Kathryn Brenner     (Illinois)

Kathryn Brenner (Illinois)

Kathryn Brenner is based at 88C, Palmyra Municipal Airport, Palmyra, Wisconsin. I’ve wanted to fly since I was three. I recently earned my sport license and I’m going into maintenance. Ratings: Sport Pilot with taildragger Aircraft flown: Sky Arrow CTLS Champion Taylorcraft Dream Taildragger: Cub Thoughts on taildragging: Taildraggers are more “real.” All I have for navigation is a compass and I l... Read More »

Fiona Macaskill     (UK)

Fiona Macaskill (UK)

Fiona Macaskill is based at EGBJ, Gloucestershire Airport, Staverton, England, UK. I’ve been flying fixed wing since 2013 but flew paragliders for 25 years before that. I love flying adventures and have flown in Australia, New Zealand, round Europe as well as the UK. I’m learning to fly on skis (taildragger D140) and land on glaciers in the French Alps. I’ve also done some aeroba... Read More »

Janet Davidson     (Maryland)

Janet Davidson (Maryland)

Janet Davidson is based at KFDK, Frederick Municipal Airport, Frederick, Maryland. I’m Scottish, lived in the USA since 2001 after being fortunate enough to move here with my husband. I flew for the airlines in the UK, had a part share in an L-4 Cub, then owned a Nanchang CJ-6A, which I brought with me when we moved to Oshkosh, WI. Since living in the US, I have been fortunate enough to have flown... Read More »

Kimmine Hudson     (Colorado)

Kimmine Hudson (Colorado)

Kimmine Hudson is based at 7CO0, Parkland Airport, Erie, Colorado. Can’t wait for next years LLT fly-in! Love this group and all the positive vibes it gives for women pilots!! Ratings: SEL Aircraft Flown: C172 C120 Schweitzer 2-33 (glider) Schweitzer 1-26 (glider) About taildragging: Love to fly low and slow and land where folks can’t drive. Read More »

Andrea McGilvray     (Texas)

Andrea McGilvray (Texas)

Andrea McGilvray is based at private grass strip about 10 minutes north (Medina TX) from TE90, Flying L Airport, Bandera, Texas. I love to fly! It started with a 2 seat Beaver ultralight in Canada. There you needed a minimum of 5 hrs. and I soloed at 4.5 hrs. I got my private license in 1987 in a Cessna 172. After I got my ultralight lisc, I dated my flight instructor and got to fly all kinds of a... Read More »

Lacy Pollard Waldron     (Michigan)

Lacy Pollard Waldron (Michigan)

Lacy Pollard Waldron is based at KAMN, Gratiot Community Airport, Alma, Michigan. I am a wife and mother to two little gems. I grew up around aviation. My Dad, Mom and brother are also pilots. Flying is a part of my DNA. It’s in my blood. It is a passion I have had since I was a small girl. I soloed a tri-pacer when I was 16, but never got my license. Fast forward to now, 29 years old, and r... Read More »

Ruth Jacobs     (Florida)

Ruth Jacobs (Florida)

Ruth Jacobs is based at F45, North Palm Beach County General Aviation Airport, West Palm Beach, Florida. I learned to fly in 1969 in a 1942 TCraft L2 on a grass strip in Kalamazoo, MI. Then bought Ercoupe, the 1959 C182 (My favorite), original rag wing C170, C170B with 180, STOL, bubble window, 30 inch tires (fun), then another C182 and another C182. I flew around the world landing on all 7 contin... Read More »

Liza Rupp     (Alaska)

Liza Rupp (Alaska)

Liza Rupp is based at PALH, Lake Hood Seaplane Base, Anchorage, Alaska. I moved to Alaska in 2015 and got my my PPL in Feb 2017. Just finished up my tailwheel endorsement last week. Ratings: PPL with tailwheel endorsement Aircraft flown: C150, C152, C172, Aeronca Champ 7GCBC Dream Taildragger: DeHavilland Beaver – of course! Thoughts on taildragging: Off airport access – that’s n... Read More »

Janet Lansburgh     (Oregon)

Janet Lansburgh (Oregon)

Welcome to Janet Lansburgh based at 6K5, Sisters Eagle Air Airport, Sisters, Oregon. Janet is the daughter of Brian Lansburgh, a #1 supporter of LadiesLoveTaildraggers who has donated thousands of dollars in CFI time and expenses in support of our scholarship fund. I am thrilled to see Janet flying the family C140 and read how life unfolds in a family who loves to fly. I’ve said it before and I’ll... Read More »

Stephanie Rankine     (Canada)

Stephanie Rankine (Canada)

Stephanie Rankine is based Baldwin (PB9), Georgina, Ontario, Canada. My Dad has been flying ‘forever’… we have a few planes and I was working on my pilot’s permit in our 180 hp C172 but have just switched over to training in a tailwheel now that we bought a Savage Cub. We have had an airplane in the yard since I was a baby. It was always a float plane, but didn’t real... Read More »

Ginger Home Cubellis     (Indiana)

Ginger Home Cubellis (Indiana)

Ginger Home Cubellis is based at I72, Westfield Airport, Westfield, Indiana. I’m a “mature” female, started flying in the early 80s while living in Atlanta. As a single mother of two in a “man’s job,” learning to fly was therapy for me. Focusing on a good preflight and flying took my mind off work. Got pvt. license and instrument rating while flying out of Peach... Read More »

Susan Staples     (Arizona)

Susan Staples (Arizona)

Susan Staples is based at KTUS, Tucson International Airport, Tucson, Arizona. I began falling in love with flying when I was four years old. My Dad and I would sit at the end of the runway in Binghamton, New York and have a picnic. I would stretch my neck as far as possible as we sat on the side of the road watching the underbelly of every landing. I never got tired of it. In my early teens, I wo... Read More »

Beth Egge    (Michigan)

Beth Egge (Michigan)

Beth Egge is based at Z98, Ottawa Executive Airport, Zeeland, Michigan and flies a ’46 Ercoupe. As of this moment, Beth is our newest member and I’m delighted to welcome her to LadiesLoveTaildraggers. For those that don’t know their birds, an Ercoupe is not a taildragger and Beth has no plans to fly one! Confused? I think Beth’s message will clear things up…… I ... Read More »

Jill Geary     (California)

Jill Geary (California)

Jill Geary is based at KSEE, Gillespie Field Airport, San Diego/El Cajon, California. I LOVE to fly. I flew for a living, and came home and flew my Pitts S-1S every day. Then one day (long story) it became clear that I needed to surrender my medical. It took me years before I could go to the airport and watch planes fly – I missed it so much it just became painful to stand by and watch…... Read More »

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