Simona Doxan     (Arizona)

Simona Doxan (Arizona)

Simona Doxan is based in Arizona and has flown out of E68 Estrella Sailport, AZ67 El Tiro Gliderport, A39 Ak-Chin Regional Airport and CHD Chandler Municipal Airport, Chandler, Arizona. I started flying sailplanes when I was a teenager and become a glider pilot when I was 19. Tow planes are mostly taildraggers and flying with them made me fall in love. After adding a power rating to my pilot licen... Read More »

Jessica Vysoky      (Illinois)

Jessica Vysoky (Illinois)

Jessica Vysoky is based at KCPS, St Louis Downtown Airport, Cahokia/St Louis.  Jessica is a student pilot who would like to earn her tailwheel endorsement. I am a former flight attendant turned airplane junkie. I plan to fly for the airlines eventually but want to make awesome memories along the way! I would love to have a tailwheel endorsement and seaplane rating at some point. I want to fly to b... Read More »

Lauren Williams     (North Carolina)

Lauren Williams (North Carolina)

Lauren Williams is flies at KJQF Concord Regional Airport, KUZA Rock Hill, & 14A Lake Norman Airpark, North Carolina. I have loved aviation since I was 4 years old. I have flown in a few different regions of the US including California and North Carolina. I am working toward becoming an airline pilot. I love taildraggers because they are the most fun to fly! Tailwheel airplanes also teach me s... Read More »

Marie Zeffer     (Michigan)

Marie Zeffer (Michigan)

Marie Zeffer is based at KARB, Ann Arbor Municipal Airport, Ann Arbor, Michigan.  After my first small plane ride at age 7, I wanted to be a pilot when I grew up. However, wearing corrective lenses prevented that. My 50th birthday present to myself was getting my private pilot license. I figured it was either then or never! I LOVE to fly and do it every chance I get! One of my favorite lessons dur... Read More »

Jennifer DiCecco     (New Mexico)

Jennifer DiCecco (New Mexico)

Jennifer DiCecco is based at 1N1, Sandia Airpark Estates East Airport, Edgewood, New Mexico.  Came from flying family. I like to fly low and slow without any particular place to go. Why do you love flying taildraggers?  The fun challenge that nose wheels don’t offer. What’s your dream taildragger?  C-180; Wilga (yes, I know); Tiger Moth! Airplanes flown:  Wag Aero Sportsman; Interstate... Read More »

Dorinda Morpeth     (Georgia)

Dorinda Morpeth (Georgia)

Dorinda Morpeth is based at KCSG, Columbus Airport, Columbus, Georgia. Started learning about airplanes as a teenager in the Civil Air Patrol in the Wash DC area. Got my private pilot licence at 40, and continued training thru CFI. Bought a 1961 Piper Colt that was a local airplane and flew it for many years. I had a long break from flying while the Colt was undergoing a total restoration, and dec... Read More »

Holly Roe     (Alabama)

Holly Roe (Alabama)

Holly Roe is based at KBHM, Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport, Birmingham, Alabama. I’m a retired ATC, now living the dream as a contract corporate pilot! Aircraft flown: Citabria, Luscombe, C177, C182, CE500 series, CE525, BE60/200/350/400 Dream taildragger: Beech Staggerwing Why do you love taildraggers?  They take you back to your roots as a pilot and keep you honest! Ratings... Read More »

Cayla McLeod     (Georgia)

Cayla McLeod (Georgia)

Cayla McLeod is based at GA2, Peach State Airport, Williamson, Georgia. I’m 17 and I have been flying since June! I joined the Candler Field Museum Youth Aviation Program almost 2 years ago and I started working on vintage aircraft to accumulate free flight time! I have around 30 flight hours (mainly in the Champ that my youth program restored) but I have been so lucky to fly many types of a... Read More »

Marissa Colclasure     (Indiana)

Marissa Colclasure (Indiana)

Marissa Colclasure is based at KLOU, Bowman Field, Louisville, Kentucky. Grew up around aviation…my dad flew, and I just fell in love with it as a kid. Now I get to fly with my kids! Aircraft Flown: J-3-65, 7ECA, PA28161/181, PA34200, C172, C182, C208, DHC-6, G-111, LR35/36, GIV, C525 CFII, MEI, Dispatcher Dream taildragger:  Betsey…she’s a red 450 Stearman at Planes of Fame Why ... Read More »

Mary Packard Tveitbakk     (Minnesota)

Mary Packard Tveitbakk (Minnesota)

Mary Packard Tveitbakk is based at KSGS, South St Paul Municipal Airport-Richard E Fleming Field, South St Paul, Minnesota. I began flying at the age of 19. After a fatal accident involving a fellow female pilot, instructor, and friend, I took a break. Now, at the age of 39, I am back with my old instructor and am working on my A&P, sport pilot, and instructor tickets. I am also currently rest... Read More »

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