‘International’ Gals

Monica Delgado     (Columbia)

Monica Delgado (Columbia)

Monica Delgado is based at SKCL, Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport, Palmira, Colombia. I like to fly SuperCub and C185. I am happy to find a community that likes to fly taildraggers. It’s great to know other woman that like the same as me.   Read More »

Janice Doyle     (United Kingdom)

Janice Doyle (United Kingdom)

Janice Doyle is based at EGHA, Compton Abbas Airport, Dorset, UK. My husband and I own a deHavilland Chipmunk which is hangared at Compton Abbas in Dorset. We have owned her since 2005 and bought her from White Waltham. She is 65 years old and was built at Hatfield in 1950. She only saw active service in the RAF for 18 months and was bought out of retirement for the Queens Coronation in 1953. She ... Read More »

Jennifer Beck     (Australia)

Jennifer Beck (Australia)

Jennifer Beck is based at YGYM, Gympie Airport, Queensland, Australia. I first learnt to fly at the age of seventeen in Wollongong N.S.W. Australia, in a Australian designed Victa Airtourer. Actually, in March 2016, I will be celebrating fifty years since my first Solo. I had a long break from flying, mainly due to having a family, however returned to it in 1993 and enjoyed using my private pilots... Read More »

Alison Navarro     (South Africa)

Alison Navarro (South Africa)

Alison Navarro is based at FAWC Worcester Airport & FASH Stellenbosch Airport, Western Cape, South Africa.  I went solo on a CH10 Citabria. I have a Grob 109b and am an avid Taildragger enthusiast. I went solo in 1998 (power) and 1993 (gliders). I live in Cape Town, South Africa and am the Chairman of the Stellenbosch Flying Club at the moment.   Read More »

Jean Hickman     (Canada)

Jean Hickman (Canada)

Jean Hickman is based at CYSN, St Catharines/Niagara District Airport, St Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Hi! I love my taildraggers! My first aircraft was a Cessna 140. I had it only a short time. My second aircraft was a 90 hp J3 Cub. I had it for about 10 years and then I sold it. On my wedding day, my husband gave me another Cessna 140. Jean Read More »

Mirna Garbin     (Italy)

Mirna Garbin (Italy)

Mirna Garbin is based at S. Mauro Airfield located in North East Italy. I usuallly fly a Maule Mx7 180 hp based in Fly & Joy at S. Mauro Airfield located in North East Italy, one hundred miles east of Venice. I am also the secretary of this club. I took my licence in 1992 with the usual school planes, but one day I fall in Love with a Maule, then with his owner. The taildraggers planes satisfi... Read More »

Danielle Rentsch     (Switzerland)

Danielle Rentsch (Switzerland)

Danielle Rentsch is based at FYOM, Omaruru, Namibia and Switzerland. I have a wonderful Travel Air 4000 from 1929. The Travel Air home is Namibia, wonderful country to fly. I started Taildragger flying on a Super Cub and I am still in love with those airplanes. A lot of my hours took place in a Super Dimona, motorglider taildragger. Living in Switzerland, flying in the world, Namibia, USA, Europe. Read More »

Elisabeth Jackson     (British Columbia)

Elisabeth Jackson (British Columbia)

Elisabeth Jackson is based at CYNJ, Langley Regional Airport, Langley, British Columbia. I started flying aircraft when I was 17, but have been around them my whole life thanks to my dad (Scott Jackson). Got into flying taildraggers thanks to my dad building an RV-6! I have just recently acquired my CPL and multi rating, whilst working towards my multi IFR.   Read More »

Zoe Mallam     (UK)

Zoe Mallam (UK)

Zoe Mallam is based at EGHF, Lee-on-Solent Airport, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom.  I’m one of the youngest female glider pilots in Britain. I fly taildragger gliders but aspire to fly biplanes and classic taildraggers. Flying is my passion! Read More »

Ruby Wilson     (South Africa)

Ruby Wilson (South Africa)

Ruby Wilson is based at FANS, Nelspruit Airport, Nelspruit, South Africa. Hi I’m Ruby. I’m from South Africa and I’m working as a Cessna 206 pilot, I fly tourists into the lodge strips in the bush. I finished my taildragger rating in the Piper Super Cruiser this weekend and absolutely loved it!! That’s what real flying is and I can’t wait to do more flying in the tail... Read More »

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