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Jennifer Zadorozniak     (Canada)

Jennifer Zadorozniak (Canada)

Jennifer Zadorozniak is based at CYYJ, Victoria International Airport, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I’m 33 years old and live in Victoria, BC Canada. My great grandfather flew in the Canadian Air Force, so I believe there was something genetically leading me tow... Read More »

Deanna Bender     (Washington)

Deanna Bender (Washington)

Deanna Bender is based at KTIW, Tacoma Narrows Airport, Tacoma, Washington. My dream job since I was a kid was to be a stewardess, but had I known, I could have been a pilot!! Oh life would have been so different. Then along came this man and his taildragger and my life has ... Read More »

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To encourage women everywhere to have fun flying taildraggers!

This blog isn’t about sitting on the ground dreaming about flying. It’s about empowering women to live their dream of flying a taildragger – just for the fun of it! We introduce ladies to aviation and encourage women to join the wonderful world of conventional gear aircraft. Ladies, membership is free. Please join us!

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Billion Dollar Scrap Heap: Walnut Ridge Airport

Billion Dollar Scrap Heap: Walnut Ridge Airport

It’s a Boeing 737 and I am NOT flying it! It is a retired and firmly planted 737 based at KARG, Walnut Ridge Airport, now living life as the Parachute Inn Restaurant. If you’re passing through northeast Arkansas, do yourself a favor and stop at the expansive Walnut Ridge Airport and have... Read More »

Sabrina Kipp     (Pennsylvania)

Sabrina Kipp (Pennsylvania)

Sabrina Kipp is based at 08N, Keller Brothers Airport, Lebanon, Pennsylvania. I’m a professional pilot, been flying for over 40 years in all types of aircraft. Currently a Captain on a Boeing 737 for a major airline. In addition, my husband and I own a 1946 Stinson 108 and I volunteer with the... Read More »

The Ultimate Taildragger Checkout

The Ultimate Taildragger Checkout

 via GIPHY Very cool news about one of my favorite lady taildragger pilots, Julie Thomas. With just one more hour required, she’s counting the days to a brand new type rating in a DC-3! Julie received training in this Douglas DC-3, N28AA, previously owned by Ron Alexander, now owned by Jim ... Read More »

Brenda LaMott     (Idaho)

Brenda LaMott (Idaho)

Brenda LaMott is based at KBOI, Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho. I learned to fly in dad’s 1952 C170B in Eastern Oregon’s back country. Soloed on 16th birthday. Check-ride when I was 17. Then life happened. Life and career happened and I stopped flying for 12 years. Got back in the air ... Read More »

‘Bed, Breakfast & Beyond’, a Travel Registry for Aviators

‘Bed, Breakfast & Beyond’, a Travel Registry for Aviators

Welcome to “Bed, Breakfast & Beyond for Aviators“, the new LadiesLoveTaildraggers’ travel registry for pilots. Pilots are the friendliest, most interesting people on the planet and usually enjoy meeting fellow aviators, swapping stories and making new flying friends. This regis... Read More »

Fanny Leroy     (Canada)

Fanny Leroy (Canada)

Fanny Leroy is based at CYPK, Pitt Meadows Airport, Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada. I was born and raised in France in the Alps and moved to Canada 5 years ago. I got my PPL in Quebec City before moving to the west coast where I did my CPL in the Vancouver area. I finished my CPL last July a... Read More »

Emmy Dillon     (Kansas)

Emmy Dillon (Kansas)

Emmy Dillon is based at KOJC, Johnson County Executive Airport, Olathe, Kansas. I’m an Aviation Systems & Human Factors engineer for Garmin International. I’m a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aerobautical University – Daytona Beach and am currently completing my Master’s Degree through ERAU. I’v... Read More »

Grace Assan     (South Africa)

Grace Assan (South Africa)

Grace Assan is from Durban, South Africa. She is a student pilot receiving instruction at KVPZ, Porter County Regional Airport, Valparaiso, Indiana. I have loved flying ever since I was in high school but my parents could never afford to pay for my studies. I created an investment fund to save up fo... Read More »

Sonya Loving     (Florida)

Sonya Loving (Florida)

Sonya Loving is based at X60, Williston Municipal Airport, Williston, Florida. I am a RN. My husband has flown for about 8-years so I decide to give it a try — and enjoy it! While we were living in Ohio my husband decide to get his taildragger endorsement so I gave it a try! The view coming in... Read More »

Megan Woods     (Florida)

Megan Woods (Florida)

Megan Woods is based at GNV, Gainesville Regional Airport, Gainesville, Florida. Working on my instrument, CFI, and taildragger ratings! Ratings: SEL, MEL Aircraft flown:  Piper Warrior, 172, Skyhawks, M6, Caravan, Aztec Dream Taildragger: Otter Read More »


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I just want to record for posterity that every now and then the stars align and I have a good landing. 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago


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Top job!!

Beautiful!! Nice job!

Well done

Looks like you just arrived 🙂.

That's awesome. The pavement is for sissies who can't handle dirt.


Oh yes!! 🙂



Very nice!

I bet that happens more often than not.

Is this at your home drove? So nice they have a real strip available sans all that fancy pavement.


Yes!!! 👍🏻

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Does anybody use AIG for their aircraft insurance? ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago


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What acft do you need to insure? I have & highly recommend Ladd Gardner Insurance...

We use Hardy Aviation Insurance, Inc, they have great prices and are awesome to work with!

I have AIG though AOPA.


