‘Mountain’ Gals

Brenda LaMott     (Idaho)

Brenda LaMott (Idaho)

Brenda LaMott is based at KBOI, Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho. I learned to fly in dad’s 1952 C170B in Eastern Oregon’s back country. Soloed on 16th birthday. Check-ride when I was 17. Then life happened. Life and career happened and I stopped flying for 12 years. Got back in the air on my birthday of 2017 and making plans to adopt [read “kid-steal”] Dad’s bird. My local Class Charl... Read More »

Kimmine Hudson     (Colorado)

Kimmine Hudson (Colorado)

Kimmine Hudson is based at 7CO0, Parkland Airport, Erie, Colorado. Can’t wait for next years LLT fly-in! Love this group and all the positive vibes it gives for women pilots!! Ratings: SEL Aircraft Flown: C172 C120 Schweitzer 2-33 (glider) Schweitzer 1-26 (glider) About taildragging: Love to fly low and slow and land where folks can’t drive. Read More »

Susan Staples     (Arizona)

Susan Staples (Arizona)

Susan Staples is based at KTUS, Tucson International Airport, Tucson, Arizona. I began falling in love with flying when I was four years old. My Dad and I would sit at the end of the runway in Binghamton, New York and have a picnic. I would stretch my neck as far as possible as we sat on the side of the road watching the underbelly of every landing. I never got tired of it. In my early teens, I wo... Read More »

Sara Mazzarella     (Arizona)

Sara Mazzarella (Arizona)

Sara Mazzarella is based at KCHD, Chandler Municipal Airport, Chandler, Arizona. I’m an airline stew looking to change careers. Right now I’m finishing my multi-engine rating. Then on to commercial multi, then com single. I don’t plan to instruct. I want to get dual rated in helicopters so I can fly with my 99s friend Marina! 🙂 I have some experience in my friend’s taildrag... Read More »

Samantha Sizemore     (Arizona)

Samantha Sizemore (Arizona)

Samantha Sizemore is based at KCHD, Chandler Municipal Airport, Chandler, Arizona. I am a 26 year old aviation and space enthusiast! I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Technology, with a minor in Space Commercialization and a Certificate in Airport Management. I was also active in multiple academic space/aerospace clubs and Flight Team at my university. My goal has always been ... Read More »

Janet Thomson     (Utah)

Janet Thomson (Utah)

Janet Thomson is based at 42U, Morgan County Airport, Morgan, Utah. I have been engaged in aviation most of my life. I owned (in partnership) Boise Air Service, in Boise, Idaho, for several years. I have also owned (with my husband), a commercial glider operation, two aviation fuel companies and a aviation maintenance and restoration company. Worked a few years as a flight attendant. I received my... Read More »

Linda Funk     (Idaho)

Linda Funk (Idaho)

Linda Funk is based at KMAN, Nampa Municipal Airport, Nampa, Idaho & KDVT, Phoenix Deer Valley Airport, Phoenix, Arizona. My name is Linda Funk. I have a private pilots license. My taildragger experience is in a 1946 Funk airplane that my husband and I own. It was inherited from my husband’s father who was a shirt-tail relative if Joe and Howard Funk who designed and built the aircraft. ... Read More »

Sally Sieberts     (Arizona)

Sally Sieberts (Arizona)

Sally Sieberts is based at KSEZ, Sedona, Arizona in the winter and KFHR, Friday Harbor Airport, Washington in the summer. Received my PPL in 1977 in Bend, OR.  I was involved with the 99’s and gave aviation presentations to the schools, helped teach basic flying principles through a community college program, raised money for aviation scholarships and donations of food and gifts to less fort... Read More »

Aleksandra Bolek – Lapinska     (Colorado)

Aleksandra Bolek – Lapinska (Colorado)

Aleksandra Bolek – Lapinska lives in Englewood, Colorado and is based at KAPA, Centennial Airport, Denver, Colorado. I moved to Colorado from Poland 6 months ago. I’m a private pilot since 2012 with 187 hours of flight time. I use to fly a lot around the Baltic sea, including long flights from Poland to Denmark over the sea. Now I’m living close to the mountains and I would love ... Read More »

Lisa Allen     (Idaho)

Lisa Allen (Idaho)

Lisa Allen is based at KBOI, Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho. I have been involved in aviation for about 17 years, through wildland firefighting and as a pilot. I love being in the air, whether it’s under a parachute or in an airplane or helicopter. I have been very fortunate to turn my passion for flying into a career. Every time I have had the opportunity to fly a tailwheel, I... Read More »

Simona Doxan     (Arizona)

Simona Doxan (Arizona)

Simona Doxan is based in Arizona and has flown out of E68 Estrella Sailport, AZ67 El Tiro Gliderport, A39 Ak-Chin Regional Airport and CHD Chandler Municipal Airport, Chandler, Arizona. I started flying sailplanes when I was a teenager and become a glider pilot when I was 19. Tow planes are mostly taildraggers and flying with them made me fall in love. After adding a power rating to my pilot licen... Read More »

Karen Croskell     (Colorado)

Karen Croskell (Colorado)

Karen Croskell is based at CO8, Silver West Airport, Westcliffe, Colorado. August 2016 Update (And Karen, we hope you get to the next LLT fly in too!) I am back into flying again with our Aerotrek 220. It is 500#s lighter than our Super Cub was so it takes some getting used to, especially with flaperons. Turbulence? You can feel a rabbit fart! Hope to FINALLY get to some LLT fly ins! Original post... Read More »

Katie Baker     (Idaho)

Katie Baker (Idaho)

Katie Baker is based at 0U9, Lee Williams Memorial Airport, Midvale, Idaho. Hello! My name is Katie, I’m 34 and live in central Idaho. I’ve been in aviation since I was a kid as my father and grandfather are both pilots, both commercially (ag pilots) and for fun. I currently own a 1957 Champ and I love it! My son is 8 years old and he loves flying with me as well.I’m a business t... Read More »

Wendy Beye     (Montana)

Wendy Beye (Montana)

Wendy Beye is based at KRPX, Roundup Airport, Roundup, Montana. I learned to fly a Piper PA-12 in 1985, bought a 1948 Aeronca Sedan (that’s a 4-seater 150hp taildragger) in 1987, and went on to accumulate over 2,600 hours as a grey hair-inducing, backseat driving, flight instructor. I retired in 2014, and sold the Sedan to a young man who had taken his very first airplane ride with me in the... Read More »

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