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The LadiesLoveTaildraggers “Haunted Flying Tour” Itinerary & Registration

The LadiesLoveTaildraggers “Haunted Flying Tour” Itinerary & Registration

LADIES LOVE TAILDRAGGERS HAUNTED FLYING TOUR September 30 – October 6, 2018 JOIN US FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK OF GHOSTLY FLYING FUN! Taildraggers expected – Nosedraggers accepted Camp under your wing or carpool to motels All adventurous flyers welcome! For those that ch... Read More »

Amy Reiss     (Pennsylvania)

Amy Reiss (Pennsylvania)

Amy K Reiss is based at KXLL, Allentown Queen City Municipal Airport, Allentown, Pennsylvania. I am currently building hours for my commercial rating and working to finish up my Bachelor’s in Aeronautics by this fall. I first started flying January 29, 2017 and just go... Read More »

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Sneha Harish’s LOVE STORY  (Hong Kong)

Sneha Harish’s LOVE STORY (Hong Kong)

This is Lady Taildragger pilot Sneha Harish’s love story. Guess who was instrumental in bringing Mike and me together?! Ladies Love Taildraggers, of course!! Simply put – If it weren’t for Judy’s LLT,  I probably wouldn’t have met my gem of a husband! It all began in th... Read More »

Deb Penrod’s LOVE STORY   (Pennsylvania)

Deb Penrod’s LOVE STORY (Pennsylvania)

Deb Penrod is based at N47, Pottstown Municipal Airport, Pottstown, PA. This is Deb’s love story. I met Curtis in 1999 at the United Parachute Club, at New Hanover Airport which was a grass strip in Gilbertsville, PA, when he came as a student. He was dressed in his PA Army National Guard heli... Read More »

Jan Johnson’s LOVE STORY   (California)

Jan Johnson’s LOVE STORY (California)

Lady taildragger pilot Jan Johnson is based at 1C9, Frazier Lake Airpark, Hollister, California. This is Jan’s love story. Before I learned how to pilot an airplane, I learned how to serve beverages at FL330. I was a flight attendant for Reno Air, based at San Jose International Airport (SJC),... Read More »

Emily Daniel’s LOVE STORY    (Arizona)

Emily Daniel’s LOVE STORY (Arizona)

Emily Daniel is based at KGEU, Glendale Municipal Airport, Glendale, Arizona. This is Emily’s love story. I’ve been flying since I was 14 years old. I’m a third generation pilot; my grandfather flew in WWII, and then started an airport in New Jersey, Cross Keys Airport. There he st... Read More »

New LadiesLoveTaildraggers Tshirts Are In!!

New LadiesLoveTaildraggers Tshirts Are In!!

The new LLT t-shirts have arrived! After receiving all your comments and suggestions, I took the plunge and these beautiful tshirts are the results. Hope you love them as much as I do. You’ll find them in our LLT Store or click on any picture. Modeled by: Jessica Birchler-Lo  (my daughter!) No... Read More »

Kathy Quinlan’s LOVE STORY   (Texas)

Kathy Quinlan’s LOVE STORY (Texas)

Kathy L. Quinlan is based at KBMQ, Burnet Municipal Airport-Kate Craddock Field, Burnet, Texas. This is Kathy’s love story. My love of flying started when I was a child watching Sky King. I didn’t want to be like his niece, I wanted to fly his airplane! My dad became a private pilot and ... Read More »

Tori Patterson’s LOVE STORY   (Indiana)

Tori Patterson’s LOVE STORY (Indiana)

Lady taildragger pilot Tori Patterson is based at KMCX, White County Airport, Monticello, Indiana. This is Tori’s love story. My love story starts the summer after I graduated high school, while I was a fresh private pilot volunteering at our local Aviation Day. My job was to write down names ... Read More »

Johanna Harris     (Washington)

Johanna Harris (Washington)

Johanna Harris is based at KOLM, Olympia Regional Airport, Olympia, Washington. What a cool group! I am currently finishing up my Instrument Rating, which will be followed by a Commercial ticket soon after! I can’t wait to accomplish those goals. Working at a flight school/FBO has helped me me... Read More »

Sarah Dickerson’s LOVE STORY   (Missouri)

Sarah Dickerson’s LOVE STORY (Missouri)

Sarah & Jim Dickerson are based at KGPH, Midwest National Air Center Airport, Mosby, Missouri. (Kansas City)  This is Sarah’s love story. My love story starts with my love affair with aviation – I was bitten by the bug as a preteen, and was determined to become an airline pilot. Howe... Read More »

Jennifer Kimball     (Florida)

Jennifer Kimball (Florida)

Thanks to Jennifer Kimball for submitting her Pilot Profile new information update. Jennifer is based at KBOW, Bartow Municipal Airport, Bartow, Florida. Note: If you would like your Pilot Profile updated, please send new info and pictures to I’m Jenn, a long time a... Read More »

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Hi, Ladies (and gents)!

