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Help Stamp Out Nosewheels!!

Help Stamp Out Nosewheels!!

How does a young woman who loves to fly, and REALLY wants to fly a taildragger, come up with the bucks to pay for it? It can be tough and extra money to spend on flying lessons can be hard to come by. In this case the answer lies with Jessica Voruda who is proving that think... Read More »

Vlad Karpayev: RV-9A builder and so much more

Vlad Karpayev: RV-9A builder and so much more

Pilots are the most resourceful and coolest people I know. Believe it or not, some of them are even men!   (5 minutes published and I’ve already heard I’m “male-bashing”. FYI men, 2 back-to-back posts about men on LadiesLoveTaildraggers.) “Resou... Read More »

2015 LadiesLoveTaildraggers Fly-in!

The countdown’s begun for our next LadiesLoveTaildraggers Fly-in. Follow the links to all the fly-in details and how to get your fly-in tshirt!

Final tshirts

Look out Texas, here we come! The 2015 LLT Fly-in runs Friday, May 29 till Sunday, May 31 at KSLR, Sulphur Springs, TX. Everyone welcome but pre-registration required. Tshirts are pre-sale only and will be mailed to you 2 weeks before the fly-in. 

2015 Texas Fly-in Details & Registration Pre-order your LLT Fly-in tshirt

Our Mission

To encourage women everywhere to have fun flying taildraggers!

This blog isn’t about ratings, hours in the logbook or owning an award winning airplane. It is about flying taildraggers just for the fun of it. We introduce ladies to aviation and encourage women (and men) to join the wonderful world of conventional aircraft!

Lady tailwheel pilots around the world
“This is why you should get your pilot’s license”, Swayne Martin

“This is why you should get your pilot’s license”, Swayne Martin

Here’s a video by Swayne Martin that totally rocks! This high school senior shows us all “This is why you should get your pilot’s license! A year in the life of a private pilot.” Great music and awesome to the max! Live it! Do it! Fly it! Get out there people, none of us are ... Read More »

Rhonda Ellisor     (Texas)

Rhonda Ellisor (Texas)

Rhonda Ellisor is based at Sandy Creek, an uncharted grass strip between Huntsville and Conroe, Texas, I am a student pilot that is learning in my very own 1954 Cessna 170. I also have quite a few hours in my instructor/boyfriend’s Cessna 185, L-19 Bird Dog and his beautiful 1960 Beech G18. He... Read More »

Dawn Wavle Rogers     (Kansas)

Dawn Wavle Rogers (Kansas)

Dawn Rogers and her husband are based at their uncharted grass strip south of Wichita, Kansas. I have been flying since 2007. My husband Ross Rogers and I live on our own grass strip south of Wichita (uncharted). We have a Cessna 140 and a 172. Last fall we bought a Stearman. I’m looking forwa... Read More »


If you’re a woman who would like to join you only need recorded flying time in a tailwheel aircraft. We love student pilots!

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Robin Hadfield, you are awesome!

Robin Hadfield, you are awesome!

Some women care and want to learn how all the various systems of their aircraft work together – they want to be mechanically knowledgeable. Some are OK with “the mag check is good, oil pressure is good, it’s running smooth, must be good to go.” But every once in a while the m... Read More »

Introducing young girls to flying

Introducing young girls to flying

This post submitted by lady taildragger pilot Lynn Gardner. On March 7th I was pleased to participate in introducing a group of young girls to flying. Held in Ocala, Florida, we had 20 young girls attend a morning event sponsored by the local EAA chapter and coordinated by CarolAnn Garratt. The grou... Read More »

Shannon Perdue     (Texas)

Shannon Perdue (Texas)

Shannon Perdue is based at 50F, Bourland Field Airport, Fort Worth, Texas. I’m a third generation pilot, thanks to dad and grandpa before me! I’ve been around planes my whole life, but didn’t find my passion for it until I was 18. I’ve been hooked ever since! I’m curren... Read More »

Elaine OConnor     (Texas)

Elaine OConnor (Texas)

Elaine OConnor is based at TE86, Heritage Airfield, New Berlin, Texas. Want to pursue learning to fly a boat hull amphib. Started training in an Aventura & loved it but didn’t finish checkout for water & tailwheel endorsements. My Aventura ck out is on hold because I can’t find a... Read More »

Laurie Probst     (Wisconsin)

Laurie Probst (Wisconsin)

Laurie Probst flies out of both KMWC, Lawrence J Timmerman Airport, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and 57C East Troy Municipal Airport, East Troy, Wisconsin. I have my tailwheel endorsement (Maule Scholarship recipient Ninety-Nine in 2006). Wished I owned one, but currently fly my boyfriend’s Taylorcraf... Read More »

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