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NFlightcam’s P51 Contest

NFlightcam’s P51 Contest

From I want to win this!!! Too awesome not to pass on.    Win a Ride in a P51 Mustang! No purchase necessary to enter, simply enter your email below. We will randomly select one lucky winner on December 25, 2015. You do not have to live in the United Stat... Read More »

LadiesLoveTaildraggers TX Fly-in CANCELLED

LadiesLoveTaildraggers TX Fly-in CANCELLED

Just in from Joey Baker @ KSLR: This afternoon’s thunderstorms tore part of the roof off the KSLR terminal building, Ag-Cat is on top of the fuel trucks and doors are blown in at Legend Cub. Other damage is being evaluated. The LadiesLoveTaildraggers KSLR Texas Fly-in ... Read More »

Our Mission

To encourage women everywhere to have fun flying taildraggers!

This blog isn’t about ratings, hours in the logbook or owning an award winning airplane. It is about flying taildraggers just for the fun of it. We introduce ladies to aviation and encourage women (and men) to join the wonderful world of conventional aircraft!

Lady tailwheel pilots around the world
Katie Pribyl    (Virginia)

Katie Pribyl (Virginia)

Katie Pribyl is based at KFDK, Frederick Municipal Airport, Frederick, Maryland. I grew up on a cattle ranch in Montana and much of my early exposure to GA was backcountry flying in taildraggers. So when it came time to make my first airplane purchase, it’s where I naturally gravitated. I purc... Read More »

Stephanie Foster      (Oklahoma)

Stephanie Foster (Oklahoma)

Stephanie Foster is based at KMKO, Davis Field Airport, Muskogee, Oklahoma. I fly a Super Decathlon. My husband and I came to the Savanah LLTD fly-in in 2012 and had a great time. I recently retired and am hoping to get more play time to spend with airplanes! I did just have surgery and am... Read More »

Who’s coming to the LadiesLoveTaildraggers Fly-in?

Who’s coming to the LadiesLoveTaildraggers Fly-in?

Heads up to all the ladies coming to our LLT fly-in. Check out your old friends and soon to be new friends registered to attend our KSLR Fly-in. Sorry to say I’m missing a bunch of ladies pictures. If you’ve registered but are not included, please email me a picture!  Remember, rain or s... Read More »


If you’re a woman who would like to join you only need recorded flying time in a tailwheel aircraft. We love student pilots!

Register here
What you need to know: LLT Texas Fly-in

What you need to know: LLT Texas Fly-in

What you need to know if you’re coming to the LadiesLoveTaildraggers Texas Fly-in at KSLR Whatever the weather gods bring on, the fly-in’s still on May 29 – 31 and early arrivals are still welcome Thursday, May 28. Get there if you can. The Dallas/Sulphur Springs area has moved fro... Read More »

To: Ladies looking for a taildragger flying job

To: Ladies looking for a taildragger flying job

 Message on the Facebook LadiesLoveTaildraggers Group Tamara Latimer Griffith,‎  Ladies Love Taildraggers “Passing along – anyone with tailwheel experience, looking for that pilot job. There is an opening in Midland Texas with KCSI. 800TT. They use Citabrias.  I’d love to see a lad... Read More »

Hashtag #LLTFlyin

Hashtag #LLTFlyin

Announcing the Social Media Hashtag for the LadiesLoveTaildraggers Texas Flyin! We’re going to be using hashtag #LLTFlyin at Sulphur Springs and encourage you to Tweet the same. How to use hashtags Lesson: Simply put, a #hashtag is a method of organization for social media. The “pound si... Read More »

Jill Manka     (Florida)

Jill Manka (Florida)

Jill Manka is based at KGIF, Winter Haven’s Gilbert Airport, Winter Haven, Florida. Greetings All! My name is Jill Manka. Before 2006, I thought the only use for an airplane was to take me from one meeting to another. Most of my life was spent in airports and on big airliners as a passenger. I... Read More »

Lupita A. Wisener     (Texas)

Lupita A. Wisener (Texas)

Lupita A. Wisener is based at 3F9, Mineola Airport-Wisener Field, Mineola, Texas. I began managing Mineola-Wisener Airport 2 years ago and began learning about aviation and the rich history of the airport which was established on July 4, 1917 by the U.S. Army Signal Corp. I have been offered rides i... Read More »