I’m looking into purchasing a taildragger. Currently super interested in a Cessna 140.

Do you ladies who own airplanes have any advice / lessons learned about the purchasing process? (Any advice on ownership is also greatly appreciated!)
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5 days ago


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Get a really good prebuy. Find out how long it's been sitting around for. Is it flown much? Better if it's been loved on and flown. Time SMHO? Any repairs? Was it hangared? Just a few questions. Also, get one that you like everything about it. Don't say "gosh, I can fix this or that or fix it up". Your buying to enjoy it, not work on it. Unless you don't want to fly it and own a project/flying project..

Like any other major purchase ... do your due diligence. Look at the logs in detail, get a pre-buy inspection, be realistic....

We found a mechanic who specialized in the specific aircraft we wanted to buy first before ever looking at aircraft. We ended up with an excellent bonanza that never went on the market because our mechanic was able to directly connect us with the seller. For the 170 it took longer to find a good one but the mechanic we hired that knows 170s well was critical in helping us walk away from aircraft that seemed okay to us but would have required a lot of $$ to deal with exposure to salt air.Definitely get a prebuy inspection and if you can even bring the mechanic with you when you go to look at an airplane.We also joined ABS before we bought a Bonanza and the C-170 Association prior to purchasing a 170. This helped with research and if we had questions. Plus many times the members will put aircraft up for sale on the member forums. This is also how we found mechanics specializing in each aircraft.Please let me know if you have more questions.

There is a decent c170a for sale in Vernon. $34,000. Can throw in a tail wheel endorsement if needed. Listed in trade a plane.

Get a good prebuy and inspect the living daylights out of the gearboxes and bulkheads....else you'll end up tearing the whole thing apart.

Join the type club and get smart on the airplane- learn the gotcha inspection issues (each one us different) and get an IA who knows your type and hadn’t been maintaining the plane! Idea is new set of experienced eyes and isn’t a buddy of the seller

Have a great mechanic! ( I sleep with mine !) (aka hubby). Get a very very good pre buy inspection with an independent person preferably at an airport of your choice. Review the log books for any oddities. Have a pilot who has purchased a plane or two review them with you. And buy the best you can afford and assume you will need to do some repairs at your first annual

Judy & Boyd both owned C-140s and can probably give you a few pointers! 🙂

I own a Cessna 140 w/O235 engine. Great capable little airplane. Happy to be a resource for you however I can!

May consider selling mine its a sweet little bird and beautiful

Emmy Dillon there is a beautiful 140 for sale at Gardner K34. If the weather ever gets better we can arrange a flight. Also the Vintage Aircraft Association Chapter 16 has a wealth of knowledge that can help you through the buying process.

Flew and owned 2: a '46 & a '48. It has been over 40 years ago now. The structure of the cabin area of the fuselage is very similar to the early 150's, although the landing gear torque box if more forward they are much the same. Any mechanic familiar with the early 150 should be capable to easily spot damage in the gear boxes.

I put over 1100 hours on my C-140A, with a C90 engine. I'd love to have it today, but it now has a C100 and other mods. Probably perfect for someone though.

