‘Pacific’ Gals

Lisa Preuit     (Alaska)

Lisa Preuit (Alaska)

Lisa Preuit is based at PAWS, Wasilla Airport, Wasilla, Alaska. I am an ATP rated pilot who left her career just as it was taking off in order to raise my two kids. My youngest just started college and,at the age of 51, I want back into aviation!! After a 20 year break from flying, I have discovered taildraggers! I have recently checked out in a PA-18 Super Cub and received my tailwheel endorsemen... Read More »

Candice Wilson     (Washington)

Candice Wilson (Washington)

Candice Wilson is based at KNUW, Whidbey Island Naval Air Station (Ault Field), Oak Harbor, Washington. I grew up living behind the Swift Museum at MMI in Athens, TN. My grandfather founded the organization and then passed his GC-1B Swift on to me last year. I’m currently a Navy pilot flying the EA-18G Growler out of Whidbey Island. I absolutely love the Swift and any taildragger for that ma... Read More »

Charleen Beam     (California)

Charleen Beam (California)

Charleen Beam is based at E45, Pine Mountain Lake Airport, Groveland, California. I currently fly a 1946 Aeronca Champ. I got my first ride in a J-3 Cub when I had about 10 hours of lessons and was completely hooked. Immediately after obtaining my Private Pilot’s license I got my taildragger rating. I have logged exactly zero hours in any other type of airplane…LOVE my taildragger! I l... Read More »

Carri Ann Pratt     (Alaska)

Carri Ann Pratt (Alaska)

Carri Ann Pratt is based at KLHD, Lake Hood Seaplane Base, Anchorage, Alaska. Been a lifelong dream to learn to fly!!! As a little girl, I had the common little girl dream of having my own horse, so at the age of 14, my father bought me a black Arabian! I learned to care for her, groom her, ride her, blanket her and tend to her health over the next 24 years. We truly learned to ride as one. Howeve... Read More »

Toni Mattei     (Nevada)

Toni Mattei (Nevada)

Antoinette Mattei (Toni) is based at Henderson Executive Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada. Hello! I work at a Part 135 charter / tour company in Henderson, NV. The times I’ve worked as CFI I’ve been fortunate to fly the Citabria and Decathalon. The last school I was at checked me out as an instructor in our Citabria. I’ve been gone from there almost 4 years but was able to get back up ... Read More »

Debbie Cheney     (California)

Debbie Cheney (California)

Debbie Cheney is based at KRIR, Flabob Airport, Riverside, California. First date with my now husband 35 years ago was watching him do touch and goes after getting his ticket. After buying our Cessna 180, I too fell in love with flying. I received my license in 2009 and bought the Cessna 140 as my training wheels for the 180. We now arm wrestle for the 140 because it is so much fun to fly. Love fl... Read More »

Jen Topper     (Oregon)

Jen Topper (Oregon)

Jen Topper is based at KBDN, Bend Municipal Airport, Bend, Oregon. Helicopter CFI with a passion for taildraggers! I aspire to have as much gumption as pioneering aviators Pheobe Omlie, Louise Thaden and Marvel Crosen. Why taildraggers? Is there anything else? Oh right. No thank you on the training wheels. Additionally, I’m a wing walker and the way to my heart is through a Stearman! Read More »

JD Kang     (California)

JD Kang (California)

JD Kang is based at KCNO Chino Airport, Chino, California. I love vintage and antique planes. I’ve been training for just under a year and have logged over 50 hours. The aircraft I have time in range from primary trainers and vintage biplanes to modern Cubs and the Aircam – over 25 distinct aircraft ranging over 80 years of aviation history. However, my true love is the Stearman!! It w... Read More »

Vicki Coles     (Washington)

Vicki Coles (Washington)

Vicki Coles is based at KVUO, Pearson Field Airport, Vancouver, Washington. My first flying lesson was in 1975 in a Taylorcraft at Evergreen Field, Vancouver, WA. I soloed in the Taylorcraft and then “moved on” to the Aeronca Champ. (One didn’t “move UP” to the C150 until one had mastered the taildraggers.) I earned my Private in 1977, my Commercial in 1978 and my CFI... Read More »

Marilyn Emery     (Washington)

Marilyn Emery (Washington)

Marilyn Emery is based at WN55, Randle-Kiona Airpark, Randle, Washington. I fly an RV-4. I am planning to do up-set and spin training this fall, in preparation for beginning aerobatics. I earned my taildragger endorsement about a year ago in a Thorp T-18. Aerobatics training is for local fun. But what I really love the airplane for is to get from one place to another quickly. As a small girl, my f... Read More »

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