Susan Neal     (New York)

Susan Neal (New York)

I’m delighted to introduce you to our newest LadiesLoveTaildraggers’ member, Susan Neal. Susan registered for LLT membership on-line a few days ago and when I opened the file with all her information, including pictures, I gasped. Looking back at me was former LadiesLoveTaildraggers member Elaine Huf’s gorgeous Baby Stinson 10A. If you’ve followed this blog and our ladies f... Read More »

Cheryl Duffy     (Missouri)

Cheryl Duffy (Missouri)

Cheryl Duffy is based at KSUS, Spirit of St Louis Airport, St Louis, Missouri. Love round engines. Time flying taildraggers, gliders and seaplanes, just need to get PPL so I cant start endorsements!! Just requires time and money, right?!?! Thanks for allowing students in!! Ratings: Student SEL Aircraft Flown: Cessna 152, RV6A, Cub, Cessna on floats, Champ Dream Taildragger: Too many to choose!! Al... Read More »

Laura Heft     (Illinois)

Laura Heft (Illinois)

Laura Heft is based at 4LL4, Enjoy Field Ultralight Flightpark, Chebanse, Illinois. I am an attorney in the Chicago area. I started flying 7 years ago by getting my hang glider license. Now I fly the planes at Hang Glide Chicago! Ratings: Private pilot with tailwheel Aircraft Flown: Cessna Skyhawk 172, Kolb Mark 3, Dragonfly Dream Taildragger: One I build myself All about taildragging: It’s ... Read More »

Nancy Fitzpatrick     (Texas)

Nancy Fitzpatrick (Texas)

Nancy Fitzpatrick is based at T82, Gillespie County Airport, Fredericksburg, Texas & IL95, Corn Field Airport, Custer Park, Illinois. I started flying in 1983 after a trip in a Twin Comanche where I sat in the right seat. I was fascinated by everything and was at the airport a few days later for my intro ride. After that first ride, I was hooked. I earned my license a few months later and shor... Read More »

Brooke Roman     (Alaska)

Brooke Roman (Alaska)

Brooke Roman is based at AK8, Christiansen Lake Seaplane Base and PATK, Talkeetna Airport, Alaska. I grew up in Missouri. And one day when I was 17 I woke up and randomly said, “I think I’ll fly” ….and so I did! I went to college for flying. First starting at Oklahoma State University, staying 2 years there, but eventually transferring to Kansas State University where I rec... Read More »

Julia Harrington     (Illinois)

Julia Harrington (Illinois)

Pilot update from Julia Harrington, based at C77, Poplar Grove, Illinois. I love flying aerobatics and have recently gotten into flying taildraggers! My day job is as a charter pilot out of Southern Wisconsin flying Hawker 800s, but when I’m not doing that I love unique planes or ones that fly upside down. I originally became interested in aviation at EAA Oshkosh when I was 8, and I’ve... Read More »

Nancylee Malm     (Florida & Bahamas)

Nancylee Malm (Florida & Bahamas)

I’d like to introduce our newest LadiesLoveTaildraggers’ member, Nancylee Malm from West Palm Beach, Florida who spends a considerable amount of time at Marsh Harbour, Bahamas too. Typically, when I post a new member’s “pilot profile” I don’t include background details; how they happened upon our website or friends who may have introduced them to us. But in this... Read More »

Kendra Helvey     (Illinois)

Kendra Helvey (Illinois)

Kendra Helvey is based at C77, Poplar Grove Airport, Illinois. I got my license in 2003 but have been loving, photographing, painting, riding in and watching airplanes since childhood. I have had the amazing opportunity to ride in, sometimes taking the stick or yoke of some pretty amazing aircraft including a Grumman Goose, Ryan STA, P51, B17, B25, 400 hs Stearman and a C46 among others. I’v... Read More »

Kathryn Bost     (Illinois)

Kathryn Bost (Illinois)

Kathryn Bost is based at C77, Poplar Grove Airport, Illinois. Hello to all! I am a C77 (Poplar Grove) native. I am an FO for Skywest airlines and a CFI. I love vintage airplanes! I am a 99’s member and a third generation tail wheel and airline pilot! My mom was an FO at USAir and a captain in the Air Force. Looking forward to meeting everyone in September at the C77 gathering! Ratings: ATP, ... Read More »

Jessica Erin Thacker     (Illinois)

Jessica Erin Thacker (Illinois)

Jessica Erin Thacker is based at 11LL, Thacker Airport, Chenoa, Illinois. I have grown up in a world of aviation! My dad flies for United as a 777 captain. He and I are coworkers as I am a flight attendant for United. My family also flies for recreation at home. My dad was my instructor for my first solo flight and majority of my PPL requirements. I learned to fly in a Super Cub! I’ve always... Read More »

Bethany Root     (Kansas)

Bethany Root (Kansas)

Bethany Root is based at K59, Amelia Earhart Airport, Atchison, Kansas. Having an opportunity to fly in a Stearman for my first flight led me to the career and opportunities I have toady. As the new manager of the Amelia Earhart Airport and co-owner of McElwain Sprayers, as well as an aerial applicator I have an opportunity to fly and bring flying opportunities to others. Ratings: Multi-Commercial... Read More »

Cathy Babis     (Missouri)

Cathy Babis (Missouri)

Cathy Babis is based at H49, Sackman Field Airport, Columbia, Illinois. I soloed in 1970. Private Pilot in 1971. All the others earned by 1979; Commercial ASEL/MEL/Instrument, CFI ASEL/MEL/II Gold Seal – expired, Air Traffic Control Tower Operator.  I was in the Army as ATC and lived in Germany for 3 years. 1974 broke both feet in a skydiving accident. The majority of my flying happened in s... Read More »

Sarah Sudyn     (New York)

Sarah Sudyn (New York)

Sarah Sudyn is based at 9G3, Akron Airport, Akron, New York. I would like to earn my tailwheel endorsement, along with Instrument -CFI. Ratings: Private Pilot Aircraft flown: Piper Cherokee, Cessna 150 Dream taildragger: J-3 Cub Favorite things about taildragging: Low cost, low maintenance, and can pretty much take you anywhere Read More »

Jessica Voruda     (Wisconsin)

Jessica Voruda (Wisconsin)

Jessica Voruda is based at KOSH, Wittman Regional Airport, Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Where to begin… I’m a child of Oshkosh, Wisconsin so my love of aviation is rooted in an upbringing surrounded by the sights and sounds of the annual EAA Fly-Ins. I’ve seen just about every aircraft at one point or another as they flew over my back yard. From the B-2 to the Concorde and everything in b... Read More »

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