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Judy BirchlerJacquie Warda's Extra 300. Jacquie's tagline "Be Fit, Be Strong, Fly Like a Girl!"1 hour ago   ·  2
Rohaise Firth-ButterfieldJackie B is awesome, she gave me lots of tips when I met her!26 minutes ago

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Soooo Ladies!!! Who wants to visit NC for a "Ladies ONLY" weekend FlyIn in Sept? Our options are Sept 3-6 or Sept 17-20. We are limited to about 15 aircraft ( 20 tops). Grass field 3000x100 near Charlotte. ... See MoreSee Less

3 hours ago

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Anne Scheer WrightCount me in! I prefer the later date, but will come either way.3 hours ago
Ruthie WellsI would love to but than Oshkosh would be out.2 hours ago
Kelly Poetzman JeffriesAircraft is plural. You don't need to say aircrafts. Like moose is plural for moose.2 hours ago
Julie JetzerThanks for the correction; updated accordingly.2 hours ago
Anne Scheer WrightBut the question is, Kelly, Are you going????2 hours ago
Kathleen Doran HegenbergerDaggon it....I will still be in Montana50 minutes ago
Kelly Poetzman JeffriesI will be a very junior captain in September, my life won't be my own. But it sounds lovely.45 minutes ago

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I don't make them up, I just share them......... ... See MoreSee Less

7 hours ago

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Ruthie Wells7 hours ago   ·  1
Brian LansburghNow, now, that's really not fair... FUNNY, but not fair!7 hours ago   ·  1
Peggy Thorne-ChurchI am laughing out loud!7 hours ago
Dudley HenriquesDon't laugh too loudly folks... unless you can maintain a T38 on final at 150 plus fuel without setting up an unrecoverable sink rate. Love the tail wheels.....but there are some REALLY hot nose gear flying machines out here that can get your FULL attention REAL FAST ! :-)))7 hours ago   ·  1
Dennis ForsterWHAT... how dare you discriminate against "Nosewheel" Pilots! We just do it backwards is all! :)6 hours ago
Dudley HenriquesNo sweat Shannon. I love tail wheels :-))6 hours ago
LD Jeffrieshahahaaaaaaaa!!!!6 hours ago   ·  2
Brian LansburghDennis' post reminds me about the famous retort about Ginger Rogers: " She did everything Fred Astaire did... only she did it backwards in high heels!"6 hours ago   ·  4
Terry NormanOMG! This is hilarious!5 hours ago
Robin HadfieldYea! She has that right! Wait, so I have a nosewheel and tail wheel plane, does that mean we go both ways??? :-)5 hours ago   ·  1
Brian LansburghWould that be "bi-wheelie"? Hmmm, I gotta think about that!5 hours ago   ·  1
Rick CahillHa ha! Loser!5 hours ago   ·  1
Scott SewellHell Brian you had to keep your hands off the controls so that Ace the Wonder Dog could fly. That had to be difficult.4 hours ago
Brian LansburghNot really. We had agreed that the most intelligent occupant would be pilot in command. She would have to wake me from my nap from time to time...4 hours ago   ·  1
Danny CrawfordOuch. Lol!3 hours ago
LD JeffriesYour bi-planer Robin!3 hours ago
Peter Ashby Sr108-3 if shes interested! :)3 hours ago

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NEW GROUP! Please join if you interested in flying in North America. ... See MoreSee Less

16 hours ago

Ruthie Wells shared The Greatest Generations Foundation's post to the group: Ladies Love Taildraggers. ... See MoreSee Less

