To the uninitiated an airplane is an airplane but to those who fly, the word "taildragger" can elicit emotions ranging from love and affection to out right fear. In aviation terms "taildragger" helps to identifie where the landing gear is located. Most general aviation airplanes have a nose wheel in the front and main-gear just behind, like a tricycle.  A taildragger has the same type of main-gear with one significant difference: a small wheel under the tail. It's a tiny change that makes a big difference. Taxiing, taking off and landing are more than routine; they become an adventure!

MISSION: To encourage women everywhere to have fun flying taildraggers!

This blog isn’t about ratings, hours in the logbook or owning an award winning airplane.  It is about flying taildraggers just for the fun of it, introducing more women to aviation and encouraging women (and men) to join the wonderful world of conventional aircraft!


DSC_0279 from Ray JohnsonLadiesLoveTaildraggers is hosted by Judy Birchler, a private pilot with an obsession for flying tailwheel aircraft. She is a Type 1 diabetic who reluctantly gave up her flying privileges in the time before FAA waivers for Type 1 and “Light Sport Pilot” existed. After a long hiatus and thrilled to be flying again, Judy founded the organization “LadiesLoveTaildraggers” to find other like minded ladies and spread her love of flying taildraggers.


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