‘Central’ Gals

Mary Nolan     (Tennessee)

Mary Nolan (Tennessee)

Mary Nolan is based at 2M8, Charles W. Baker Airport, Millington, Tennessee. I’m a FedEx MD-11 pilot who’s been flying Taildraggers all my life. My latest thrill is a Super Decathlon. Tail wheels are so much more fun to fly!! Read More »

Karen Kalishek     (Wisconsin)

Karen Kalishek (Wisconsin)

Karen Kalishek is based at KGRB, Austin Straubel International Airport, Green Bay, Wisconsin. I began flying at the mid-century mark, got bitten by the aviation bug and have become increasingly passionate about flying over the past 8 years. Only a few weeks into lessons I discovered a deep attraction for antique aircraft and earned my tailwheel endorsement with ink still wet on the private pilot l... Read More »

Amanda Marrot     (Texas)

Amanda Marrot (Texas)

Amanda Marrot is based at KDWH, David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport, Houston, Texas. Hi, I am Amanda. I am an Englishwoman in Tx. I hold a Commercial license, both Single and Multi engine plus Instrument. I have flown a Super Decathlon @ Harvey& Rhin Aviation and completed primary in a couple of IAC comps since discovering aerobatics last year. Since then I have trained in a Pitts S2A and S2B, ... Read More »

Lynne Finley    (Louisiana)

Lynne Finley (Louisiana)

Lynne Finley is based at St John the Baptist Parish Airport, Reserve, Louisiana. I started flying in a “new” Taylorcraft, a 105 horse model, back in 1986. After flying our 210 for many years, we’ve down-sized to a 1946 J-3. We have three generations flying it now and that makes all of us smile. Look forward to seeing everyone’s info. Lynne Finley Read More »

Margaret Hastedt     (Texas)

Margaret Hastedt (Texas)

Margaret Hastedt is based at KCFD, Coulter Field Airport, Bryan, Texas. Hi everyone, I love taildraggers, and particularly love the little Kitfox Classic IV I built a few years ago. I just started a Sonex build (another taildragger, but much faster than my ‘fox). I got a glider rating before I started flying taildraggers. It made the transition MUCH easier. I’ve been flying for about 2... Read More »

Sally Gist     (Texas)

Sally Gist (Texas)

Sally Gist is based at KAQO, Llano Municipal Airport, Llano, Texas. I am a Skydiver, Grand Canyon River Guide, and I love flying my plane around the hill country of Texas. Read More »

Sarah Rovner     (Texas)

Sarah Rovner (Texas)

Sarah Rovner is based at KDWH, David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport, Houston, Texas. **Thanks for the pilot update Sarah!!** Since discovering the awesomeness surrounding conventional gear aircraft, I have made an effort to make most of my flying in these type of airplanes. After building time in a Champ to meet the insurance requirements, I began towing gliders at my local soaring club in a Piper P... Read More »

Heather Hiller     (Arkansas)

Heather Hiller (Arkansas)

Heather Hiller is based at KHOT, Memorial Field Airport, Hot Springs, Arkansas. “I’m a single mom of 4. I home-school my kids and one thing I want them all to learn is how to Fly!” From Judy; I got a kick out of Heather's registration picture - she's wearing her brand new yellow LLT t-shirt and lookin' good! Must like it 'cause she just ordered a white and blue LLT tshirt too! &n... Read More »

Brenda Kroening     (Wisconsin)

Brenda Kroening (Wisconsin)

Brenda Kroening is based at New Richmond, WI (KRNH). Hello again! I’m now based full time out of New Richmond, WI (KRNH) to be near my awesome mechanic Craig and the fun social scene at the KRNH hangars. Farming and paralegal work still pays the bills, but I’m always looking for a chance to be ‘up’ when time and weather allow. Nothing beats aviation therapy and the fellowship that goes with it, eh... Read More »

Lynn DeLean-Weber     (Missouri)

Lynn DeLean-Weber (Missouri)

Lynn DeLean-Weber is based at KSET, St Charles County Smartt Airport, St Charles, Missouri. I just started flying four months ago in a taildragger. The kids are grown and out on their own. This is a gift I’m giving myself with the total support of my pilot husband who can’t wait for me to get my PPL. My goal is to get that license in a tailwheel from start to finish. I love taildragger... Read More »

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