Friends, Seven decades after she flew Spitfires for Britain, WWII vet soars again. This used to be her job, flying the iconic Spitfire fighter over Britain's countryside. Now, seven decades later, Joy Lofthouse got the chance to do it all over again. The 92-year-old veteran of Britain's World War II-era Air Transport Auxiliary recently got the chance to go back up in one of the surviving Spitfires, and she even got to fly it for a bit. "I'm incredible to be in a Spitfire again after so long," she told the BBC. "I'm so lucky to be given a chance to fly in it again." Lofthouse's role during World War II was to ferry aircraft from factories to Royal Air Force units across the country. Hundreds of men and women worked for the auxiliary, helping move dozens of different varieties of aircraft. But it was the nimble Supermarine Spitfire that became the icon of the RAF during the Battle of Britain air campaign over England and which Lofthouse said other pilots would later look on her enviously for having flown. She said in a 2011 interview with Focus Business Communications that bomber pilots who flew with her late husband often wanted to hear about her experiences with the plane during post-war reunions. "They all say we'd have given our right arm to fly a Spitfire," she said. During her flight to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Germany in World War II, Lofthouse said she was "excited but aware of my age." "It's hard to describe the feeling, but it almost makes one feel young again," she said. Donate to TGGF this Memorial Day #greatestgeneration #army #marines #navy #coastguard #WWII #veterans #pearlharbor #abcnews #nbcnews #cbsnews #foxnews #freedom #usa #thankyou #letsneverforget #tggf #military #memorialday #givetoday Order Your Memorial Day T-Shirt Today Remember Those Who Served The Greatest Generations Foundation

17 hours ago

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Brian LansburghWhat a great set of pics!7 hours ago
CloudDancer SezMomma CloudDancer's English "sister"! GRATE wimmenz all! Sa-a-a-a-LUTE!6 hours ago
Brian LansburghWhat the hell did he say?6 hours ago

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Just tossing this 2016 fly in location out there. What about East coast, Manteo, NC KMQI. Attendees could fly 6 miles over to First Flight Airfield, park your plane, walk over and tour the Wright Brothers Museum. Plenty of great ocean view hotels in area to use as fly in HDQ and other interesting things to do. Just an idea if you've never been and this is on your BUCKET LIST to land at airport where it all began for us in the USA. Just steer clear of hurricane season wink wink.
... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

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Anne Scheer WrightI think we're confirmed for Poplar Grove IL (C77) for 2016. Good suggestion for a future fly-in, though.3 days ago   ·  4
Lisa MartinAre there tornadoes there?3 days ago
Anne Scheer WrightWorse, Lisa: liberal Democrats!3 days ago   ·  3
Ruthie WellsIndiana usually gets the tornadoes they just skip Illinois3 days ago
Sherra DavenportSounds great to us.3 days ago
Kelly Poetzman JeffriesWhat about NC Sept 2015?3 days ago   ·  1
Julie JetzerI guess I better get on it, right Kelly Poetzman Jeffries? LOL We have our community Fly-in the last weekend of Sept but not sure if we should share or not...what do you ladies think?? I'm also open to the first weekend and third weekend of Sept too. Open to suggestions!! SORRY GUYS...GIRLS ONLY!!! This is a weekend of doing hair, nails and running around in our PJs no fun AT ALL for the MEN... right girls??? Wink, Wink!!!3 days ago   ·  4
Kathleen Doran HegenbergerI brought this up last year.....also, Jekyll Island but I think there is some trepidation about flying over the mtns for some and its a far piece to go for mid landers. There are also a bunch of MOA's and military air space around there that some folks didn't want to deal with. I think it's a great idea myself, but would encourage it during May or Sept when its not so crowded.3 days ago   ·  1
Kimberly LynnNorth or South Carolina for LLT would be excellent for a future location! I'm on board & happy to be involved with planning!3 days ago   ·  2
Julie JetzerKimberly Lynn you just might be my new BF. How's your schedule in Sept?3 days ago   ·  1
Kimberly LynnGreat! Bc I graduate with my PhD in early August & takin' it easy for a bit!3 days ago   ·  1
Kaitlin MrozIf you guys still want to fly somewhere in Texas or have a hotel booked you can't get out of there's a fly in at HYI this weekend. Very similar to LLT activities (poker run, safety seminar, etc etc etc) days ago
Jill Wood TallmanActually the Bluebonnet flyin was postponed to June 6.1 day ago   ·  1
Kaitlin MrozGo figure. Oh well. I think I'm gonna head off to Vegas this weekend then... Nothing to do here any more!1 day ago

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Cupola was blown off the KSLR terminal building. ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

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Anne Scheer WrightYikes! I hope no-one was hurt down there!4 days ago

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I really want to thank Judy Birchler for all she has done towards this event. It was not her fault that mother nature had other ideas. We all need to give her a big hug of support. ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

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Peg Ballou((((((Hug!)))))))3 days ago   ·  1

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