Thank you everyone for giving me your input I am waiting to hear back from most of the aircraft insurance agencies that you have all recommended I currently have avemco however it's looking like a i g maybe the best quote comparing Apples to Apples

I have AIG through regal aviation

I believe there are only 5 Insurance Carriers that do business in the US

Try Kimmel Insurance Agency. They'll get you the best rates.

I ran into what Dan just explained. Once the first agent gets a quote the rest are locked out

I have AIG through Mountain Air Insurance. I haven't had any complaints. I haven't made any claims though, so not experienced in how they deal with that.

Don’t use aig. They took bailout money.

Just remember that the first rule of insurance companies is to find a reason not to pay. They are evil. And they have a tremendous amount of power.

I have used AIG for several years as they come in with the best rate for the coverage that I desire. I normally carry high limits with full medical coverage on three aircraft. I have never had a claim. I always use SkySmith Insurance in Akeny Iowa. Scott Smith is the owner. He is a pilot and writes regularly for several aircraft magazines. very personal attentive service.

Butler brown only company I will use

I recommend Victoria at aviation insurance resources!

I use Lima Bravo out of Loves field. Lee is the best, a lady tailwheel pilot and will research best coverage for best fee

I’ve had AIG for a few years through USAA who uses Falcon Insurance as the broker for aviation related policies. I got an additional discount for being an EAA member.

Another good choice is Lee Blankenship (a LLTD member!) who has always treated us well! Her # is (386) 589-0322

Lee is great. She writes the policies on both of my TW crafts

Best Broker in the business- FACER INSURANCE, Rantoul, IL. 217-892-2147. Works hard for you, not the underwriters. They'll find the best policy for your situation- Which will usually be cheaper than shopping for one yourself.

LimaBravo Aviation Ins. Best there is!!! Lee is a taildragger Pilot.

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Gayla Maas shared 3rd Coast Squadron's post to the group: Ladies Love Taildraggers.
Gayla Maas

January 22, 1944, On this day~WASP pilots train at Laredo Army Air Force Base, Texas, United States, note B-26 Marauder, AT-6 Texan, and C-56 Lodestar aircraft in background. ... See MoreSee Less

7 hours ago

Ryan Mohr shared Flight Flix's video to the group: Ladies Love Taildraggers.
Ryan Mohr

Flight Flix
Rock Steady customer shot of the day showing Smoke N Rolls in HD. Awesome as always @laraaisaac .

Preferred mount for an I-strut is a Rock Steady Strut mount.

#ladieslovetaildraggers #gopropilot #pilotgopro #inverted #christianeagle #taildragger #tailwheel #biplane #flyinggopr
... See MoreSee Less

10 hours ago

stolen from a friend. wish i had these! ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

stolen from a friend. wish i had these!


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How much can you buy a good taildragger for? And does insurance go by TD time or total? I'm so curious to look into this.... ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago


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The more taildragger time you have will make a difference on insurance. Total time is important, but TW and time in type is on everyone's application. As far as price of a "good taildragger", that depends on what you are considering. Do you need 2 place or 4 place? Or, maybe a single place is all you are looking for? How much avionics do you insist on? Do you need perfect paint and interior? Let us know what purpose you are wanting to fit, and we can help you further, with better information.

Joe Abrahamson just mentioned a Champ that is coming on the market in AZ. Give him a bump. Around 20k iirc?

Have a friend selling a nice Cessna 120. Garmin 430, etc. in it. $24K

You can get a nice Pietenpol for $10-13K, so again, it all depends on the purpose.

Call Dean or Mike at DelBene and Associates for insurance: 773-767-1400

The guidelines depend on the particular underwriter. Most will require 100 hours total time and 15-20 in type with a CFI sign-off.

I have a friend with a C170 for sale $34,000 Not a bad 4 seater.

Whatever you do please, please, pretty please with sugar on top get a good pre-purchase inspection done by a competent mechanic knowledgeable in the type of aircraft you intend to purchase!

My old C-140 is for sale. $24k. New engine and prop.

I have my 1947 108-1 Stinson for sail total restoration in 2015 $28500.00

Hey Juli-Anne Warll. I know of a completely restored Luscombe for sale. It’s a beautiful plane. Let me know if that’s what you are looking for Also know if an American Legend Cub for a good price. I know the history on both of these planes! Text me if interested 386 451 3791

After reading all of the comments I think the first thing we need would be your budget. For example, why waste your time looking at expensive planes when you are really looking for a $15k-$20k plane? On the flip side, why waste time looking at older planes when your budget is $75k-$125k?

Carlos Rodz. That would be great

Another reason for stating a budget: I have my T41a (not a taildragger but works for my point about the budget) which I love but I'm not "in love" with it. For the right price, even though it went through a very detailed 18 month restoration and it's flying like a dream, I'd still be willing to sell it because everything has a price. What I'm trying to say is that if you state a budget someone here who owns a plane might consider selling you their current plane to then upgrade to another one. Win-win for both ! Another thing is to let us know how far are you willing to go to buy it. When I was looking for mine I found great ones all the way in New York or California. After flying to see a few of them I decided I wasn't going to keep spending so much money flying to see them far away and stuck to looking for a closer one. I ended up buying one in Mississippi and flying it here to Texas.

Wow! I haven't checked in on here in a few days. Thanks for all the options and input! I am not in the buying realm yet I'm in the tossing around possibilities phase and trying this on for size mentally since getting my taildragger rating last summer. But your comments are already getting me thinking about needs such as seating etc, some aircraft I'm not familiar with at all, and inspections and such. Now I'm more curious and will look into some of these things and have a lot of this advice in the back of my mind. Thanks again to all.

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