Lisa got her Glider rating!

Yep, Lisa Martin is now Commercial Glider Rated! Way cool, Lisa and congratulations from ALL of us. You send the BEST pictures!!

It was a great weekend…now that it’s over! I get really stressed about checkrides and to really ice that cake, the weather was not ideal, but I made it. Whew!

I Passed Commercial Glider Checkride on Saturday at Cowley, WY!

Flying the Super Cub.

Flying back to be a Wing Runner next day

The next pictures is Matt taking off for his first flight of his checkride (He Passed, yeah!). Me being wing runner…which means I run along holding the upwind wing parallel to the ground until the glider gets enough speed that the wings start to fly.

Me being Wing Runner for Matt on his checkride

Detour over Big Horn Canyon and to Bridger, MT for lunch

On the Montana side

Yah, not going in to play Star Wars today. You wouldn't believe the gust patterns on the water...from here, there and everywhere...even circular patterns indicating vertical blasts of air flowing straight down. No thank you, don't feel like getting wet.

Down, down, down...the air has been solid and sweet. Not a ripple in 2 hours...til we get about here. Now's when I start day two of knowing what it feels like to be clothing in an old adjutator style washer.


We’ve got snow on the way now. I suppose flying will have to slow down for a few months, but I do have a set of snow skis that we bought this spring that I’ll be learning to fly with – soon as we get some good snow!

Lisa Martin

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  1. Abby Johnson says:

    WOW! These pics are awesome! Congrats on your rating…you seem like a very determined woman! I love it! Have a wonderful Christmas! My father in law has a champ we fly on skis in the winter and it is such a blast! Hows ski flying going for you? DId you get enough snow to go out yet?

    1. Lisa Martin says:

      No, still lamenting our lack of snow so far this year. Last year we had heavy snow cover on the ground for 4 months! It would be okay if we got a set of retractables, because there is plenty of snow about 30 miles from us. So, I’m still just working on my 3 point landings on dry ground – I’m much more comfortable on the wheels (cuz I can see).

  2. Congratulations! Lisa!!! Great pictures!!

    1. Lisa Martin says:

      Thanks Jeanne. I have one more item on my list before starting to study for my instructor rating (I have 2 years before I need that next rating / biennial now) – aerobatics training. The latest ag-pilot magazine arrived on Thursday and there was a great article about training from Wayne Handley in an Extra300. He has his whole lesson plan online and it sounds awesome. I’m hoping to go to him in the spring…unless get a different recommendation advised ­čÖé

      1. Jeanne says:

        Wayne Handley will be excellent. Mike Campbell from Dutton flew with Wayne and said it was outstanding instruction.

  3. Anne Wright says:

    Congratulations, Lisa!

  4. Lisa Martin says:

    Thanks again. Yes…we do not have very much flat land around here. My husband, when sitting in the back seat, just loves to pull the power at the most inopportune moments and ask, “What are you going to do now?” At least I have a lot more options now that I’m flying a Cub, as compared to my last airplane – a Comanche.

  5. Helen says:

    Lisa, you take the most amazing pictures!… for us “flatlanders”, it’s a real treat. Congratulations on the new ticket!

  6. Neroli says:

    Well done, awesome achievement, Lisa!

  7. Lisa Martin says:

    Thank you.

  8. Grant says:

    Congratulations on the rating! Wonderful photos.