‘Central’ Gals

Mary Packard Tveitbakk     (Minnesota)

Mary Packard Tveitbakk (Minnesota)

Mary Packard Tveitbakk is based at KSGS, South St Paul Municipal Airport-Richard E Fleming Field, South St Paul, Minnesota. I began flying at the age of 19. After a fatal accident involving a fellow female pilot, instructor, and friend, I took a break. Now, at the age of 39, I am back with my old instructor and am working on my A&P, sport pilot, and instructor tickets. I am also currently rest... Read More »

Cookie Neumann     (Illinois)

Cookie Neumann (Illinois)

Cookie Neumann is based at KSLO, Salem-Leckrone Airport, Salem, Illinois. I learned to fly when I turned 40. At the time, I attributed the strong desire to learn to fly with possibly being in the throws of a “midlife crisis”, but in retrospect I see it had actually been something I needed to go through to grow up and to learn more about who I was. I had always wanted to fly, but it was... Read More »

Peggy Fry     (Illinois)

Peggy Fry (Illinois)

Peggy Fry is based at C77, Poplar Grove Airport, Poplar Grove, Illinois. I’ve been flying since 1992 when I was introduced to the world of aviation through a sightseeing flight in a Cessna 152. My husband Bob and I both got our licenses and bought a 1966 Cessna 206 so we could travel with our 3 children. I bought my 1946 Taylorcraft so I could escape the bonds of earth and enjoy flying in a ... Read More »

Brittany Wildt     (Texas)

Brittany Wildt (Texas)

Brittany Wildt is based at XS70, Glover Airport, and KOSA, Mount Pleasant Regional Airport, Mount Pleasant, Texas. Three years ago airplanes were the biggest fear of my life. At the time I absolutely would not get into an airplane, even flying commercial. That is, until I met my current boyfriend who told me the only way to get over it is to just do it and take flying lessons. My first flight ever... Read More »

Sherry Hensley     (Tennessee)

Sherry Hensley (Tennessee)

Sherry Hensley is based at 04TN Hensley Airpark, Chuckey, Tennessee. My first plane ride was in a P-26 that my brother bought and learned to fly. I was 10 years old and hooked for life! We bought a J3 cub in 1982 and I have been flying it ever since. Read More »

Molly Bryant     (Kansas)

Molly Bryant (Kansas)

Molly Bryant is based at KLWC, Lawrence Municipal Airport, Lawrence, Kansas. I am 17 years old, working on my private license. My whole family flies, and we just bought a restored super cruiser. Read More »

Erika DeLong     (Minnesota)

Erika DeLong (Minnesota)

Erika DeLong is based at 25D, Forest Lake Airport, Forest Lake, Minnesota.  I have been flying taildraggers for approximately 20 years. I bought and restored my Aeronca 7AC Champ and have been flying it since 2001. It’s my favorite aircraft of the three that I own. I work so I can fly airplanes, so I fly airplanes for work. I hold an ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, SES and typed in CL65, SF340.   ... Read More »

Debbie King     (Texas)

Debbie King (Texas)

Debbie King is based at KADS, Addison Airport, Dallas, Texas. I fly a Falcon 900 B/C/EX and warbirds. I’m stick & rudder master class training with Brian Lansburgh right now at Sisters Airport, Oregon.     Read More »

Laura  Laster     (Texas)

Laura Laster (Texas)

Laura Laster is based at KGGG, East Texas Regional Airport, Longview, Texas. I fly for fun with LeTourneau University – my employer – where I work in operations. I enjoy flying both taildragger and tricycle gear airplanes. We have a fleet of five 7ECA Citabrias and one 7GCAA Citabria among other airplanes that we use for flight training. I am excited that after many years of not flying... Read More »

Teresa “Terri” Bachelor     (Alabama)

Teresa “Terri” Bachelor (Alabama)

Teresa “Terri” Bachelor is based at KGAD, Northeast Alabama Regional Airport, Gadsden, Alabama.  Hello ladies my name is Terri Bachelor from Gadsden, Alabama. I have been a Nurse Anesthetist in Gadsden for 23 years. I have only been flying since 2013 but already fell in Love with Tailwheels over the past year. I recently sold my Cessna 172 & purchased a 2004 American Champion Super... Read More »

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