O-200 shares many of the same parts and is exactly the same displacement. The military changed the C90's designation to O-200 (back in the late 50's) with it's latest version and Continental went with it as their own. The then,newest version was certified with a short tooth pick prop so it would turn up 2750 for max RPM (that's how they got the last 5 HP out of it). Even though it was nearly identical engine the longer props used on the C90 were no longer approved when they called it an O-200. (Some are now by STC)

Pre buy for sure,FAA cd

Here is a good story on why you need a prebuy from someone that is intimate with the aircraft type you are interested in. A very eye opening take place hat needs retold

1. Get an independent mechanic that has experience with the make & model you want to buy. 2. So some serious soul searching on a 140. It depends on what you want to do- You might find that you ‘outgrow’ it in a year. They are ok for primary tailwheel training, but they are SLOOoOoW and can’t carry very much. Crunch the numbers on the weight & balance- ie you + 1 + full fuel+ misc stuff & you might be maxed out & not able to take a bag, etc. I’ve had a 150 for 3 years now and I need something bigger faster, preferably a tailwheel. Just recommending that you REALLY look at a 140 as they’re the sameish fuselage as a 150 but smaller & slower....good luck! 😁

The interior room is pretty much identical on a C140 and the early C150's. The C140's we owned were 108 to 112 MPH airplanes, they were faster than all but one of the C150's based at our strip. The fabric covered 1946 with a C85 was a honest 112 MPH because,I believe the fabric wing was less drag than the Metcoaire metalized 1948 we owned with a C90 that cruised 108. A C140A is usually even faster. Plane to plane C140's and 150's vary considerably on how well they climb and how fast they are; often 10 MPH between what should be identical planes. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why an rarely came up with an answer.

I own a PA-12 in Alaska and love it!

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21 hours ago

It wasn’t a taildragger, but I loved this so much I just had to share... I got to solo my first female student two nights ago. So incredibly proud!

Also attached is an “unmanned” flight three of us did not that long ago. My student Mikaila rode along on an instrument training flight with LLT member Katelyn Pitman and I. It was a blast, and the ILS approaches from Katelyn were beautiful.
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2 days ago

It wasn’t a taildragger, but I loved this so much I just had to share... I got to solo my first female student two nights ago. So incredibly proud!Also attached is an “unmanned” flight three of us did not that long ago. My student Mikaila rode along on an instrument training flight with LLT member Katelyn Pitman and I. It was a blast, and the ILS approaches from Katelyn were beautiful.Image attachmentImage attachment


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Great job you all 👍😊

Great! & Congratulations!

Charles Lewis shared South Oaks Aerodrome's post to the group: Ladies Love Taildraggers.
Charles Lewis

I had the privilege of working with Sarah Ellerman Dickerson with emphasis on STOL operations. While the weather was an issue from several angles, we managed to fly 6.4 hrs in two days and accomplish a lot. Real engine out/dead stick landing, 700' one way strips and other unique locations. This picture taken at Pinetown NC with Mr Waters Regina Waters His strip is a fun one way with 100' pines at the end. Thanks you Sara for the opportunity !
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2 days ago


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Thank you to Judy Birchler and Ladies Love Taildraggers for this amazing opportunity. Just getting my schedule to align to get down there was a task and a half, but it was an amazing couple of days (and the 80 degree weather was a nice break from the ice storms we are getting here in Missouri...). I told Charles he'd have his hands full as I haven't flown my plane in 8 weeks plus, again due to a really crazy work schedule and well, winter. He was getting a whole lotta negative transfer from the work plane. I was surprised the rust came off as quickly as it did. We concentrated on STOL work and I had a BLAST and learned a ton, and met some great people to boot. I can't recommend Charles and South Oaks Aerodrome enough for flight training, whether it be primary, a tailwheel endorsement, or more advanced tailwheel training. I have a TON of pictures and will be doing a complete writeup of my time there for Judy to post, as she requested!

How's this for an Xtreme view? Xtreme Decathlon, that is!
Pilot: Loren Marburg
Aircraft: American Champion Xtreme Decathlon
Departure from Warbird Adventures Ramp toward Winter Haven. We circled Lake Lowery where I had my first airplane ride, N45L, a seaplane, on May 2, 2007!
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5 days ago

Hows this for an Xtreme view? Xtreme Decathlon, that is!
Pilot: Loren Marburg
Aircraft: American Champion Xtreme Decathlon
Departure from Warbird Adventures Ramp toward Winter Haven. We circled Lake Lowery where I had my first airplane ride, N45L, a seaplane, on May 2, 2007!

“Lisa: A flock of sea-gals on skis 😉
It's just a different form of water.”

Me: Being a snowboarder, I’ve always wanted to try skiing out. ☺️

Fun afternoon with friends!
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3 days ago


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Seagalls 🤔🙈👍😎

Beautiful photos! I’m jealous of those views.

North Idaho on a good day.