…I was busy with college, work, my son, life, etc., and put it out of my mind until I met my husband, Denny, in 2014. My husband has been a pilot for many years and encouraged me to work on getting my license. So, I took ground school class... Read More »

Sheryl Yeager     (Oregon)

Sheryl Yeager (Oregon)

Sheryl Yeager is based at 6K5, Sisters Eagle Air Airport, Sisters, Oregon. Currently teaching Flight Science at Sisters High School. Ratings Earned: CFII/MEI Aircraft Flown: C140, PA44/180, BE76/180, C172. C152 Dream Taildragger: Cessna 140 Read More »

Anna Eppink     (California)

Anna Eppink (California)

Anna Eppink is based at KMYF, Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport, San Diego, California. I’ve loved flying since my earliest memories. I pestered my parents to learn when I was 13, soloed on my 16th birthday, and licensed shortly after turning 17. I took a hiatus in my 20s but am back! 6 years ago I learned to hang glide and enjoyed it so much I now have over 400 hours, fly long cross-countr... Read More »

Amber Phillips     (Idaho)

Amber Phillips (Idaho)

Amber Phillips is based at KSZT, Sandpoint Airport, Sandpoint, Idaho. I work at a little airport during the week as the Supply Chain Coordinator at Quest Aircraft and then work at various airports or a lake (on the Seaplane) on the weekends. Winter is wrenching on the planes on the side, while spring, summer, and fall I’m trying to soak up all my spare time in the air. We are currently build... Read More »

Marlena Cromwell     (Oregon)

Marlena Cromwell (Oregon)

Marlena Cromwell is based at 6K5, Sisters Eagle Air Airport, Sisters, Oregon. I began building hours for my private pilot’s license this summer as a part of my Senior Project, a requirement for high school graduation. So far, I have been doing lessons in a Cessna 140 while also practicing my skills in an Aeronca Champ. The Champ is the first single-engine airplane that I flew in at the age o... Read More »

Jennifer DiCecco     (New Mexico)

Jennifer DiCecco (New Mexico)

Jennifer DiCecco is based at 1N1, Sandia Airpark Estates East Airport, Edgewood, New Mexico.  Came from flying family. I like to fly low and slow without any particular place to go. Why do you love flying taildraggers?  The fun challenge that nose wheels don’t offer. What’s your dream taildragger?  C-180; Wilga (yes, I know); Tiger Moth! Airplanes flown:  Wag Aero Sportsman; Interstate... Read More »

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