‘Mountain’ Gals

Heidi Stoeppler     (Montana)

Heidi Stoeppler (Montana)

Heidi Stoeppler is based at 79S, Fort Benton Airport, Fort Benton, Montana. I absolutely LOVE flying! I am working on buying a small taildragger to fly around in. Mostly to get hours (I want to be a crop duster some day) but also so I can explore the country and go to all the fly-ins! I am working on getting my tailwheel endorsement, so I don’t have it yet, but SOON. I’m also a member ... Read More »

Patricia (Pat) Burke Johnson      (Montana)

Patricia (Pat) Burke Johnson (Montana)

Pat Johnson is based at the Helena Regional Airport (KHLN), Helena, Montana. I am so thrilled to see all you accomplished young women! I seldom encountered another woman flyer when I was most active in aviation and I am inspired by your achievements. Way to go, Ladies! I first rode in an airplane in autumn 1961, began flying lessons in January of 1962, and soloed on April 4, 1962. A private pilot ... Read More »

Lori MacNichol-Gregory     (Idaho)

Lori MacNichol-Gregory (Idaho)

Lori MacNichol-Gregory is based at KMYL, McCall Municipal Airport, McCall, Idaho. I soloed in a 1946 Champ in 1981 and obtained my private pilots license in 1982 in McCall, Idaho. I soon became a commercial pilot flying as an air taxi pilot in the Frank Church Wilderness in 1989. I now specialize in teaching mountain/canyon flying in tailwheel A/C and every kind of make and model A/C. I founded Mo... Read More »

Tanner Lenart     (Utah)

Tanner Lenart (Utah)

Tanner Lenart is based at KSLC, Salt Lake City International Airport, Salt Lake City, Utah. I have about 300 hours. I just received my taildragger endorsement in a lovely Husky. I fly a Mooney most often. Read More »

Lisa Martin     (Montana)

Lisa Martin (Montana)

An update from Lisa Martin! Lisa and husband John have relocated from Wyoming to Montana. I got my private license in 1989 while 7 1/2 months pregnant with my oldest child. The family priority slowed my flying some, although my husband and I owned and operated our own aviation business in Montana spraying and doing other surveys with airplanes and helicopters. In 2003, we moved to Wyoming and my h... Read More »

Stephanie Stephenson     (Colorado)

Stephanie Stephenson (Colorado)

Stephanie Stephenson is based at KEIK, Erie Municipal Airport, Erie, Colorado. A new Pilot Profile was added for Stephanie March 2013 but we didn’t have a picture of Stephanie to post! We finally have a face to put with the name! Thank you Stephanie for forwarding pictures. Stephanie will be displaying her C195 at “Vintage in Review” at AirVenture on Wednesday, July 31. Stop by a... Read More »

Tiffany Goettl     (Arizona)

Tiffany Goettl (Arizona)

Tiffany Goettl is based at P52, Cottonwood Airport, Cottonwood, Arizona. I am now a private pilot! I received my certificate May 14, 2013 in my 1946 Taylorcraft on a windy, blustery day. Learning to fly was probably the most challenging yet rewarding thing I have ever done. I knew nothing about aviation, never even thought about flying. It was something other people did and mostly men. But when my... Read More »

Deb Nelson     (Arizona)

Deb Nelson (Arizona)

Deb Nelson is based at Casa Grande Municipal Airport, Casa Grande, Arizona and KEPM Eastport, Maine. Here’s a very cool email I received from Steve Trieber, the happy guy that’s married to Deb Nelson. I really want to meet them both! If you read through these updates, all sent by Steve, you’ll understand why I think husbands just don’t come any more supportive than him!  &#... Read More »

Heather Pinsky     (New Mexico)

Heather Pinsky (New Mexico)

Heather Pinsky is based at KCVN, Clovis Municipal Airport, Clovis, New Mexico. Hi, I’m Heather. I fly AC-130W’s as my primary job for the AF but my true love is tailwheels. I own a 7AC Champ that’s living at home in NJ with my mom at the moment. Here are some photos of me and N1202E. I’m also an avid glider pilot and you can find me flying any number of gliders or towing in... Read More »

Sally Canning     (New Mexico)

Sally Canning (New Mexico)

Sally Canning is based at Tuscon Valley Ranch, New Mexico. 600 hours in a Citabria; 400 hours in a Maule. I fly a taildragger because that is all I have ever known and because of our ranching. I don’t gather cattle with the plane but prefer to keep the plane at home. I live far enough away it is more convenient to fly to town (and a lot more fun). For many years we had several ranches and th... Read More »

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