Lana Tollas     (Oregon)

Lana Tollas (Oregon)

Lana Tollas is based at KTTD, Portland-Troutdale Airport, Portland, Oregon. I’m the first in my family to fly airplanes. I started in high school and got very involved with a small flying club in North-Eastern Illinois. This was a very grassroots club, with a clubhouse, and a small fleet of 152s and 172s, a Sunday morning breakfast flight, and a “round table of knowledge.” It was... Read More »

Sherry Hensley     (Tennessee)

Sherry Hensley (Tennessee)

Sherry Hensley is based at 04TN Hensley Airpark, Chuckey, Tennessee. My first plane ride was in a P-26 that my brother bought and learned to fly. I was 10 years old and hooked for life! We bought a J3 cub in 1982 and I have been flying it ever since. Read More »

Willa Young     (California)

Willa Young (California)

Willa Young is based at KMYV Yuba County Airport, Marysville, California.  I have been a 99 since 1994. Flown my 1953 Bonanza for 22 years and still do. As of May 2016 we became proud owners of a completely re-built 1946 Champ named “Snoopy”. I have 20 hours in her and have completely fallen in love with this little tail dragger. Read More »

Lisa Williams     (Florida)

Lisa Williams (Florida)

Lisa Williams is based at KSGJ, Northeast Florida Regional Airport, St Augustine, Florida.  I am in the process of rebuilding a 1958 7EC Champ. I do not have my pilot certificate but plan on getting it in my husband’s Piper Pacer. We also have a 1929 KR 34 (Fairchild) biplane that we plan to rebuild after the Champ is completed. Very nice meeting you at Triple Tree. See you at the next event... Read More »

Molly Bryant     (Kansas)

Molly Bryant (Kansas)

Molly Bryant is based at KLWC, Lawrence Municipal Airport, Lawrence, Kansas. I am 17 years old, working on my private license. My whole family flies, and we just bought a restored super cruiser. Read More »

Erika DeLong     (Minnesota)

Erika DeLong (Minnesota)

Erika DeLong is based at 25D, Forest Lake Airport, Forest Lake, Minnesota.  I have been flying taildraggers for approximately 20 years. I bought and restored my Aeronca 7AC Champ and have been flying it since 2001. It’s my favorite aircraft of the three that I own. I work so I can fly airplanes, so I fly airplanes for work. I hold an ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, SES and typed in CL65, SF340.   ... Read More »

Debbie King     (Texas)

Debbie King (Texas)

Debbie King is based at KADS, Addison Airport, Dallas, Texas. I fly a Falcon 900 B/C/EX and warbirds. I’m stick & rudder master class training with Brian Lansburgh right now at Sisters Airport, Oregon.     Read More »

Karen Croskell     (Colorado)

Karen Croskell (Colorado)

Karen Croskell is based at CO8, Silver West Airport, Westcliffe, Colorado. August 2016 Update (And Karen, we hope you get to the next LLT fly in too!) I am back into flying again with our Aerotrek 220. It is 500#s lighter than our Super Cub was so it takes some getting used to, especially with flaperons. Turbulence? You can feel a rabbit fart! Hope to FINALLY get to some LLT fly ins! Original post... Read More »

Karen Luckraft      (Australia)

Karen Luckraft (Australia)

Karen Luckraft is based at New South Wales Airport, YWTO,  Wentworth, New South Wales, Australia. My son Peter and I decided that the Taildragger would be of great benefit flying between our properties for stock spotting. I originally learned to fly in a Jabiru then had to be tailwheel endorsed. That was more tricky as I was required to use a lot more rudder. I will admit flying my RANS Coyote has... Read More »

Monica Wyer     (UK)

Monica Wyer (UK)

Monica Wyer is based at EGLD, Denham Aerodrome, Buckinghamshire, England. Helicopter pilot (R44, 600hrs+) took up fixed wing flying on 2009. First plane was an RV6 (loved!) but not aerobatic enough. Current aircraft is a 2010 Christen Eagle II (G-KLAW) and I LOVE it. An absolute hoot to fly, outrageously powerful and fun to fly.   Read More »

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