Ursula Kaelberer   (Germany)

Ursula Kaelberer (Germany)

Ursula Kaelberer is based at EDTM, Baden-Württemberg Germany. I got my pilot licence in 1995. My husband and I restore and operate various antique airplanes in Germany. Aircraft flown: Piper Cup Curtiss Robin Taylorcraft L2M Dream taildragger: Spartan Executive Thoughts on taildragging: You feel and smell the spirit of the early days of aviation. Read More »

Rachel Scarbrough     (Texas)

Rachel Scarbrough (Texas)

Rachel Scarbrough is based at KAUS, Austin-Bergstrom Airport, Austin, Texas. I am a director of a competitive gymnastics team in Austin, TX. I have been coaching for over 10 years, and was a gymnast myself. I competed for the USA at the World Championships in 2001, and also qualified to the Olympic Trials in 2000. I just recently discovered my love for flying! I started working towards my private ... Read More »

Giacinta Bradley Koontz     (California)

Giacinta Bradley Koontz (California)

Giacinta Bradley Koontz (Bakersfield Meadows, California) I’ve been an aviation historian and author for over 20 years and am a close friend of Miriam Orr Seymour who authored the “Around the Rim Flight”. The “Pilota” cigar label is of Harriet Quimby, our original taildragger pilot of 1911-1912. Following Judy and Boyd’s perimeter flight with great interest. I a... Read More »

Lisa Mannina     (Louisiana)

Lisa Mannina (Louisiana)

Lisa Mannina is based at KNEW, Lakefront Airport, New Orleans, Louisiana. I am an Observer Pilot and patrol pipeline in a Citabria. I have flown it here and there, but would love to get my endorsement so I can fly by myself! Ratings: I have my PPL, Instrument, and currently working on my single engine commercial. Aircraft flown: Cessna 152, 172, 172RG; Piper Warrior; Citabria Favorite taildragger:... Read More »

Hannah Smith    (Idaho)

Hannah Smith (Idaho)

Hannah Smith is based at KCOE, Coeur d’Alene Airport – Pappy Boyington Field, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Hi! I hail from northern Idaho, where I got my PPL in the spring of 2017. I followed up with a tailwheel endorsement. Since then, I have been slowly working towards an instrument rating. I enjoy spending time outdoors, reading, and trying new things! Ratings: PPL Aircraft flown: Ce... Read More »

Angie Carswell     (Colorado)

Angie Carswell (Colorado)

Angie Carswell is based at KFNL, Northern Colorado Regional Airport, Fort Collins/Loveland, Colorado. My passion for flying started at a young age. Encouraged by my dad’s career in aviation, I grew up immersed in all things that fly. My goal for flying is marrying my love for animal conservation and my passion for flight by becoming a wildlife pilot in Alaska. I love to be where it’s w... Read More »

Annelie J Hubinette     (California)

Annelie J Hubinette (California)

Annelie J Hubinette is based at KWHP, Whiteman Airport, Los Angeles, California. I obtained my PPL through much endurance and support from many people and organizations who generously stood by me and my family. I long to fly full-time but am plodding along at a snails pace… Dream of flying for a “greater cause” such as with Missionary Aviation Fellowship, but the road seems very ... Read More »

Sarah Moore     (Oregon)

Sarah Moore (Oregon)

Sarah Moore is based at 4S2, Ken Jernstedt Airfield, Hood River, Oregon. I am a graphic designer by trade but an adventurer at heart. I hike as often as I can and plan vacations around remote adventures. After 10 years of sitting behind a computer I had a realization at the top of a mountain.  I thought, “how can I have this view everyday?” The next week, on Valentine’s Day, I went to the local FB... Read More »

Jordan Cantrell     (Tennessee)

Jordan Cantrell (Tennessee)

Jordan Cantrell is based at KBNA, Nashville International Airport, Nashville, Tennessee. Pre-med, racer in the Air Race Classic for the second year this summer, MTSU graduate, run the oldest bar in TN with my father, own a few Airbnb’s in Nashville, started my own flight company a few years ago. Ratings: Private single engine Seaplane single engine Working on instrument and glider ratings Aircraft... Read More »

Heather Hodge     (Arkansas)

Heather Hodge (Arkansas)

Heather Hodge is based at KVBT, Bentonville Municipal Airport/Louise M Thaden Field, Bentonville, Arkansas. My name is Heather Hodge and I was bitten by ‘the bug’ roughly two years ago. My family did not grow up in or near aviation thus I was exposed aviation a tad later in my life. However from the moment I took to the skies in a T6-Texan I have done everything possible to remain invo... Read More »

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