Serena Kamps     (Wisconsin)

Serena Kamps (Wisconsin)

Serena Kamps is based at KOSH, Wittman Regional Airport, Oshkosh, Wisconsin. My interest in flying didn’t begin until my teen years but once I had my first single-engine airplane ride with my uncle in a Grumman Yankee at the age of 16, I was hooked! I earned my private license about four years ago and currently have just over 200 hours. My training began in Piper J-3 Cubs at CubAir Flight in... Read More »

Sheryl Yeager     (Oregon)

Sheryl Yeager (Oregon)

Sheryl Yeager is based at 6K5, Sisters Eagle Air Airport, Sisters, Oregon. Currently teaching Flight Science at Sisters High School. Ratings Earned: CFII/MEI Aircraft Flown: C140, PA44/180, BE76/180, C172. C152 Dream Taildragger: Cessna 140 Read More »

Courtney Hintz     (Florida)

Courtney Hintz (Florida)

Courtney Hintz is based at KDTS, Destin Executive Airport, Destin, Florida. I am currently a flight surgeon in the US Air Force, stationed at Hurlburt Field, FL. I was hooked on flying as soon as I took off with my instructor for our first flight lesson in a Piper Cherokee 2 years ago. After my residency in internal medicine, I decided to become a flight surgeon so I could combine my two passions ... Read More »

Cherry Charters     (UK)

Cherry Charters (UK)

Cherry Charters is based at EGTO, Rochester Airfield, Kent. I am a self funded, 22 year old girl from Kent in England. I am currently studying for my ATPLs which I was incredibly lucky to receive a scholarship for, and have my first set of exams coming up in 2 weeks. My dream is to be a commercial pilot, either for an airline or as a bush pilot, as I adore travelling. It is what I do when I am not... Read More »

Anna Eppink     (California)

Anna Eppink (California)

Anna Eppink is based at KMYF, Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport, San Diego, California. I’ve loved flying since my earliest memories. I pestered my parents to learn when I was 13, soloed on my 16th birthday, and licensed shortly after turning 17. I took a hiatus in my 20s but am back! 6 years ago I learned to hang glide and enjoyed it so much I now have over 400 hours, fly long cross-countr... Read More »

Lisa Allen     (Idaho)

Lisa Allen (Idaho)

Lisa Allen is based at KBOI, Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho. I have been involved in aviation for about 17 years, through wildland firefighting and as a pilot. I love being in the air, whether it’s under a parachute or in an airplane or helicopter. I have been very fortunate to turn my passion for flying into a career. Every time I have had the opportunity to fly a tailwheel, I... Read More »

Rosemarie Abad Johnston     (Florida)

Rosemarie Abad Johnston (Florida)

Rosemarie Abad Johnston is based at KJAX, Jacksonville International Airport, Jacksonville, Florida. I am a person that loves people, nature, traveling & adventures. I have loved flying since my 4th grade school report on Amelia Earhart. I became a 1st grade school teacher for 3 years, then a Speech Pathologist working with severely hearing impaired kids for 4 years. Then I went to medical sch... Read More »

Ashley Kosturock     (Mississippi)

Ashley Kosturock (Mississippi)

Ashley Kosturock is based at MS82, Shade Tree Airport, Gulfport, Mississippi. I am a Graduate student at Mississippi State University, working towards my Masters in Aerospace Engineering. As an undergraduate student I was privileged with a UAV Pilot job, flying for the school before it became the Center of Excellence for the FAA. I learned to fly at Shade Tree Airport, the best grass strip around.... Read More »

Emily Daniel     (Texas)

Emily Daniel (Texas)

Emily Daniel is based at KCWC, Kickapoo Downtown Airport, Wichita Falls, Texas. I started flying when I was 13 with the dream of becoming an aerobatic pilot. Since then, I have logged around 800 hours, and have completed most of my ratings, with the hopes of finishing my MEI in 2017. While I have only begun my aerobatic training, I have learned a lot and am excited to keep learning. My husband and... Read More »

Julia Secker-Walker     (Massachusetts)

Julia Secker-Walker (Massachusetts)

Julia Secker-Walker is based at KBVY Beverly Municipal Airport and 2B2  Plum Island Airport, Newburyport, Massachusetts. I flew a clipped wing cub with a friend this summer… my first flight was at sunset over beautiful Lake Champlain in Vermont, formation flying with other dropzone planes. I instantly fell in love with the stick and rudder… wind in the cockpit… intuitiveness of t... Read More »

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