‘Central’ Gals

Serena Kamps     (Wisconsin)

Serena Kamps (Wisconsin)

Serena Kamps is based at KOSH, Wittman Regional Airport, Oshkosh, Wisconsin. My interest in flying didn’t begin until my teen years but once I had my first single-engine airplane ride with my uncle in a Grumman Yankee at the age of 16, I was hooked! I earned my private license about four years ago and currently have just over 200 hours. My training began in Piper J-3 Cubs at CubAir Flight in... Read More »

Ashley Kosturock     (Mississippi)

Ashley Kosturock (Mississippi)

Ashley Kosturock is based at MS82, Shade Tree Airport, Gulfport, Mississippi. I am a Graduate student at Mississippi State University, working towards my Masters in Aerospace Engineering. As an undergraduate student I was privileged with a UAV Pilot job, flying for the school before it became the Center of Excellence for the FAA. I learned to fly at Shade Tree Airport, the best grass strip around.... Read More »

Emily Daniel     (Texas)

Emily Daniel (Texas)

Emily Daniel is based at KCWC, Kickapoo Downtown Airport, Wichita Falls, Texas. I started flying when I was 13 with the dream of becoming an aerobatic pilot. Since then, I have logged around 800 hours, and have completed most of my ratings, with the hopes of finishing my MEI in 2017. While I have only begun my aerobatic training, I have learned a lot and am excited to keep learning. My husband and... Read More »

Elizabeth Robertson     (Texas)

Elizabeth Robertson (Texas)

Elizabeth Robertson is based at KMFE, McAllen Miller International Airport, McAllen, Texas. I’m from south Texas approximately 20 mins from the Mexico border. Obtained my private in March 2016, currently working towards my instrument and commercial. Overall goal is to be able to teach at a University. Private, IGI (Instrument Ground Instructor), AGI (Advanced Ground Instructor) Aircraft Flow... Read More »

Maria Perkins     (Texas)

Maria Perkins (Texas)

Maria Perkins is a student pilot based at 74TX, Fort Clark Springs Airport, Brackettville, Texas. I have been flying with my husband since we got married in 2009. We bought our Cessna 170B while we lived in Alaska, and I have been working towards my PPL since that time too. Between military assignments, deployments and having 2 children I have become a life long student pilot…until this year... Read More »

Tierra Bickford     (Wisconsin)

Tierra Bickford (Wisconsin)

Tierra Bickford is a Private, Commercial, Instrument and Multi-engine rated pilot based at KMKE, General Mitchell International Airport, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My father owns a C180 and got me addicted! He and I fly all over the country and up to Alaska in the summers. He’s a very good pilot and we enjoy flying together any chance we can. I fly E120’s out of MKE, but back country and ge... Read More »

Jane Hartsock     (Iowa)

Jane Hartsock (Iowa)

Good things can happen when one lady taildragger pilot meets another. Tina Thomas from Poplar Grove Airport is a fantastic ambassador for taildraggin’, spreading the word about LadiesLoveTaildraggers every chance she gets. Thank you Tina, keep on keeping on!! 🙂 Welcome to new member Jane Hartsock who is based at KPOH, Pocahontas Municipal Airport, Pocahontas, Iowa. Jane Hartsock emailed me l... Read More »

Jessica Vysoky      (Illinois)

Jessica Vysoky (Illinois)

Jessica Vysoky is based at KCPS, St Louis Downtown Airport, Cahokia/St Louis.  Jessica is a student pilot who would like to earn her tailwheel endorsement. I am a former flight attendant turned airplane junkie. I plan to fly for the airlines eventually but want to make awesome memories along the way! I would love to have a tailwheel endorsement and seaplane rating at some point. I want to fly to b... Read More »

Dorinda Morpeth     (Georgia)

Dorinda Morpeth (Georgia)

Dorinda Morpeth is based at KCSG, Columbus Airport, Columbus, Georgia. Started learning about airplanes as a teenager in the Civil Air Patrol in the Wash DC area. Got my private pilot licence at 40, and continued training thru CFI. Bought a 1961 Piper Colt that was a local airplane and flew it for many years. I had a long break from flying while the Colt was undergoing a total restoration, and dec... Read More »

Holly Roe     (Alabama)

Holly Roe (Alabama)

Holly Roe is based at KBHM, Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport, Birmingham, Alabama. I’m a retired ATC, now living the dream as a contract corporate pilot! Aircraft flown: Citabria, Luscombe, C177, C182, CE500 series, CE525, BE60/200/350/400 Dream taildragger: Beech Staggerwing Why do you love taildraggers?  They take you back to your roots as a pilot and keep you honest! Ratings... Read More »

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