‘Central’ Gals

Lisa Leng     (Illinois)

Lisa Leng (Illinois)

Lisa Leng is based at C77, Poplar Grove Airport, Poplar Grove, Illinois. I am currently flying a J3 Cub. I have also flown a Champ. I got my seaplane rating in a J3 Cub at Jack Browns in Florida. My husband and I have built a couple airplanes together and I am currently recovering a J3 Cub. As you can tell I have a thing for cubs Read More »

Victoria Swartzendruber     (Kansas)

Victoria Swartzendruber (Kansas)

Victoria Swartzendruber is based at 47K, Moundridge Municipal Airport, Moundridge, Kansas. I am 27, married, and have one child. My husband is the one who got me into flying all together. We own a Cessna 140 and that is how I have come to love taildraggers. I am beginning my training in the spring and all of my lessons will be in our 140. I am extremely excited to be part if this community! Victor... Read More »

Ashley Churchill     (Texas)

Ashley Churchill (Texas)

Ashley Churchill is based at F49, Slaton Municipal Airport, Slaton, Texas. I recently moved to Lubbock to attend Texas Tech University and just received my private pilot rating September 25, 2015. I had the opportunity to do aerobatics in a Pitts this summer and I am hooked! I have started getting my tailwheel training done with a pilot at the Texas Air Museum in Slaton, Texas, and I am excited to... Read More »

Natalie Sutton     (Alabama)

Natalie Sutton (Alabama)

Natalie Sutton is based at KEET, Shelby County Airport, Alabaster, Alabama. I’m currently a student pilot and learning in a Luscombe 8A ragwing! Based in central(ish) Alabama a little outside of Birmingham but in school right now in Auburn. And she’s off! Read More »

Lisa Woldow     (Illinois)

Lisa Woldow (Illinois)

Lisa Woldow is based at C15, Pekin Municipal Airport, Pekin, Illinois.   I started flying to spend time with my husband and to learn more about his hobby. I have approximately 10 hours nose wheel time. The rest is tail time. We have a Stearman, T-6, J3 Cub and RV -8. Plus a few others. Read More »

Laura Bach     (Wisconsin)

Laura Bach (Wisconsin)

Laura Bach is based at KBUU Burlington Municipal Airport, Burlington, Wisconsin. The opportunity to learn to fly became possible when I met my husband Rob and moved to Wisconsin. He’s an airline pilot who loves antique planes. The first time he took me up in the 1929 Pietenpol he rebuilt I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face! He is also a CFI so I began learning stick and rudder right ... Read More »

Bailey Billen     (Tennessee)

Bailey Billen (Tennessee)

Bailey Billen is based at KMEM, Memphis International Airport, Memphis, Tennessee. I live in Memphis, TN and have been flying and skydiving since age 15. I fly the CRJ900 for Endeavor Air (Delta Connection) out of JFK. I got my tailwheel endorsement and solo in 2009 in a 1946 Champ, and that it still my favorite flight in my logbook! I love going back to the basics with GA flying when my work sche... Read More »

Alisa Talley     (Texas)

Alisa Talley (Texas)

Alisa Talley is based at 9X1, North Houston Airport, Houston, Texas. Soloed a Citabria many years ago. Read More »

Julia Harrington     (Illinois)

Julia Harrington (Illinois)

Julia Harrington is based at KLOT, Lewis University Airport, Chicago/Romeoville, Illinois. I just started flying a Decathlon out of KARR doing basic aerobatics and working toward my tailwheel endorsement! I’ve been waiting to join for a while, until I officially had tailwheel time in my logbook. I’m so excited for the new and exciting challenges that flying conventional gear brings. I&... Read More »

Tori Ballweg     (Wisconsin)

Tori Ballweg (Wisconsin)

Tori Ballweg is based a KMSN, Dane County Regional Airport-Truax Field, Madison, Wisconsin. I am a flight instructor out of Madison, WI. I love taildraggers because they keep you on your toes. But if you can keep up, the world is a whole new, beautiful and more exciting place!! Read More »

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