‘International’ Gals

Jennifer Zadorozniak     (Canada)

Jennifer Zadorozniak (Canada)

Jennifer Zadorozniak is based at CYYJ, Victoria International Airport, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I’m 33 years old and live in Victoria, BC Canada. My great grandfather flew in the Canadian Air Force, so I believe there was something genetically leading me towards aviation – it just took me a while to realise this. In January of 2017, I had a discovery flight and since then, I... Read More »

Fanny Leroy     (Canada)

Fanny Leroy (Canada)

Fanny Leroy is based at CYPK, Pitt Meadows Airport, Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada. I was born and raised in France in the Alps and moved to Canada 5 years ago. I got my PPL in Quebec City before moving to the west coast where I did my CPL in the Vancouver area. I finished my CPL last July and got my float rating in August. I also had the chance to get a scholarship for unusual attitude re... Read More »

Grace Assan     (South Africa)

Grace Assan (South Africa)

Grace Assan is from Durban, South Africa. She is a student pilot receiving instruction at KVPZ, Porter County Regional Airport, Valparaiso, Indiana. I have loved flying ever since I was in high school but my parents could never afford to pay for my studies. I created an investment fund to save up for my training and I am now in the US to make my dream come true. I’m currently staying in Indiana an... Read More »

Julie Garside     (UK)

Julie Garside (UK)

Julie Garside is based at EGKE, Challock Airport, Kent, United Kingdom. Been flying for 36 years. Was a gliding instructor for 15 years but gave up due to lack of time when I became a display pilot with a formation Team (Tiger Club Turbulent Display Team). Currently own a PIK20D glider and have shares in a Cessna 120, Grob 109b and a Duo Discus.  I have 750 hours power, 99% in taildraggers and ove... Read More »

Fiona Macaskill     (UK)

Fiona Macaskill (UK)

Fiona Macaskill is based at EGBJ, Gloucestershire Airport, Staverton, England, UK. I’ve been flying fixed wing since 2013 but flew paragliders for 25 years before that. I love flying adventures and have flown in Australia, New Zealand, round Europe as well as the UK. I’m learning to fly on skis (taildragger D140) and land on glaciers in the French Alps. I’ve also done some aeroba... Read More »

Stephanie Rankine     (Canada)

Stephanie Rankine (Canada)

Stephanie Rankine is based Baldwin (PB9), Georgina, Ontario, Canada. My Dad has been flying ‘forever’… we have a few planes and I was working on my pilot’s permit in our 180 hp C172 but have just switched over to training in a tailwheel now that we bought a Savage Cub. We have had an airplane in the yard since I was a baby. It was always a float plane, but didn’t real... Read More »

Vlada Dekina     (Canada)

Vlada Dekina (Canada)

Vlada Dekina is based at CZBA, Burlington Executive Airport, Burlington, Ontario. I was that little kid with the eyes in the sky dreaming of being a pilot. The kid grew up, the dream faded for a very long time until I moved from Russia to Canada, got a well paying job and decided to do a fam flight in 2004. Pilot license followed in 2006, then tailwheel endorsement, acro training, then glider lice... Read More »

Sandrine Gressard     (Canada)

Sandrine Gressard (Canada)

Sandrine Gressard is based at CTA3, Île aux Coudres Airport, Quebec, Canada. I consider myself a “Happy alien”… My goal is to instigate success amongst others… mainly women cause they seem to need more motivation in this world of ours. I run a health/wellness company that brings services and products to the corporate world. I love soaring in the glider, flying taildraggers ... Read More »

Tina Hunter     (South Africa)

Tina Hunter (South Africa)

Tina Hunter is based at FAKR, Krugersdorp Airport, Krugersdorp, Gauteng, South Africa. I have wanted to get my license since I was a teenager. I got my PPL in August 2016 at age 37 in a C172. I am currently converting to tailwheel on a Kitplanes Safari that was built by my husband. We like to do air races that take us to unusual places. Last year we won the beginner category at Race 4 Rhinos in Bo... Read More »

Lenza de Jager     (South Africa)

Lenza de Jager (South Africa)

Lenza de Jager is based at FAWB, Wonderboom/Pretoria Airport, South Africa. Flies a MAULE M7 and reports she is working to pay for AVGAS and enjoying life! Aircraft flown: C172, Cherokee 180, Cherokee 235, MAULE M7 The best thing about flying a taildragger:  FUNNNN!!!! Read More »

Cherry Charters     (UK)

Cherry Charters (UK)

Cherry Charters is based at EGTO, Rochester Airfield, Kent. I am a self funded, 22 year old girl from Kent in England. I am currently studying for my ATPLs which I was incredibly lucky to receive a scholarship for, and have my first set of exams coming up in 2 weeks. My dream is to be a commercial pilot, either for an airline or as a bush pilot, as I adore travelling. It is what I do when I am not... Read More »

Karen Luckraft      (Australia)

Karen Luckraft (Australia)

Karen Luckraft is based at New South Wales Airport, YWTO,  Wentworth, New South Wales, Australia. My son Peter and I decided that the Taildragger would be of great benefit flying between our properties for stock spotting. I originally learned to fly in a Jabiru then had to be tailwheel endorsed. That was more tricky as I was required to use a lot more rudder. I will admit flying my RANS Coyote has... Read More »

Monica Wyer     (UK)

Monica Wyer (UK)

Monica Wyer is based at EGLD, Denham Aerodrome, Buckinghamshire, England. Helicopter pilot (R44, 600hrs+) took up fixed wing flying on 2009. First plane was an RV6 (loved!) but not aerobatic enough. Current aircraft is a 2010 Christen Eagle II (G-KLAW) and I LOVE it. An absolute hoot to fly, outrageously powerful and fun to fly.   Read More »

Valerie Dereymaeker    (Belgium)

Valerie Dereymaeker (Belgium)

Valerie Dereymaeker is based at EBCI, Brussels South Charleroi Airport, Belgium. I started flying in 2011 in PA28, flew through all Europe and North Africa up to Senegal, Morocco, north of Norway, east of Romania, UK….. Started flying in Piper Super Cub in 2015, bush pilot training in Alaska in 2015. I fly now on my own Piper Super Cub PA18-150, flew to Baleares, crossed France and much more... Read More »

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