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Terri Cole     (Texas)

Terri Cole (Texas)

Terri Cole is based at KATA, Hall-Miller Municipal Airport, Atlanta, Texas. I married into an aviation family 7 years ago, began flight instruction and now have my commercial, multi, and of course my tailwheel endorsement. I’ve logged just over 900 hours and 170 of that is taildragger. My husband and I are looking to crew a Citation Jet or King Air for a Part 91 operation. February 10, 2015 ... Read More »

Julia Robbins     (Texas)

Julia Robbins (Texas)

Julia Robbins is based at KSLR, Sulphur Springs Airport, Sulphur Springs, Texas. Licensed in 1984. First aircraft after I received my license was Luscombe. My next plane was a PA 20, 150 horse. My dad had a JR. ACE that I loved to fly and do limited aerobatics. I currently have a J5 Cub and a pink and purple Breezy that I flew to Oshkosh in 2014. I have been an RN for 35 years. I am married with a... Read More »

Ellen Crabaugh     (Texas)

Ellen Crabaugh (Texas)

Ellen Crabaugh is based at KHYI, San Marcos Municipal Airport, San Marcos, Texas. I bought a 1948 Luscombe E and then learned to fly. I had to sell my plane and now am not current but would love to fly again. I love taildraggers and I love Luscombes!   Read More »

Mary Alverson     (Minnesota)

Mary Alverson (Minnesota)

Mary Alverson is based at KSGS, South St Paul Municipal Airport-Richard E Fleming Field, South St Paul, Minnesota.  I own a 1969 Super Cub. It is on floats from May-Nov. I have a seaplane flight school in St. Paul and Brainerd Mn – Wings Over Water Seaplanes Training. Because it’s on floats during the summer, my tailwheel flying is in the winter so ski flying with my Brainerd friends i... Read More »

Dana J. Martin     (Texas)

Dana J. Martin (Texas)

Dana J. Martin is based at 88R, Spicewood Airport, Spicewood, Texas. 99 Citabria GCBC I have about 1600 hours of Cessna 172/182 IFR rating…but only had 10 hours of tailwheel. Flew a Decathalon and loved it and got the bug for fun flying. I have around 50 hours and still learning… What a blast! Keeps you on your toes! Literally. Read More »

Kelli Hughes     (Texas)

Kelli Hughes (Texas)

Kelli Hughes is based at XA99, Flat Bush Airport, Decatur, Texas. I am an airline captain flying the 767 out of DFW. Thou I do not own a conventional gear bird, that fact doesn’t make me love then less, I love them more! I’ve been at the controls of all sorts of taildraggers – Cessnas, Luscombe, 195, Citabrias, Bellanca and Chuckie way back when going to Oshkosh with Chuckie and ... Read More »

Cheryl Pitzer     (Texas)

Cheryl Pitzer (Texas)

Cheryl Pitzer, KLNC Lancaster Regional Airport, Lancaster, Texas. Hello! For fun, I fly my Husky A1B N444HY – known as “Hell Yeah” by our friends and my husband’s Pitts S2B. We live just NE of the Dallas/ FT Worth area and have a grass strip in our pasture. For work at FedEx I fly the MD-11- known as the “Mad Dog” as a captain and check airman. After starting my... Read More »

Ila Moses-King     (Texas)

Ila Moses-King (Texas)

Ila Moses-King is based at KDAL, Dallas Love Field Airport, Dallas, Texas. Thank you Ila for sending the picture of your new plane. As far as I know, you are the only member of LadiesLoveTaildraggers who owns a Swift. Correct me ladies if I’m wrong! My new plane was my father’s but he is 89 and gave it to me as a gift. It is a project for sure but hopefully I can get it flying next yea... Read More »

Tamara Griffith     (Texas)

Tamara Griffith (Texas)

Tamara Griffith is based at 16X, Propwash Airport, Justin, Texas. I am a second generation female pilot, My mother is retired ATC plus now a DPE and my oldest daughter is also a CFI (so yes 3 generation female flight instructors) and all do fly taildraggers or really anything we can fit into. At GIFT (Girls In Flight Training) we promote helping women achieving their flight training goals. There a... Read More »

Carol Walker     (Texas)

Carol Walker (Texas)

Carol Walker is based at KJWY, Mid-Way Regional Airport, Midlothian/Waxahachie, Texas. Twenty six years ago I learned how to fly in tailwheel aircraft (Citabria and Champ) in Kutztown, PA. Ever since then I have made my living as a flight instructor and I presently own a school south of Dallas, TX where we teach exclusively in tailwheel airplanes and gliders. My husband Pete and I have a stable of... Read More »

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