Mary Nolan     (Tennessee)

Mary Nolan (Tennessee)

Mary Nolan is based at 2M8, Charles W. Baker Airport, Millington, Tennessee. I’m a FedEx MD-11 pilot who’s been flying Taildraggers all my life. My latest thrill is a Super Decathlon. Tail wheels are so much more fun to fly!! Read More »

Jeanette Hibpshman     (California)

Jeanette Hibpshman (California)

Jeanette Hibpshman is based at O52, Sutter County Airport, Yuba City, California. First of all, I am married to the most wonderful guy around and we have 3 beautiful kids. My husband is an Air Force pilot and we’re hanging out at Beale AFB for his second tour here. We just bought our first plane, a 1994 Vans RV-4. I – AM – HOOKED! I got my license back in 1997 and after graduatin... Read More »

Ruthie Wells     (Indiana)

Ruthie Wells (Indiana)

Ruthie Wells flies when possible at airports around Indianapolis. I met Ruthie a few weeks ago at an Indianapolis area airport. She had ridden her bicycle nearly 10 miles on a very cold day to get there. Ruthie told me she rides that bike everywhere and it’s her only mode of transportation. That may be something you do in NYC but it’s a really difficult thing when you live way out in t... Read More »

Kathy Royer     (Florida)

Kathy Royer (Florida)

Kathy Royer is based at (7FL6) Spruce Creek Airport, Daytona Beach, Florida. Congrats to Kathy Royer who has a new baby in her hangar! “Just got an RV8. Sold the C180 I had a couple years ago, so very happy to have another plane. I think you saw this plane at Jimbob’s & Valerie Slocum’s hangar (at last year’s LLT fly-in).” Oh yes I did, and was it ever gorgeous. I... Read More »

Andrea Parker     (Washington)

Andrea Parker (Washington)

Andrea Parker is based at 1W1 Grove Field Airport, Camas, Washington and flies for Alaska Airlines. I started flying on my fifteenth birthday after my parents gave me a gift certificate for a few lessons to see if my constant talk of airplanes was “just a phase.” The rest is history… I’m thankful to have had my family and friends encouraging me over the years. It has been with their po... Read More »

Nicole Brill     (Nevada)

Nicole Brill (Nevada)

Nicole Brill is based at KRTS, Reno/Stead Airport, Reno, Nevada. I used to own the Aerobatic Company and Flight School, Inc. until divorced but I continue to fly the school’s Decathlon and other aircraft so I can work on my instrument. After my instrument, my main goal is to work on aerobatics so I can compete in the IAC in a Decathlon. I should note that I am deaf. I look forward to interac... Read More »

Karen Kalishek     (Wisconsin)

Karen Kalishek (Wisconsin)

Karen Kalishek is based at KGRB, Austin Straubel International Airport, Green Bay, Wisconsin. I began flying at the mid-century mark, got bitten by the aviation bug and have become increasingly passionate about flying over the past 8 years. Only a few weeks into lessons I discovered a deep attraction for antique aircraft and earned my tailwheel endorsement with ink still wet on the private pilot l... Read More »

Lucia Galgano     (California)

Lucia Galgano (California)

Lucia Galgano is based at KCMA, Camarillo Airport, Camarillo, California. Even though I own a Bonanza, my favorite airplane is a Citabria. Nothing like the visibility of the high wing tandem Citabria. Currently, I am a new CFI who is transitioning to the back seat — what a challenge! Lucia Galgano Ventura, CA Read More »

Wendy Hinchcliffe     (UK)

Wendy Hinchcliffe (UK)

Wendy Hinchcliffe is based at Spanhoe Airport, Spanhoe, England. I learned to fly straight after leaving school in the 1970s in a Cessna Aerobat. After getting my licence I joined a group flying a Chipmunk which I had seen flying and fallen in love with. Also met my husband there!! Bought a Piper PA20 Pacer with a friend and we had a lot of fun going to fly-ins and events. Stopped flying to start ... Read More »

Lindsay Petre     (Connecticut)

Lindsay Petre (Connecticut)

Lindsay Petre is based at KDXR, Danbury Municipal Airport, Danbury, Connecticut. I’m a private pilot/aviation enthusiast who started flying late(ish) in life and wish I had done it sooner! I own a c-152 but once I got my private ticket I went on to get a seaplane rating and am currently doing a tailwheel endorsement in a J-3. Both of these have been so much fun! In the spring I intend to sta... Read More »

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