‘International’ Gals

Danielle Rentsch     (Switzerland)

Danielle Rentsch (Switzerland)

Danielle Rentsch is based at FYOM, Omaruru, Namibia and Switzerland. I have a wonderful Travel Air 4000 from 1929. The Travel Air home is Namibia, wonderful country to fly. I started Taildragger flying on a Super Cub and I am still in love with those airplanes. A lot of my hours took place in a Super Dimona, motorglider taildragger. Living in Switzerland, flying in the world, Namibia, USA, Europe. Read More »

Elisabeth Jackson     (British Columbia)

Elisabeth Jackson (British Columbia)

Elisabeth Jackson is based at CYNJ, Langley Regional Airport, Langley, British Columbia. I started flying aircraft when I was 17, but have been around them my whole life thanks to my dad (Scott Jackson). Got into flying taildraggers thanks to my dad building an RV-6! I have just recently acquired my CPL and multi rating, whilst working towards my multi IFR.   Read More »

Zoe Mallam     (UK)

Zoe Mallam (UK)

Zoe Mallam is based at EGHF, Lee-on-Solent Airport, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom.  I’m one of the youngest female glider pilots in Britain. I fly taildragger gliders but aspire to fly biplanes and classic taildraggers. Flying is my passion! Read More »

Ruby Wilson     (South Africa)

Ruby Wilson (South Africa)

Ruby Wilson is based at FANS, Nelspruit Airport, Nelspruit, South Africa. Hi I’m Ruby. I’m from South Africa and I’m working as a Cessna 206 pilot, I fly tourists into the lodge strips in the bush. I finished my taildragger rating in the Piper Super Cruiser this weekend and absolutely loved it!! That’s what real flying is and I can’t wait to do more flying in the tail... Read More »

Claudia Espinola     (Brazil)

Claudia Espinola (Brazil)

Claudia Espinola is based at SNLG, Serra Do Clipo Airport, São Paulo, Brazil. Hello! my name is Cláudia and I’m in love with airplanes since I was a little girl! I’m a flight attendant and private pilot. I’ve learnt to fly on a aeroboero, a taildragger from Argentina. In Brazil we use this air plane for primary instruction. My fiance (and best friend) Giuliano Messa and I are res... Read More »

Charlotte Zeederberg     (Australia)

Charlotte Zeederberg (Australia)

  Charlotte Zeederberg is from St Huberts Island, NSW Australia. I am an ex-South African, who learned to fly just before my 40th birthday in South Africa, and now fly a Tiger Moth out of an airfield, North of Sydney, Australia. My husband and I immigrated to Australia 6 years ago and we fly out of the ‘Home of the Tiger Moth’, Luskintyre airfield, NSW. My husband restored our Tig... Read More »

Wendy Hinchcliffe     (UK)

Wendy Hinchcliffe (UK)

Wendy Hinchcliffe is based at Spanhoe Airport, Spanhoe, England. I learned to fly straight after leaving school in the 1970s in a Cessna Aerobat. After getting my licence I joined a group flying a Chipmunk which I had seen flying and fallen in love with. Also met my husband there!! Bought a Piper PA20 Pacer with a friend and we had a lot of fun going to fly-ins and events. Stopped flying to start ... Read More »

Sandra Proulx     (Canada)

Sandra Proulx (Canada)

Sandra Proulx is based at CYAV, St. Andrews Airport, Manitoba, Canada. I am a Class 1 Flight Instructor (highest rating of instructor in Canada) at Harv’s Air, at St Andrews Airport in Manitoba, Canada. I’ve been flying for 13 years, and been flying taildraggers for most of that time as well. I learned how to fly a Citabria shortly after completing my Private Pilot Licence, and did my ... Read More »

Lindsay Kitson     (Canada)

Lindsay Kitson (Canada)

Lindsay Kitson is based at CYAV, St. Andrews Airport, St. Andrews, Manitoba, Canada. My instructor’s favourite plane is the Citabria and that’s the plane they teach aerobatics in at my flight school, so it took no encouragement at all to make me want to learn it. I love the challenge, but I really couldn’t say what it is about the taildragger planes that I like about them. I aske... Read More »

Jill Oakes     (Canada)

Jill Oakes (Canada)

Jill Oakes is based at CJL5, Winnipeg/Lyncrest Airport, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The first plane I owned was a Citabaria 7ECA on skis, traded it for a C170B with retractable skis, which I flew while building my AcroSport II, C-GGOJ, a plans-built biplane designed by the late Paul Poberezny. A couple of years ago I was honoured to fly Vintage Wings of Canada’s antique Finch from Manitoba t... Read More »

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